Prepper News Update August 2

Shortages, old and new, are in the news again. You wont’ believe what they predict will be the next thing that’s running low.

Like we said Yesterday:
They are Losing Control of the Narrative

This CNN story gives specific examples where the Biden Administration has lost control of the COVID-19 narrative, as we wrote yesterday. The article seems to blame the media, but the administration does not have a cohesive message and is not communicating effectively.

Ammunition Shortage Continues, Affects Law Enforcement, Too

Despite seeing a fair amount of common calibers for sale on my trip to Virginia last week, we are still experiencing an ammunition shortage. This article gives several examples of law enforcement agencies that have cut back on ammo consumption during training because of the shortage. It’s enough to make me want to become a commercial reloader.

The Next Shortage

Although it seems like a craft distillery or two is popping up in every city, ZeroHedge reports that there have been liquor shortages in the Carolinas and Midwest. Wow, maybe I should crank up the still in addition to reloading ammo.

Prepper News Update July 30

Vaccines Less Effective Over Time

The FDA has found that the effectiveness of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine drops by about 19 percent to 84 percent over six months.  That’s far better than the Chinese vaccine, which apparently drops below 50 percent after six months.  The news may worry the vaccinated, but Pfizer’s shareholders are probably celebrating.  This news could mean they get to sell booster shots.  According to the wall Street Journal, Pfizer expects to make $33.5 billion selling the vaccine this year.

The Best Places for Survival

A study published in the journal Sustainability rated the top places to survive the collapse of society are island nations in this order: New Zealand, Iceland, the UK, Tasmania, and Ireland.  These countries were chosen for their ability to grow food, protect their borders from mass migration, and maintain their electrical grid.  My guess is that the U.S. failed on the second point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your retreat a “collapse lifeboat” within the U.S. 

The article is an interesting read for the serious prepper while the actual journal article goes into detail on the problems of a complex society and says it has determined “human civilisation that is in a perilous state, with large and growing risks developing in multiple spheres of the human endeavour.”  While I do not agree with many of the assumptions and predictions of the paper, it is still worth reading and provides many ideas worth considering.

Flashpoints and Future Wars

We’ve talked previously about rising tensions between China and Taiwan and its allies, and how this could result in a war. Here’s an interesting article on flashpoints for World War Three, and Taiwan ranks at the top.

Prepper News Update July 23: COVID and Inflation Look Like they are here to Stay

I am still on vacation, but here’s a short prepper news update:

Shutdowns Begin in California as COVID-19 Cases Surge

A few restaurants in Los Angeles have become the first to close as this new wave of COVID-19 sweeps the country.  The difference between this outbreak and earlier waves seems to be thus: Before, public health officials and politicians over reacted to protect people.  This time, they are shrugging their shoulders and saying “We told you to get vaccinated.”  Nonetheless, I expect to see more mask mandates and other restrictions coming down the pipe.

Are we Underestimating how Bad Delta Will Be?

I don’t think WE are underestimating how bad this wave of the Delta variant will be, but plenty of other folks are. 

Life Gets More Expensive as Unilever will Raise Prices

Unilever joined Procter & Gamble, Conagra, Modelez International, and General Mills by announcing it would raise prices due to higher costs of ingredients, packaging and transportation.  We often talk about stocking up on food, and that advice is still good, but consider also stocking up on soap, cleansers, detergents and other household items to get ahead of these future price increases.  Check out our recent report on costs at club stores and consider making a  trip to Sam’s Club to stock up.

Here’s more info from the Wall Street Journal about inflation and companies like Fastenal who are raising prices.

Prepper News Update July 20

Posts may be sporadic or even absent for the next few days as my daughter and her family is visiting and I’m busy spending time with them.  Consider it my vacation.

Be safe and be prepared.

Here’s a few headlines for you:

India COVID Deaths Off by “An Order of magnitude”

India reported 414, 482 deaths due to COVID-19, but the real figure could be between 3 and 4.7 million, according to a recent study.

Delta now Responsible for 83 Percent of COVID Cases in U.S.

The Delta variation is spreading rapidly in the U.S.  This article from Yahoo Finance also reports that 99.5 percent of deaths-related deaths in the U.S. are now in non-vaccinated individuals. 

I have not endorsed or recommended vaccines, recognizing that people should make their own decisions based on their own beliefs, but I have to admit that the decision not to take the vaccine is looking riskier and riskier.

