Bridges, new Bridges, Get Your Fresh Infrastructure Here

A trillion here, a trillion there; pretty soon you’re talking about some real money. Money we don’t have, but don’t worry, you’ll eventually pay for it.

On the heels of a $2 trillion COVID-19 relief bill that spend far more money than necessary of dozens of things that have little or nothing to do with COVID-19, we are now getting a look at the next piece of over-laden spending bill the Biden administration will try to shove through Congress and down the throats of the American people: The $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan.

I am not against the idea of rebuilding our roads, bridges, damns, locks, ports, airports and trains. For example, I think the interstate highway system is one thing that made this country great and continues to aid commerce and transportation.


What happened to all the money allocated for those so-called “Shovel Ready” projects during the Obama administration? Before we allocate more money for infrastructure, I’d like to get a report on how the last chunk of change was spent and whether we, as a country and as taxpayers, got what we expected out of it. If private industry said, “We’re going to spend $662 billion on capital improvements over the next 8 years,” then you can bet shareholders would want a detailed accounting of how that money was spent and how it benefitted the organization. So before you rush to spend more money, Mr. Biden, how about accounting for the last project? How well did you spend those funds?

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How Venezuela Turned Back to Capitalism when Socialism Failed

If you were paying attention over the last few years, you got to witness the collapse of Venezuela as it experienced the failed promises of socialism. Now capitalism may save it.

Ah, the glories of socialism. 

In one generation, Venezuela went from being one of the wealthiest countries in Central and South America to having a poverty rate of 96 percent. The monthly minimum wage of $2 made it the poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Yes, they are worse off than Haiti.)

Yep, that’s what socialism will get you. Four percent of the population living on the hard work and sweat of the other 96 percent. Four percent, the elites, living in high-end houses with armed guards while the rest of the country cannot afford to buy food or medicine, has intermittent electricity, and little or no clean water to drink. 

I wrote earlier this year about the tens of millions killed in China and Russia implemented socialism. They don’t have an accurate count of the dead in Venezuela yet, where malaria and other diseases made a comeback and where a simple infection can kill you due to a lack of antibiotics. They do know that millions fled the country. Among them are the ballerina that escaped to Columbia and became a prostitute, and the highly paid professional who made it to the U.S. and worked as a butcher.  Sadly,  they are the lucky ones. 

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Prepper Diary January 9: Its Much Calmer Here on the Homestead than Out in the Real World

According to the media, we’re going to hell in a hand basket, but things are quiet here on the homestead as we enjoy our self-imposed quarantine.

Gun sales are up again, this time in reaction to the storming of the capitol.  I have to admit, I am a little surprised at this reaction.  Where were these people when they were rioting, looting and setting fire to businesses in Minneapolis?  How come they didn’t buy guns when the protesters attacked the Federal buildings in Portland night after night?

Seems to me that the cavalier attitude of prosecutors who let liberal protestors off with a slap on the hand, and the pundits and talking heads on the news media who saw little or nothing wrong with the anti-police protests of the summer are suddenly seeing the opposite side of that coin.  Yes, when you allow one group to misbehave, you have to expect others will follow in their footsteps.

Too all those running out and buying guns now, good luck finding ammo.

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What You Should Do now that the Georgia Election Results Are In

The actions on January 6 will have long-reaching, unintended consequences. We discuss what you can expect and how to prepare for what is to come.

When we were looking for our prepper property, we set a goal of moving before Election Day.  We missed it by about five weeks, but am I darn sure happy that I moved before inauguration day. I’m also glad I do not live or work in Washington, DC.

In yesterday’s book review, I talked about the lead character being slow to catch on and recognize the problems they were facing.  I wrote, “You’d think a military vet would be able to see the writing on the wall and make better, faster decisions.”

I recommend that you look at the world around you and ask yourself if January 6, 2021 was a day that should have motivated you to act.  If you don’t, you may one day look back on it and think to yourself, “That’s when the first domino fell.  If only I had acted then instead of doing nothing.”

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Trump’s Downfall was… Trump Himself

The Republicans performed well, but apparently some people could not bring themselves to vote for an abrasive president who made more enemies than friends.

Editor’s note: I’m writing this late at evening of the 6th when it looks doubtful that President Trump will be able to pull out the election.  I’m writing it with the presumption that he will lose, whether or not he admits it.

In 2016, I voted for Donald Trump because there was no way in hell I wanted to elect Hilary Clinton.

On November 3, I think a few million people voted for Joe Biden because there was no way in hell they wanted to re-elect Donald Trump.  They voted for Republican senate and house candidates, but just could not bring themselves to vote for Trump.

