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recession, depression or collapse

Are we Heading to a Recession, Depression or Collapse?

The Fed is like a kid playing "Whack-a-Mole," always a beat too late and unable to anticipate where the next problem will pop up.
A homeless man who is hungry

More Homelessness and Food Insecurity on the Horizon

Inflation and recession are eroding buying power, making it tougher for people to keep food on their table and even stay in their homes.
A carpenter at work

How to Minimize your Taxes, Part 2

There are many ways to reduce your taxes, but starting a side gig and deducting your business expenses is one of the best.
Its tax time

Prepare for your Taxes to go Up – Part 1

Social Security is running out of money. The deficit is rising. Like it or not, taxes are going to have to go up.
Wall Street

This is How to Survive a Collapse

You need to add some financial preparedness to your standard preps if you want to survive to coming economic collapse.
A pile of Jenga pieces in a tower.

This is How a Collapse Starts

Collapses aren't caused by any one thing, but many small things can add up to take down the largest systems and most powerful countries.
Silicon Valley Bank logo

The Government Admits our Economy is in Trouble

By making SVB depositors whole, the government is tacitly admitting that our economy is on the verge of falling off a cliff and can't withstand a shock.
Stock market chart

What You can do if this is the Year of the...

Many are predicting a stock market collapse, a housing collapse, maybe the death of the petrodollar. What can you do to prepare?
Trains in the switching yard

A Realistic Look at the Effects of a Rail Strike

After four of the twelve unions representing various freight railroad workers vote against the deal, we look at what a strike means to you and me.
Rail yard

Rail Strike Looms as Another Union Rejects Labor Deal

A nation-wide rail strike looks it may hit as early as the second week in December as another union of railroad workers voted against the deal.