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UPS truck on the highway

Looming UPS Strike Could Shut Down 6% of Commerce

A looming UPS strike could halt delivery of 24 million packages per day, disrupting the supply chain for consumers and businesses.
W.D. Cooper's Boston Tea Party engraving

Why Vigilantes are a Good Thing

Self-defense, self-determination, and resistance to tyranny have long been part of the American tradition.
Satellite dish

Senators are Taking Precautions – Should you be Worried?

Senators are being outfitted with satellite communications in case of a "disruptive event." The rest of us have to prepare for ourselves.
homeless man

“The Social Contract has Ruptured”

This article has nothing to do with prepping and everything to do with how fragile society and a city like San Francisco is.
An Israeli flag

War Brewing in Israel as Rockets Fly

Under a barrage of rockets, Israel strikes targets on Gaza Strip and kills Islamic Jihadist leaders yet it get little U.S. news coverage. Stay Informed.
The start marks the approximate location of Allen, Texas

Texas Mall Shooter Booted from Army for Mental Illness

Another mass shooting using an AR-15 type weapon by a mentally ill individual who holds extremist beliefs.
A hurricane seen from space

Very Active Hurricane Season Begins in Four Weeks

Forecasters expect the 2023 hurricane season will be similar to 2017, which was one of the worst on record.
First Republic Bank 3D logo

First Republic Bank on the Brink of Collapse

After shares dropped 50 percent Monday and another 30 percent on Tuesday, it looks like the next domino in the bank collapse is about to fall.
A homeless man who is hungry

More Homelessness and Food Insecurity on the Horizon

Inflation and recession are eroding buying power, making it tougher for people to keep food on their table and even stay in their homes.
Inflation is soaring. Image based on an image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Inflation over 100 Percent in Argentina

Inflation in Argentina reached 103 percent and is expected to continue climbing. This means goods are twice as expensive today compared to a year ago.