Quarantine Day 14, Sunshine and Phone Time

We had French toast for breakfast, made with our homemade bread, and it wasn’t bad. As you can see in the photo, I let the load bake a bit too long and the crust was thicker and harder than I like. This bread would make great croutons, stuffing, or bread crumbs. But it is filling; two slices will hold you for many hours.

Thankfully, the rain has passed and we’ve been able to work outside for two days.  The blue birds are nesting, the cherry tree blooms lie in blankets of color on the ground, and the dogwoods are hitting their stride, marking an early spring indeed.

It is still several weeks before our average last frost date, but we have some plants ready to be moved from flats into the soil, which is warm enough to support starts and germination of early varieties.  We may have to put in some lettuce and spinach seeds in the ground to see how they do.

Phone Time

When I was working 10 hours a day, I rarely had time to call anyone socially.  We’d send a few texts or I’d call while I was commuting home.  I talked to one of my kids weekly and the other one less often.  We were far more likely to get together for a meal with a friend in the area than talk on the phone.

Boy has that changed.

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