What Survivors Will Need to do After the SHTF

If you are lucky enough to survive the SHTF disaster that destroys society and our way of life, you will need these skills to stay alive.

Serious preppers plan for a devastating scenario in which the SHTF so badly that modern life, our society, and our culture undergoes and rapid decline and stays ugly for a good long time.  We’re talking massive disruptions that result in a breakdown of society, a loss of the rule of law, and the death of billions.

As preppers, our desire is to survive, to protect ourselves and our loved ones, to weather the storm, and to someone how come out alive on the other end, regardless of whether that is in six weeks, six months or six years.

Everyone has their favorite scenario for the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI.)  For the purpose of this article, it doesn’t matter how the end happens and whether it is fast or slow.  What we’re going to do is look at possible roles or jobs people will be doing after the immediate disaster is over.  We put these out there as a planning tool, so you can think about and prepare for your role before disaster strikes. 

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