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money getting vacuumed up

Stagflation Lies Ahead

The combination of rising prices and fewer jobs is a bad one, resulting in stagflation. We are heading there, as the charts in this...
There's a recession on the horizon and it looks ugly.

This Indicator says Recession may be Looming

While GDP, the gross domestic product, may get all the headlines, the GDI, or gross domestic income, tells a more depressing story.
credit cards and wallet

Bad Bank Behavior – Why you need to Deal with More...

Banks are closing some accounts without warning, leaving consumers with no access to their money and a bad credit report.
Prepper News Update

“Abrupt Change is Coming,” and it’s not for the Better

"Abrupt change is coming, and that's very, very disconcerting." according to this article based on a speech given by Tucker Carlson.
World on fire

America Facing the Most Crises Since WWII

Axios reports that the White House is in danger of being overwhelmed by the multiple concurrent conflicts, made worse by fake news and fake videos.
Prepper News Update

Friday the 13th Warning – This is no Movie

Hamas has called for a "global Day of Jihad" on Friday the 13th. Make sure you are prepared and won't be victimized.
The sun

When it Comes to Solar Activity, the Carrington Event was Small

Interesting articles on Miyake Events, which make the Carrington Event look small. Fossilized tree rings show that coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, can be...
Vladimir Putin meets Russian defense officials in 2022. Photo from

Russia Steps Up Nuclear Game with New Drill

Russia kicks off a country-wide drill in which first responders and the populace prepare for nuclear war and its aftermath.
10 Spam Recipes for Preppers

Price of Spam Could Increase as Hormel Workers Strike

Workers at the largest Hormel plant are set to strike if the company doesn't cut them in on some of the profits the company made in the past 12 months
Stimulus will put money in our pockets.

Can the U.S. Economy Withstand Four Concurrent Shocks?

Economists expect the fourth quarter to be a bumpy one because of these four shocks to the system.