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A house in the mountains

The Prepper Economy is Thriving

About 7 percent of U.S. households now identify as preppers, but are they prepping themselves or letting someone else do it for them?
An image of Hurricane Beryl as it made its way across the Atlantic and into the Gulf of Mexico before it came ashore in Texas.

Houston Floods Again as Hurricane Beryl Hits Texas

Hurricane Beryl plowed into Texas early Monday morning, causing more flooding in and around Houston plus millions of people without power.
Costs for sending a container across the ocean are rising again as the supply chain disruptions are back.

Supply Chain Disruptions are Back

Logistics experts are getting a feeling of deja vu as the supply chain experiences slow downs and rising prices caused by war, drought and strikes.
A view of the Appalachian Mountains from Tennessee. Photo by Joshua williams on Unsplash

Shh… Don’t Tell Anyone

The Appalachians, and West Virginia specifically, are attracting an influx of folks dissatisfied with their current location.
Banshee pistol

ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule Vacated

We the people won a major legal victor today when the the United States District Court ruled its favor and vacated the pistol brace rule.
There ahve been a number of train derailments in Europe. Are Russian saboteurs to blame?

Is a Russia Spy Network Committing Sabotage Across Europe?

It looks like a network for Kremlin spies could be setting fires derailing trains, and committing other acts of sabotage across Europe.
A ground war in Europe will be brutal if it expands beyond Ukraine.

Is World War III Growing Closer in Europe?

Is Europe be carving a path toward war or simply preparing for the worst while hoping for the best? Because the worst could be pretty bad.
5 and 6-gallon pails of rice and beans

Protein Sources for Preppers

The average American gets more than 50 percent of their protein from meat and dairy. Are you prepared for those sources to dry up in a disaster?
High temperatures threaten both the power grid and the coastline.

Summer Heatwave Threatens Electric Grid, Coastal Cities

High temperatures threaten the power grid in Texas and the Midwest while warm ocean temperatures likely mean a strong 2024 hurricane season.
Inflation is soaring. Image based on an image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Inflation Hits 20 Percent Under Biden

Inflation, taxes, and recession fears are not only hurting everyday Americans, they are crushing small businesses, the economic engine of America.