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‘Best Before’ Labels scrutinized – Preppers were Right All Along

More proof that "best if used by" dates on shelf stable and canned foods mean little or nothing. Don't throw out those foods!
Chicken on skewers being cooked over coals

Bird Flu Explodes Across California

he Bird Flu has reached California and is spreading south as wild bird migrate southward. Millions of poultry have been euthanized.
A Russian TU-95 nuclear-capable bomber

Putin Sends Bombers to Nuclear Weapons Base as Fears of WW3...

The appearance of a fleet of TU-160 and TU-95 strategic bombers at Russia's Olenya Airbase near Finland has alarmed intelligence officials
Woman sitting in front of a radiator

US Home Heating Costs Set to Increase by 17 Percent

Heating costs are estimated to be 17 percent higher this coming winter.
Protesters with a sign "Defund the police." Photo by Andrew Robinson on Unsplash

Defunding the Police Backfires on Minneapolis

Violent crime soared and murders doubled after Minneapolis defunded the police. Now they want them back and it may be too late.
Bird flu is driving up the cost of eggs again.

It’s Back… Bird Flu Returns

In most cases, avian influenza doesn't survive the summer as high temps kill off the virus. That's not the case this year.
Russian ICBM test launch

Putin Threatens to use Nukes, Activates Reserves

It looks like Russia isn't going to take the recent gains made by Ukraine lying down. Expect the war to lengthen and grow worse.
A field of wheat being harvested

Disappointing U.S. Harvest Hurts Food Supply

Hot dry weather in the Midwest and drought in the West hurt U.S. crop yields. Combined with the war in Ukraine, food will be tight.

Prices Soaring Everywhere: From Beans In Brazil To Pork In China

Pork is up 22 percent in China from a year ago while beans cost 23 percent more in Brazil as inflation goes global.
Rail yard

Rail Strike Averted

Deals have now been reached with all twelve unions, apparently averting a rail strike. The workers still have to vote.