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The capitol in Washington

Don’t Let The Man Keep you Down

Sometimes the best thing you can do is resist those in charge and their agenda. Start with passive resistance. Here's how.
9mm ammunition

President Biden Lies about Gas and Guns

Long known for exaggerating and lying, President Biden told some whoppers earlier this week while trying to promote gun control.
The White House

Can America Survive 32 more Months of This?

One third of the way into Joe Biden's term as president, and you have to wonder if the country can survive the economic pain he is bringing.
politician who's nose is growing

The Government is Lying to Us

The government and politicians lie to us, the media amplifies it, and social media endorses it. Don't be fooled. Question everything.
Conspiracy theories sometimes contain the truth or obscure it.

Trying to Find the Truth in Conspiracy Theories

When you hear a wild conspiracy theory, don't dismiss it out of hand. Consider it, and think about how and why it came about.
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Biden Ad-lib Threatens to Escalate War with Russia

After being careful not to push Putin to far, President Biden seems to call for regime change in Russia. How will Mad Vlad respond?
Customer using an ATM

Canada and Ukraine are Both Fighting for Freedom in Different Ways

Tyrany is threatened by freedom, so it should be no surprise tyranical leaders in Canada and Russia are turning to violence to quell the move towards freedom.
The FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile.

The Ukraine Situation Grows More Complex

They will attack Wednesday. No, they are withdrawing. Or are they? It's all smoke, mirrors and disinformation in today's moden warfare.
An 18-wheeler

Why Truck Drivers are the New Freedom Fighters

Ottawa is far more upset about non-violent truckers than Portland was about Antifa rioters attacking the police and taking over part of their city. Hmm.
a political rally

Is the Left Trying to Cause a Collapse?

The left don't want freedom, they want a country where those who disagree with government mandates are censored and imprisoned “for their own good.”