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We've modernized our look and feel

We’ve modernized the look and feel of the Pickled Prepper site, added some new features and re-opened comments.  Here’s a quick rundown for our returning readers:

First, nothing has disappeared; all the old content is still here and can still be accessed via the menu or search bar.

Second, our daily post will always be right there on the top left, with the next four posts right next to it.  To see all our more than 700 posts listed from newest to oldest, select the Blog link on the main menu.

Third, we’ve added a new section, instead of appearing randomly, the Prepper News Update will be updated one article at a time as we come across the articles, which means possibly more than once per day.  This will provide a brief summary and a link to articles and videos of interest that appear on other web sites. If you have seen an article you think we should include, send us the link using the contact us page.

Fourth, to provide our readers with topical and timely coverage, we’ve expanded the topics on our menu and added timely new sections below.  Right now, that includes article on preparing for nuclear war and how to survive the collapse.  Expect these blocks of content to change as our global threats evolve.

Fifth, we’ve expanded navigation to make content more accessible.  All the headers are clickable and will take you to a page dedicated to that topic.  Also, click on the category (the small black blocks that say something like prepping or inflation report) or a tag (at the bottom of each blog post) and you will be taken to a page of posts on that topic.  Of course, search remains a powerful way to find something on the site.

Sixth, the ads are gone.  We expect they will return one day, but we hope to keep them non-invasive and on target.  Until then, enjoy this ad-free interlude.

Feedback Welcome

Your feedback and constructive criticism are welcome.  Just fill out the contact us page.  Pete reads all of them that are in English and not Spam.


  1. Dont know how u stand living where its so cold it snows ! Temps get to zero c here occasionally, but by 9 amits 20 deg c.
    Also, noted on a previous blog post about the local police turning up at 1 am. Had the local police turn up one afternoon for some honey, just as I was cleaning out a rifle. They decided to do a gun inspection, all was well, had a cuppa tea and they left. Its a good sign to be on cofiee terms with your local cops.

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