Book “Patriots” Holds Up Well More than Two Decades Later

I started re-reading Patriots yesterday and I am impressed at how well it holds decades later. Its predictions of an economic collapse seem like they could happen this year.

After writing about books preppers should to read yesterday, I had pulled out my copies of Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles and started re-reading it for something like the fifth time.  I could not help but notice that the neat summary of the financial and economic collapse of the United States, written more than 20 years ago, is eerily accurate today.

I encourage you to buy Patriots and other books by Rawles, and have linked to his web page where they are for sale. Below I have taken brief excerpts from his description of the rolling collapse of the country’s economy (written 20 or 25 years ago) and added my comments looking at his predictions from the perspective of today.  These predictions were spread over six or so pages. To be clear, I have used an ellipses (…) to note where content was edited out.  This could be a few words, a sentence, or in some cases multiple paragraphs.  Again, to see the full details, read the book.

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