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Burning $100 bill

Shortages and Inflation Grow; New Policies not Helping

First it was guns and ammo in short supply. Now its computer chips. This is causing inflation and Biden's policies are making it worse.
COVID-19 mask wearers on lockdown.

COVID-19 Cases Continue to Plummet in U.S. and Europe

In a remarkable turn around COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to plummet across the U.S. and Europe.
The wiring for our Buck Stove insert blower.

Prepper Diary February 7: As More Snow is Forecast, we have...

Stuff never breaks when its convenient. That's why a good prepper can improvise and McGyver his way back into business when something fails on the homstead.
Hardy, waterproof work boots are a prepper's friend.

Prepper Diary February 6: Waterproof Boots, COVID-19, and Frozen Pipes

Have you ever tried digging a hole in sandals? It doesn't work very well, which is why you need a pair of work boots. You should be stockpiling good, sturdy workboots.
Man with gas mask and gun in a wasteland

A Survivalist by Any Other Name

There are lots of names for prepping, some may be vaguely threatening or sound darker than others, but in the end, we are all preparing to survive the collapse.

How to Fight Back Against the Elites

Marie-Antoinette, who famously said "Let them eat cake," is a good example of the attitude the elite have today.
22LR bricks

Prepper Diary February 3: Snowbound, Like the Rest of the Northeast

While half the country is snowed in with record amounts of snowfall, someone is buying up all the ammo and driving prices up.
A Civil War-era cannon overlooks the modern day city of Chattanooga. Image by David Mark from Pixabay.

Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money: WallStreetBets Shows us how to Fight...

Are we witnessing the first shots fire in anger of CW2? Will it be fought with money and words, instead of guns?

COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations Continue Rapid Decline

COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continue to decline as fast as they were climbing a month ago, but vaccinations programs still face challenges.