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politician who's nose is growing

Liars, Damn Liars, and Politicians

I don’t know if all politicians lie, or if all people in positions of power lie, but it sure seems that like all governments lie.
Image of a Fox news video showing the "controlled burn" in East Palestine, Ohio

Is the Government to Blame for the East Palestine Environmental Disaster?

In my opinion, the true environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, is not the chemical spill , but the decision to “blow up” the chemicals.
New stabilizing braces

Get Ready To be Declared a Felon on June 1

One simple step will keep the new ATF pistol brace rule from making you a felon. You have until June 1 to take it.
Lawyers discussing documents.

Crime, Punishment, and Classified Documents

Both Trump and Biden mishandled secret documents, but how the cases are being handled is another example of what is wrong with the country.
The capitol in Washington

The Politics of Selfishness and Corruption

All the fighting and debate in Congress is about money and power, both of which are caused by selfishness and contribute to corruption.
I voted sticker.

Pete’s Take on the Midterm Elections

When it comes to midterm elections, the down-ballot candidates at the county and local level are the races where your vote makes a difference.
Biden at desk

Biden Suffers More than Gaffes, Weakening U.S.

What will he say next? Biden's gaffes grow more frequent and more disturbing leading world leaders to mock him.
Crime Scene

Watch Out – Leftists are taking it Easy on Criminals

Crime is rising in many cities and socialists don't seem to care. In fact, you could argue that their soft-on-crime no-bail policies are encouraging it.
Presidents Biden and Obama

Government Lies and When You Should Start to Worry

Don't trust the government. They will lie to your face and justify it as being for your own good.
Man using a banana as a gun

Is the U.S. Becoming a Banana Republic?

Are we sinking to the point where we arrest our political opponents? How long before secret police knock on doors in the middle of the night?