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Making bread is far cheaper than buying it.

How to Prepare for the Coming Wheat Shortage

Wheat prices are soaring, and it doesn't bode well for your grocery bill. Here are some tips for managing the rising cost of bread and related products.
A Water Treatment Plant

How and Where to Get Your Water After the SHTF

So you have stored food, great! But how are you prepped for water? And what would you do without the sewer system? Keep reading for answers and options.
A warfighter in camo

What Kind of Prepper Are You? Guns vs Food

Guns play a role in preparedness, especially in this day and age. But where do they fall in your priority list? Before or after food?
A cabin or retreat in the mountains

How to Find Your Survival Retreat

Having a retreat is one of the ultimate prepper dreams, but you don't have to buy one, you just need to identify a place that will welcome you.
SHTF Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.

What Survivors Will Need to do After the SHTF

If you are lucky enough to survive the SHTF disaster that destroys society and our way of life, you will need these skills to stay alive.
Hurricane evacuation route signage

How to Use a Generator During a Power Outage

As Hurricane Isaias heads towards Florida and the Southeast, we figured it was a good time to talk about how to use a generator during a power outage.

Prepping Articles

Storage foods, livestock and gardening

Prepare to Live in a Hybrid World – Part Two

Steps to take to prepare for the slow slide as our country sinks into third world of blackouts, food shortages, and a collapsing currency.
modern conveniences

Prepare to Live in a Hybrid World – Part One

We need to prep not just for world-ending disasters but for frequent interruptions to what have been reliable aspects of our daily life.
Bottled water as far as the eye can see.

What will you Drink at the End of the World?

Water is critical to survival. After the SHTF, where will you get your water, how will your transport it and what are your plans for purification?
A kayaker in rough water

Are you Ready for 2023? Getting Mentally Prepared

Buying gear is easy. Preparing mentally for the end of the world is another story. You need to have mental toughness, perseverance, and resiliency.
bad news

Keep Prepping in the Face of Bad News

Do not to let the news distract you or get you down. Concentrate on keeping your family safe, housed, clothed, shod, and fed. In other words, prep.
Coins spill from a jar. Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

Bring on the Recession, Jerome

When faced with a choice of inflation or a recession, I'll take a recession any day, and so should you.
Students in a classroom with advanced equations on the board.

Peak Fairness is Going to be our Downfall

Peak oil didn't destroy us, but "peak fairness" may as socialists and apologists try to make everything "fair."
A protest in Europe

Europe will be our Harbinger of Doom

Monitor what's going on overseas to look for warning signs. Europe is likely to slide into a collapse before the U.S.
Stages of monkeypox lesions

Should you Worry about Monkeypox?

Monkeypox is spreading around the world and there are cases in the U.S. Is monkeypox something you should prep for?
Barbershop offering haircuts for 10 cents.

Five Inflation Lessons we can Learn from Inflation the 1970s

The U.S. suffered through a decade of rising inflation and stagflation more than 40 years ago. What can we learn from those bad times?
F-16 fighter jet

Threat of War Builds around the World

While we're all watching the war in Ukraine, we're ignoring the possibility of of conflict breaking out in the Middle East and Asia.
grain, gas and guns

News about Grain, Gas and Guns

Gas is going up in price, diesel is getting scarcer, but grain prices may be heading down if a new plan goes into effect.
The capitol in Washington

Don’t Let The Man Keep you Down

Sometimes the best thing you can do is resist those in charge and their agenda. Start with passive resistance. Here's how.
A distraught man in Ukraine.

These Troubled Times are Here to Stay

If history is a guide, high inflation and energy crises are difficult to address and may affect us for years to come. There is no easy cure,
Two prepping books published in the late 1970s.

What if THIS is what Normal Looks Like?

What if we ARE back to normal and the past 20 years of fast growth and low inflation are the aberration? Are you prepared for that?
bad news

More News, Much of it Bad

There comes a time when they can't hide the bad news, but when it hits the mainstream media, it often too late to prepare.
9mm ammunition

President Biden Lies about Gas and Guns

Long known for exaggerating and lying, President Biden told some whoppers earlier this week while trying to promote gun control.
Pete's concealed carry guns.

The Truth About Constant Concealed Carry

If you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of getting a CCW permit, why leave your gun at home? It won’t do you any good there. Practice constant carry.
There was plenty of flour at our Sam'e Club in late May of 2022.

Is my Food Stockpile Complete Yet?

We looked for signs of the food shortage at Sam's Club but found only signs of intermittent supply chain disruptions.
A body lies on the ground, apparently dead.

You MUST be able to Defend Yourself

Whether in a mass shooting on an isolated event, you have to be prepared to defend yourself and your family. Guns remain the best way to do so.
An island in a darken sea.

How to Become the Island of Stability in a Sea of...

Us against them, emotional thinking, and the inability of many to live and let live is contributing to the decay of society. Here's how to survive.
An empty rice display at Sam's CLub

Warning Sign: Foods Out of Stock items at Sam’s Club

Only 56 percent of the items on my Sam’s Club grocery list were in stock at my local store. The food shortage is about to become real.
Paying by credit card.

Ten Things You Should Buy Before it’s too Late

Supply chain problems are here, and they are getting worse. Inflation is here, and costs are rising. Ten things to buy while you still can,
money getting vacuumed up

How I Plan to Manage High Inflation and Rising Costs

Tactics and techniques to deal with inflation, maximize your dwindling money, and how to get the most for the least.
The White House

Can America Survive 32 more Months of This?

One third of the way into Joe Biden's term as president, and you have to wonder if the country can survive the economic pain he is bringing.
Bread drizzled with olive oil

Last Minute food Preps for the Coming Crisis

If we expect a food crisis in months, then our list of storage foods changes. Here are some suggestions for your prepper pantry with a short time horizon.
Some meat

Why The Coming Food Shortage will be Worse than we Expect

The coming food crisis is going to be worse than people expect. Here are warning signs to look for and things you can do to protect yourself.