Pete’s Prepper Diary: An Inside Look at Life as a Prepper

Below are the initial entries in the Pete the Pickled Prepper’s Diary, which covered the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown. Our more recent diary entries cover our first winter in our prepper property and the development of our chicken coop and beehives.

Our First Day of Self-Imposed Quarantine

Day 3 of Quarantine and We’re Bored Already

Coughing on Day 4 of Quarantine

Day 5 of Quarantine Brings Good News

Quarantine Day 6 – We Try Curb-Side Grocery Pickup

How One week in Quarantine has Changed Us

Day 8: We Cautiously Venture Out

Day 10 of Quarantine: Quiet on the Home Front

Taking it Easy on Quarantine Days 11 and 12

Day 13: What to Take to Quarantine

Quarantine Day 14, Sunshine and Phone Time

Saving Money During Quarantine

16 Days in Quarantine: Life Goes On

Day 17 – Adventures in Online Grocery Shopping

By Day 18 of Quarantine, Getting Mail is Exciting

Quarantine Day 20: Curb-Side Grocery Pick-up

Three Weeks Into Quarantine: A Status Check

Quarantine Day 23: It’s Groundhog Day All Over Again

Quarantine Day 25: Would we Change our Preps?

Day 27 of Quarantine and Counting

Quarantine Day 29: Online Church just isn’t the Same

Quarantine Day 30: We Switch Things Up

Quarantine Day 32: COVID-19 Strikes a Family Friend

Quarantine Day 34: We Make a Sam’s Club Run

Five Weeks in Quarantine and the Novelty has Worn Off

Quarantine Day 38: The Great Raisin Search

Quarantine Day 40 – Recovery

Quarantine Day 42 – Well Pumps and Pressure Tanks

Quarantine Day 43 – A Dog’s Life

Quarantine Day 46 – The Worst is Yet to Come

Day 48 of Quarantine: Our Online Orders are Late

50 Days in Quarantine: More Groceries and Lessons Learned

Day 53 of Quarantine: We Fall Back on TV for Entertainment

Quarantine Day 56: A DIY Project Mushrooms

Quarantine Day 60: How Coronavirus is Changing My Behavior

Quarantine Day 63: Stocking the Little Extras

Quarantine Day 65: We Start Stocking Up Again

Quarantine Day 70: Things are Reopening

Quarantine Day 72: Online Orders and Prepper Dinners

Quarantine Day 75: Our Accomplishments

Quarantine Day 76: Still Shortages

Diary entries above are related to our coronavirus quarantine. Articles below are broader but may also touch upon the coronavirus.

Prepper Diary June 1: We Arm Up

Prepper Diary June 4: Inflation Rears its Head

Prepper Diary June 8 – We Make an Offer

Prepper Diary June 9: Post Lockdown Travel

Prepper Diary June 11: Shortages Continue

Prepper Diary June 25 – We Luck into a Food Dehydrator

Prepper Diary June 26: Costco is Back to Normal

The Importance of Independence Day

Prepper Diary July 5: Packing our Ammo

Prepper Diary July 13: Our Property Search Draws to a Close

Prepper Diary July 22: We Break Quarantine, Again

Prepper Diary August 3: Our First Step Towards Moving

Prepper Diary August 6: Good News

August 8 Diary and Update: Firewood Follies

August 14 Diary: The Shelves are Full Again

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