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Russian ICBM test launch

New Russian Missile will Make Enemies ‘Think Twice’, says Putin

Russia tested its newest ICBM today, a missile it claims cannot be intercepted.
prepper news update

Army Details Plan to Update WWII-era Ammo Plants

The U.S. is looking into upgrading and modernizing ammunition manufacturing facilities, tooling and processes.
Yelling into a microphone

When Headlines Scream, Remain Calm

There are many loud voices in the prepper universe and the volume is increasing. Don't let the strident voices panic you. Use common sense.
Pumping oil from the ground, Image by John R Perry from Pixabay.

JP Morgan Sees Oil Price Above $185

The price of oil could spike up to $185 per barrel if the EU bans imports of Russian oil, predicts JP Morgan.
Cargo ships in and around Shanghai

Think of the Pandemic as a Warm Up

China's lockdown of Shanghai and much of the surrounding area is having a detrimental affect on the supply chain as goods are not being produced or shipped.
A forlorn shopping cart, representing food shortages.

Corn Exceeds $8 A Bushel For First Time In Decade

Concerns about the coming food shortage caused corn futures to close at their highest level in a decade.
rocket launch

The Nuclear Missile Next Door

A well-written article about a family ranch on Montana land where a Minuteman III Missile silo is based.
Sign saying inflation ahead. Image from BigStock.

Bank of America ups Inflation Forecast

The CEO of the Bank of America said he "does not see prices normalizing in the short term."
A basic chicken processing setup

Butchering Chickens is Not as Easy as it Looks

My first experienced butchering a chicken turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected. But it was a valuable experience.
Grad multiple rocket launches

What’s the Next Phase of the Ukraine War?

Here's our take on what's next in the Ukraine war, how long will it last, and what does it all mean for preppers.