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I voted sticker.

Pete’s Take on the Midterm Elections

When it comes to midterm elections, the down-ballot candidates at the county and local level are the races where your vote makes a difference.
Biden at desk

Biden Suffers More than Gaffes, Weakening U.S.

What will he say next? Biden's gaffes grow more frequent and more disturbing leading world leaders to mock him.
Crime Scene

Watch Out – Leftists are taking it Easy on Criminals

Crime is rising in many cities and socialists don't seem to care. In fact, you could argue that their soft-on-crime no-bail policies are encouraging it.
Presidents Biden and Obama

Government Lies and When You Should Start to Worry

Don't trust the government. They will lie to your face and justify it as being for your own good.
Man using a banana as a gun

Is the U.S. Becoming a Banana Republic?

Are we sinking to the point where we arrest our political opponents? How long before secret police knock on doors in the middle of the night?
Biden hangs his head

Biden Demonstrates his Weakness, Again

Biden isn't just confused, he's weak. A weak, marginal president who is not a leader and is a danger to the country.
an FBI gun and badge

If the Feds can Raid Donald Trump’s House, are any of...

The FBI gets used against Trump again, tainting their reputation and making many compare them to the secret police used by dictators to arrest their opposition.
A protester holds a sign that says "no farmer - no food - no future."

Will the War on Fertilizer Lead to Revolution?

To start a revolution, the government has to take away hope, and put people in a position where they have little or nothing to lose. We're getting there.
Biden hangs his head

Dementia and Danger: The Joe Biden Story

It's time for all Americans to realize Joe Biden is not fit to be president. At what point does trotting him out there become elder abuse?
The capitol in Washington

Don’t Let The Man Keep you Down

Sometimes the best thing you can do is resist those in charge and their agenda. Start with passive resistance. Here's how.