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Hurricane Ian as seen from Space before it hits Florida.

This is what Happens when you Rely on the Government

Fingers are being pointed at Florida officials who some say waited to long to evacuate Lee County, but people need to take responsibility for themselves.
bad news

The Worst is Yet to Come

Policy makers are waking up to the fact that recession is brewing with job losses and continued inflation potentially leading to stagflation.
Two tanks under a cloudy sky

Is Russia Winning or Losing in Ukraine?

Whose propaganda should you believe? Is Ukraine winning or just inflicting minor wounds on Russia? What happens next?
rocket launch

West Makes Plans to Avoid Panic if Russia uses Nukes

Some countries in Europe are taking Putin's threats to use nukes seriously enough that they are re-opening Cold War era bomb shelters.
Sam's Club packed to the rafters

Feeling Inflation’s Bite and Realizing we’re Spoiled

The big question in 2023 is not going to be “Will there be food on the shelves,” but may be “Can people afford the food on the shelves?”
An early edition of Strategic Relocation

Strategic Relocation–Do it Now

How long are you going to wait before make the strategic decision to relocate somewhere safer, less crowded, and better suited for survival.
Stacks of ammo cans

Ammo Cans and Homestead Defense

Storing ammo in .50-caliber ammo cans keeps it dry and allows you to grab a few and throw them into your car if you need to bug out.
An explosion in Ukraine during Russian attack.

Russia Strikes Back In Revenge for Bridge Explosion

Russia attack military and civilian targets with a missile barrage after Ukrainians accused of blowing up bridge to Crimea.
Sign saying inflation ahead. Image from BigStock.

Inflation: The Worst is Yet to Come

As gas prices start back up, it's clear the Biden Band-Aid didn't cure the problem and things are going to get worse before they get better.
candle in the dark

UK Homes could Face Rolling Blackouts this Winter

the UK could experience rolling three-hour blackouts as the power companies deal with limited natural gas availability caused by the Ukraine invasion.