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Making bread is far cheaper than buying it.

How to Prepare for the Coming Wheat Shortage

Wheat prices are soaring, and it doesn't bode well for your grocery bill. Here are some tips for managing the rising cost of bread and related products.
A Water Treatment Plant

How and Where to Get Your Water After the SHTF

So you have stored food, great! But how are you prepped for water? And what would you do without the sewer system? Keep reading for answers and options.
A warfighter in camo

What Kind of Prepper Are You? Guns vs Food

Guns play a role in preparedness, especially in this day and age. But where do they fall in your priority list? Before or after food?
A cabin or retreat in the mountains

How to Find Your Survival Retreat

Having a retreat is one of the ultimate prepper dreams, but you don't have to buy one, you just need to identify a place that will welcome you.
SHTF Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.

What Survivors Will Need to do After the SHTF

If you are lucky enough to survive the SHTF disaster that destroys society and our way of life, you will need these skills to stay alive.
Hurricane evacuation route signage

How to Use a Generator During a Power Outage

As Hurricane Isaias heads towards Florida and the Southeast, we figured it was a good time to talk about how to use a generator during a power outage.

Prepping Articles

storage foods in buckets

How Would you Spend Two Grand on Prepping?

If you had $2,000 to spend on prepping, what would you buy and why? Pete outlines some options and gives his recommendation.
an FBI gun and badge

Our Institutions are Politicized and No Longer Trustworthy

Its not just institutions like the FBI that are untrustworthy these days. You can lo longer trust your bank or other financial institutions.
Manual toothbrushes may be better for preppers than electrics.

Don’t let Perfect be the Enemy of Good Enough

Are you letting your pursuit of the perfect prepper gear, retreat, or plan stop you from achieving results that are good enough?
A line of people starting at their phones instead of talking to each other.

Why Won’t they Let us Chill?

Social media is turning us against each other by highlighting differences we would otherwise never know existed. We need to chill.
You can see how this inside-the-waistband holster and gun could be easily concealed by draping the shirt over it..

New Mexico Governor Bans Guns in Albuquerque

We must act to stop the use of so-called "public heath emergencies" to ban guns in New Mexico or it will be happening in your state.
S&G Combination Lock

Liberty Safe Company is Sucking up to Tyrants

What you can do to keep your guns and other valuables safe after the revelation that Liberty Safe Company has a backdoor.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the rate of inflation exceeds 100 percent annually.

Are you Prepared for a Partial Collapse WROL?

In the U.S., gangs are looting high-end stores. In Argentina, flash mobs are looting grocery stores. That may be what our future holds.
Sealed jars of pasta with oxygen abosorbers.

Quick and Inexpensive Additions to our Prepper Pantry

I've had enough of paying $3 to $10 for canned meat and turned to this inexpensive solution for my prepper pantry. Its about $25 cents per serving.
The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor may have been the catalyst of the United States to enter WWII, but the war began more than two years prior when Germany invaded Poland.

The Start of the Next World War

Will historian consider February 24, 2022, the start of World War III? Conditions seem ripe for the war in Ukraine to spread.
Mad Max lived in desperate times. Are we heading down the same road?

Are we Living in a Mad Max World?

Are we heading down the road to a Mad Max scenario? If so, what does that mean and how can we prepare for it?
A multitool and a fly fishing rod and reel

Should Preppers Carry a Multi-Tool?

Lots of people carry multi-tools, but are preppers better off with something else, or should they not leave home without it?
A canoe is an excellent post-SHTF survival vehicle and tool.

Weight Loss During a Wilderness Survival Trial

We analyze a five-day wilderness excursion and uses it to discuss the demands and pitfalls of bugging out to the wilderness.
Grocery shopper in an aisle

Are You seeing Food Shortages and Empty Shelves Again?

Are India's rice export restrictions and threats to Ukrainian shipping causing panic buying and another food shortage?
Road sign says trouble ahead

The U.S. is Downgraded Beyond its Credit Rating

The downgraded credit rating and tough economic times are a symptom of a bigger problem. As we head into election season, expect things to get worse.
Driver at the wheel

The Value of Unpredictability and Having Alternatives

There is comfort in the same-old, same-old, but being predictable can also be dangerous. Add some unpredictability into your life and your commute.
Glock 48 magazines

Upgrading the Glock 48 for Concealed Carry

The Glock 48 is a nice gun, but it holds only 10 rounds and has a not-so-good trigger. Pete addresses both these issues.
A packed refrigerator

Living Without Refrigeration: Annoyance or Disaster?

Our refrigerator died during the hottest week of the year. and took more than a week to repair. Here's how we handled it.
A waterfall filling a drinking glass

Look to Long-Term Water Needs at Your Retreat

When buying a retreat or a prepper property, think not only of today, but what we may face years or decades from now.
Pallets of rice at Sam's Club

India Bans Rice Exports As Global Grain Shortage Looms

India has banned rice exports, sending shock waves through the global marketplace and threatening higher food prices.
A battery charger

General Stores are Great for Preppers

Being a well rounded prepper means more than food, water and shelter. Many of those additional items are available at our local general store.
Slices of canned ham in the frying pan.

What’s Better for Preppers: Canned Ham or Spam?

Which is better for preppers? Canned ham or Spam? Or are they so similar there is little or no difference? Pete evaluates both.
Canned chicken was priced right at Costco.

Stocking Up while on the Road

Pete does some stocking up while on a road trip and reports things in the real world look good, but people seem to be wound tight.
The spam on the right actually has more calories than the Omeals 32-meal pack on the left. Don't let sales claims fool you.

Don’t get Ripped off by Crazy Prepper Food “Deals”

You need to be an educated consumer to avoid getting ripped off when shopping for prepper food. Pouches of food are usually the worst buy.
A young man using a folding saw

Do you Need Bushcrafting Skills to Survive?

Bushcrafting and wilderness survival skills are useful, but is surviving in the wilderness really your best option after the SHTF?
The Supreme Court Justices who just concluded their term and are now on recess.

Thank the Founders for the Courts

Thanks to a divided Congress, the courts are one of the few checks on the abuse of executive powers and government overreach.
A soup kitchen during the great depression

Lessons from the Great Depression

The Great Depression was a bad time for the country. It changed the face of America. We can learn some lessons from it to better prepare ourselves for the future.
A Glock pistol and its loaded magazine.

My New Carry Gun

Pete takes the plunge and goes with a 9mm and a pistol-mounted optic, proving that old preppers can learn new tricks.