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Is this what a European Collapse Will Look Like?

This winter will see Europe and the EU stressed like never before. What kind of problems will the energy crisis and high inflation create?
Store shelves crammed with food.

Never Again will so Many have so Much

The age of abundance, where almost anyone could afford almost anything, is being to an end by shortages and rising prices.
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2020s Might be Worse than the 1970s

Historian warns people not to be "overoptimistic" as the economy this decade might be worse than it was in the 1970s.
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We Are Reaching our Limit

Americans have always aimed to exceed our limits, but now we are being constrained. That can't last. Time to change course.
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U.S. Economy Contracts in Q2, Signalling Recession

Gross Domestic spending was down for the second quarter in a row, a sign the country is in a recession.
A protester holds a sign that says "no farmer - no food - no future."

Will the War on Fertilizer Lead to Revolution?

To start a revolution, the government has to take away hope, and put people in a position where they have little or nothing to lose. We're getting there.
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Brace for Financial System Shocks

How long will it be before Americans have to choose between their house payment and their electric or heating bill?
Natural gas flame surrounding the globe

Gazprom Declaration of Force Majeure Bad News for Germany

Natural gas shortages are going to devastate Germany this winter as Russia cuts pipeline output to Europe.
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Are we Heading Towards a Man-Made Collapse?

Dutch Farmers and Sri Lankan protests have a common thread: The attack on our food supply and the rise of green socialism.
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Today’s America: An Economy of Shortages

Shortages of goods and energy are largely the fault of regulations and excessive government interference with the free market.