If Trump loses the election, as it looks very much like he might, he has no one to blame but himself and his bombastic attitude which too many people just could not ignore long enough to see all the good his policies did.

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Why You Must Prepare NOW to Survive Socialism

Socialists are dividing the country, creating us and them instead of “we the people” in an attempt to weaken the U.S. so that can gain political power and make the U.S. a Socialist State.

I was reading The SHTF Anthology, Survival Lessons from the Balkan War by Selco Begovic (generally known simply as Selco in survivalist circles) , and I was struck by the following, which was in the very first chapter:

Quote from Selco

What Selco is politely telling us is that the socialists are using the same playbook here and we should expect and prepare for a civil war or other massive societal disruption as the socialists try to hijack our country .

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September 22 Prepper Diary: Back to our New Property

The move continues as we get closer to our goal of living at our prepper property one step at at time.

We are in that happy time between seasons when it is too cool to require air conditioning yet too warm to demand heat.   The days are sunny and comfortable but nights are chilly enough that we had to put the thick comforter on the bed.  I will admit that I am happy my wife goes to bed before I do because she warms up the bed!

The sudden arrival of fall was driven home by the even cooler weather in the mountains. Yes, we just drove another pick-up truck load of gear to our new property. As I unloaded more stuff and fit it onto our storage shelves, I inventoried our 5-gallon pails.  As I discussed in the prior article, it seems I need to acquire some more beans to balance out the many buckets of rice and wheat.  We were stuck indoor due to the rain, so I did some indoor chores, like installing towel bars and toilet paper holders in the bathrooms.

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September 10: Police Chiefs Should do this Instead of Resigning

While we understand why a police chief might resign in protest, we suggest they uphold the law and push back against liberal mayors.

I have no doubt that it is tough to be a police chief.  Your Mayor and city council don’t want you to actually enforce the laws.  They vote to take away your ability to use tear gas and rubber bullets, which endangers your officers.  You have to sit there and watch the city that you are sworn to protect burn when every fiber of your being scream to get your men out there and make some arrests.  But when you do make arrests, you have to see the criminals be let out of jail by prosecutors who have let politics rather than laws decide their cases.

I don’t blame you for wanting to resign, but I say hold tough, make the fire you.  Most police chiefs are hired for four or five year terms. They have a contract. Don’t give them an easy way out by resigning.

Instead, do your job and let your officers do theirs.  Arrest the criminals.  If they don’t allow to use tear gas, then use pepper spray.  If they don’t let you use rubber bullets, than issue paintball guns.  Allow your officers on riot duty to use their batons on fleshy body parts, like thighs and arms.  Leave a bruise the rioter will remember. It may be the only penalty the suffer

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This is what Happens when America is Perceived as Weak

When our foes think the United States is distracted by internal problems, they tend to act out and rattle their sabers looking for an opportunity.

Russian bombers fly towards Alaska and we scramble fighter planes in response. A few days later, American B52 bombers fly in the Sea of Okhtosk, a place surrounded on three sides by Russian lands and where no American planes have flown before, forcing Russians to scramble their fighters.

Also in the Pacific, Chinese bombers flew towards Taiwan, forcing them to scramble fighters.  This is thought to be a reaction to the degrading relationship between the U.S. and China.

Actual hostilities broke out along the Chinese and India border, and while conversations have been held to reduce the chance of further conflict, the Indian media reports that Indian soldiers have been given permission to open fire on their Chinese counterparts if invade Indian territory.  This resulted in a vocal response from China, ratcheting up tensions further.  Meanwhile India is in negotiations to buy 30 or more fighter aircraft from the Russians, apparently seeking to beef up their capabilities should their problem with China escalate.

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Politics vs Pandemic

We’ve seen the curve flatten and slowly drop, now news coverage is following as COVID-19 gets less coverage.

For two months, the coronavirus dominated headlines, spread across pages of newspapers and took up hours of broadcast time.  Suddenly, the coverage has lessened and politics has come back into focus.  The question is: Did this happen because stories about General Flynn’s charges being dropped and Tara Reade’s accusations against Joe Biden were more compelling than the virus, or because the virus suddenly lacked news value? 

The arch of the coronavirus story seemed to be:  Article about panic at how fast it was spreading and how bad things were going to be in the future, which gave way to stories about a lack of PPE and ventilators, which evolved into stories about when it would peak and what the total death toll would be, which slid into stories about when things would reopen, protests, and then meat shortages.  Politics was a thread throughout, with votes on funding and fingers pointing blame.  But now, politics seems to be replacing coronavirus in the news.

Well, we said we wanted to get back to normal.  I can’t think of anything more normal than politics and finger pointing dominating the news.

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