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A pile of gold like this can be worth thousands of dollars.

Cashing in on some Old Jewelry

That old jewelry you don't wear and have tucked away in a drawer or cabinet can be worth thousands of dollars.
These old mercury times have about $1.60 worth of silver in each one. You should be able to buy junk silver staring at 18 times face value.

Silver Price Plunges 3.5 Percent on Tuesday

Silver went from $22.90 to about $22 per ounce during the first two hours of trading on the New York spot market. That’s about 3.5 percent.
The deficit is climbing

America’s Debt Spiral is out of Control

The United State's debt is nearing a critical threshold, with a spiral of rising debt and payments on the debt becoming unsustainable.
The flag of Argentina.

What we can Learn from an Anarcho-Capitalist

Javier Milei is trying rebuild Argentina's economy from the ground up, but he may have to destroy it first. Can we learn form their experience?
Protect yourself and your data with end-to-end encryption.

Living with a Central Bank Digital Currency

A central bank digital currency will signal the end of privacy and likely our impending financial collapse. There are still some steps you can take.
There's a recession on the horizon and it looks ugly.

If it Quacks Like a Duck…

The number of economists prediction a recession in 2024 has dropped, but they still predict the slowing economy will feel like a recession.
Lots of categories make our economy tick.

Dueling Economists and what to Expect in 2024

There is a huge divide between economists who predict economic doomsday in 2024 and those who expect a “soft landing.”
Stock market returns

The Market is up – do you Feel Wealthier?

Owing little or no money is going to make you feel far wealthier than a rising balance in your retirement account.
Inflation leaves the wallet empty

Three Steps You can Take to Mitigate Inflation

While the government tells us inflation is falling, our wallets know that isn't true. Here are three ways to counter inflations effects.
There's a recession on the horizon and it looks ugly.

This Indicator says Recession may be Looming

While GDP, the gross domestic product, may get all the headlines, the GDI, or gross domestic income, tells a more depressing story.