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Making bread is far cheaper than buying it.

How to Prepare for the Coming Wheat Shortage

Wheat prices are soaring, and it doesn't bode well for your grocery bill. Here are some tips for managing the rising cost of bread and related products.
A Water Treatment Plant

How and Where to Get Your Water After the SHTF

So you have stored food, great! But how are you prepped for water? And what would you do without the sewer system? Keep reading for answers and options.
A warfighter in camo

What Kind of Prepper Are You? Guns vs Food

Guns play a role in preparedness, especially in this day and age. But where do they fall in your priority list? Before or after food?
A cabin or retreat in the mountains

How to Find Your Survival Retreat

Having a retreat is one of the ultimate prepper dreams, but you don't have to buy one, you just need to identify a place that will welcome you.
SHTF Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.

What Survivors Will Need to do After the SHTF

If you are lucky enough to survive the SHTF disaster that destroys society and our way of life, you will need these skills to stay alive.
Hurricane evacuation route signage

How to Use a Generator During a Power Outage

As Hurricane Isaias heads towards Florida and the Southeast, we figured it was a good time to talk about how to use a generator during a power outage.

Prepping Articles

A Russian missile

Is Putin Losing the War, or is it Just Wishful Thinking?

The mainstream media would have you believe Russia is losing the war, but now they have doubled down and are again threatening to use nukes.
The Statue of Liberty

Will War in Europe Bring Refugees to the U.S.?

The United States has accepted millions of immigrants and refugees from Europe over the centuries. Will we need to do so again?
Bloody hand print on a white wall

Never Think it Can’t Happen Here

If you think it can't happen here, you need to open your eyes and study your history. Bad things can and do happen in "good" countries.
bottle of prescription medicine.

Diseases to Fear After the SHTF, Part 2

After the SHTF, antibiotics will be scarce and OTC meds will run out. Are you prepared to diagnose and treat common illnesses and deadly diseases?
Mary Mallon, known as "Typhoid Mary"

Diseases to Fear After the SHTF, Part 1

Typhoid Fever and Cholera are just some of many diseases that could see a resurgence when modern medicine disappears after the SHTF.
A hot tub in a remote setting

Preppers Don’t Need Hot Tubs

Why do so many prepper properties advertised online feature hot tubs? They won't do you much good after the SHTF.
chicksn on their roost

Will Raising Chickens Make you Self-Sufficient?

Will chickens make you self-sufficient? No, but chickens are a step towards reducing your dependency on big food.
Trains in the switching yard

Things NOT to Worry About

If you worry about the state of the world, consider prepping. Being prepared can reduce worry and give you a feeling of control.
Different Euro notes

Is this what a European Collapse Will Look Like?

This winter will see Europe and the EU stressed like never before. What kind of problems will the energy crisis and high inflation create?
An explosion in Ukraine during Russian attack.

That Fell Apart Quickly

Although it telegraphed its counter attack, the speed at which Ukraine has cut through Russian lines and gained ground is still a surprise.
Crime Scene

Watch Out – Leftists are taking it Easy on Criminals

Crime is rising in many cities and socialists don't seem to care. In fact, you could argue that their soft-on-crime no-bail policies are encouraging it.
Grocery Store Aisle

Things Are Shockingly Normal in Town

I look at the energy crisis, the food crisis, and the other problems going on in the world, and I wonder, how can things be so normal in town?
Store shelves crammed with food.

Never Again will so Many have so Much

The age of abundance, where almost anyone could afford almost anything, is being to an end by shortages and rising prices.
snowy mountain cabin

The Single Biggest Reason to Move to the Country

When the SHTF, you want miles, mountains, bridges, and other obstacles between you and the Golden Horde pouring out of the cities.
Bottled water as far as the eye can see.

Bottled Water isn’t the Answer to Water Problems

Many of the United State's municipal water suppliers are in bad shape. Consider taking steps to become less dependent on your water utility.
pistol brace

ATF May Make Pistol Braces Illegal without Tax Stamp

Early indications are that the ATF will rule AR15 style pistol using a pistol brace are actually SBRs and require them to be registered.
A man alone in the forest

What to Prep When your Pantry is Full

Once you are stocked up on food and water, what else should you store? We look at valuable additions to your preps for when the SHTF.
This is what $26 buys at Walmart

Should you Still be Buying Food?

Some months ago, I stopped stocking up on food, figuring I had enough. Now, I am not so sure. Everything is pointing to a...
the definition of autarky

Setting up Autarkic Societies after the SHTF

We should look at history when it comes to setting up self-sufficient social units and communities after the SHTF.
A soup kitchen during the great depression

Powell Jumps on the Recession Train – Are you Ready?

The Fed's plan to fight inflation will cause "some pain," but is the country prepared for a recession? Are you?
A Tesla on the side of a mountain road.

Hey Green Energy, the Joke’s on You

California will prohibit new gas and diesel cars in 2035. That's bad news for preppers, and probably for all Californians.
Presidents Biden and Obama

Government Lies and When You Should Start to Worry

Don't trust the government. They will lie to your face and justify it as being for your own good.
Very large fnas

When the SHTF, it will be Worse that you Expect

When the SHTF its going to be uglier than we expect, and there will be no one left to send air or help pick up the pieces.
making a list

Advanced Prepping: Beyond Food and Water

After your cupboards are full and your store room is packed, it's time to move on to advance planning and prepping.
black pipe in my pick up bed

Inflation on the Homestead

Inflation affects everything we buy for the homestead, but shopping around can pay off. Food and dining out are getting shockingly expensive.
A hidden forest cabin

The Forgotten Prep; Beyond Food and Water

Preppers concentrate on food and water so much they sometimes neglect their prepper shelter. Are you ready to survive live without utilities?
Russian military rocket launcher and trucks destroyed in Ukraine

The Ukrainian War Is Six Months Old

It feels like we are back in the 1970s with inflation, an energy crisis, the cold war and a bumbling, incompetent president.