Some Popular Restaurants Facing Shortages of Food

Not too many weeks back, we warned you that some restaurants were facing shortages of chicken.  Restaurant supply chain problems seem to have spread to Taco Bell and Starbucks which have both warned customers of some food outages.  Taco Bell, for example, is reportedly experiencing issues keeping hot sauce in stock.

Prepper News Update July 20

COVID-19 Exposure Surges in UK

One fifth of all workers in the UK are supposed to be self-isolating due to potential COVID-19 exposure.  The UK might have to start closing factories again, causing a second wave of economic damage.  The country just passed the 50,000 cases per day mark in its fourth wave of the pandemic.

Wildfires Spread in the West

The Bootleg Fire in Oregon just north of the California border continues to grow, spreading over 476 square miles.  There are currently some 70,000 wildfires across the western states.

Video of the Day: China Bad

This video about China’s enmity towards the U.S. is both thought provoking and concerning.

Prepper News Update July 12

Wall Street Journal says Higher Inflation Is Here for Years

Economists surveyed have raised their expectations for inflation lasting through 2023, but not by much. Of course, their data didn’t include food and gasoline, two of the items that have seen the highest rate of inflation over the past year.

Some Folks Never Learn

After the diaspora cause by COVID-19, enough people are moving back to some cities to drive up rent prices.  I can only assume they are moving for work as remote work polices end.  Analysts say that rents are up 7.5 percent and should keep rising, “a warning sign that higher inflation could linger far longer than the White House and Federal Reserve keep predicting.”

Just a Short Update and Prepper News Recap

Not much going on around the homestead today, so I did chores and got things prepper in case storms from Hurricane Elsa get this far.  I fed the chickens, added a super to another beehive, fed the weakest beehive, stacked firewood, paid some bills, and a friend came over to visit.  My wife went to the farmer’s market and then to Yoga, so I took a nap.

Like much of the East, we are expecting some rain associate with Elsa, but probably not a serious storm.  The heaviest weather should be to our east.  That should keep me indoors long enough to do some woodworking.

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Prepper News Update July 5

The Problem With Carrying Guns in An Anti-Gun State

This story about cops closing I-95 because of 11 armed men has been all over the news over the last couple days, but if you look beyond the headline, it has several lessons for preppers: One, be discrete; don’t stand on the highway in a rabidly anti-gun state like Massachusetts with visible rifles and shotguns. Two, if you need to refuel your vehicle, going to a gas station and using a pump will attract far less attention than doing it on the side of the road. If you must refuel from gas cans, take an exit and do so in a location that is less likely to attract attention than the side of an interstate highway. Three, don’t live in and avoid traveling through anti-gun states like Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and California. Four, when traveling between states, even states that recognize your concealed carry permit, follow Federal laws about transporting long guns between states.

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Prepper News Update, July 2

Tropical Storm Elsa Heads Towards U.S.

We’re just one month into Hurricane Season and Tropical Storm Elsa has formed in the Atlantic and is slated to head into the Caribbean, then on to South Florida and possibly continue on up to hit the pan handle or wander into the Gulf. Better keep an eye on this one, folks, as it may develop into a hurricane. This is the earliest storm ever with an “E” name, possibly foretelling a deadly hurricane season with multiple storms.

Drought to Cause Higher Food Prices

Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Elsa won’t have any impact on the drought out west. The Wall Street Journal says, “While high inflation for some goods and services might prove to be transitory, the run-up in prices for food staples such as beef, pork and milk might be extended by the effects of severe drought.” Besides those staples, expect to see higher prices for fruits, vegetables, and almonds, which are grown in California. Global food prices in May were 40 percent higher than last May.

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Prepper News Update, June 30

San Francisco Residents Prepare to Flee

In a recent survey, 40 percent of San Francisco residents say they plan to leave the city in the next few years because of rising crime, increased homelessness, and poor quality if life. This malaise affects many Democrat-run cities. Our only fear is, where will they go, and will they ruin it to with their liberal voting record?

More results, including survey reports that 76 percent of San Francisco residents want more police, can be found in this article.

Starlink Almost Ready to Bring Broadband to Rural Locations

Worried about how you will connect to the rest of the world from your remote bugout location or new full-time retreat? Starlink, the satellite service from Elon Musk, will be ready to go global in August. This could be the end of older, slower satellite services.

Video of the Day

OK, so this is video is over a week old, but I found it to be one of John’s best, and he puts out some great content.