Bare Shelves Trending on Twitter and in your Local Store

A year ago, Candidate Biden blamed empty store shelves on “a lack of leadership.” Now President Biden is blaming empty store shelves on businesses. What a difference a year makes.

I am amused that the hashtag #BareShelfBiden was trending Thursday on Twitter. It’s another example of an issue we’ve been covering here for months catching nationwide attention. That means we are one day closer to panic buying and even more empty shelves.

It feels good to be ahead of the wave and prepare before others see the problem coming rather than getting swept up and washed away by the surge. Keep prepping; one day soon you won’t be able to.

The photo accompanying this article (above) is from our local Walmart earlier this week. Yes, they had some empty shelves, but it wasn’t terrible. The canned meat shelf, photo below, was better stocked than the vegetable shelf. I guess the late-to-the party preppers must all be vegans.

(But as a serious aside, while stocking some fruits and vegetables is good, I stock less of them because 1) I can grow or harvest them in the wild, and 2) because meat and meat-based canned goods like beef stew and chili are calorie dense with more protein and fat than vegetables, which you will need when in a survival situation.)

The canned meat shelf was better stocked than the canned vegetable shelf.

Either way, both shelves are far better stocked than those I saw last spring when the COVID-19 lockdown was at its peak. At this point, no one is starving because they can’t find the exact can of beans they wanted. Nonetheless, it’s a sign of the deteriorating conditions we are experiencing.

I wonder what the hash tags are going to be in a month? #JoeTheGrinch or #JoeStoleChristmas?

Are We Getting Used to This?

I think the real question is, are empty shelves becoming normalized? Did the shortages of COVID-19 make today’s shortages and empty store shelves so common that they don’t alarm anyone? If so, then that is a pretty big step backwards and shows that the downward spiral has our society firmly in its grip.

How long does it take to go from a few empty shelves to waiting in line for bread and milk? A decade? Five years? Maybe just 18 months? Will a few empty shelves blossom into many? Will we have to line up outside Walmart every morning, like shoppers do the morning of the Black Friday sale, hoping to rush in and get potatoes, a dozen eggs, some laundry detergent or new shoes?

It can’t be a good sign that we are experiencing third world problems like food shortages and electrical blackouts. We’re supposed to be one of the most advanced societies in the world and we’re exhibiting symptoms you would epxect to see in the old Soviet Union. Sure, we can develop a robotic pizza maker or an automatic burger flipper, but they won’t do us any good if there is no flour, pepperoni, or beef available. Why, that would be like creating a robotic dog armed with a rifle and not having any ammunition for it.

I Don’t Trust the Government

Keep in mind that the same people that told us inflation is transitory are also telling us that supply chain shortages are short term. (See yesterday’s article for more on why I think they are purposefully knee capping the economy.)

While campaigning a year ago, Joe Biden blamed shortages not on COVID-19 but on a lack of leadership. Well Joe, what’s your excuse?

The Government is Knee-Capping the Economy

Is it chance that the economy is spiraling downward and out standing on the world stage is faltering, or is it all par of a plan?

I was going to write about how I think the Biden Administration shot itself in the foot when it implemented a whole series of executive orders and regulations that, unintentionally or not, hurt the economy, but I changed my mind. “Shooting yourself in the foot” implies they did it by mistake. I think it is much more likely that the Biden Administration and the socialists behind the scenes purposely knee-capped the economy.

That’s right, I think they hobbled the economy by design, to undermine capitalism, to hurry the transition to the world where we “own nothing and like it.” They don’t want small business to succeed and create more middle-class people who control their own fate. They want people to be powerless, to lose their savings, be forced from their homes, and have no choice but to turn to the government for support.

I think the current political regime is undermining the economy and tearing apart our society in an attempt to transfer power from the people to the government. The tyrannical leftists who have worked themselves into power are not satisfied being congressmen and women. They want more power, more control, and more money. The pandemic, followed by the election of a weak, easily controllable president, has given them a window of opportunity.

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The Systematic Destruction of the Economy Continues

When everything the government does seems to make inflation higher and the economy worse, you have to ask yourself: Are they doing it on purpose?

Today’s job numbers were terrible. New jobs increased the slowest in all of 2021. More people left the workforce—they gave up on working—than got new jobs. Why? I can think of at least four reasons:

First, many potential employees are not desperate enough to need a job that doesn’t pay much, isn’t satisfying and fulfilling, and requires dealing with rude and entitled customers.

Second, the younger generation of people grew up with easy lives are weren’t used to having to work hard. They also disagree with the concept of having to work your way up and few will accept traditional menial and entry-level jobs. The lack of coal miners is a good example. Why would someone want to work a dangerous job in uncomfortable conditions when they can make money sitting at home trading stocks on Robinhood, hosting a game channel on Stitch, or working whenever in the gig economy whenever they want to make a few bucks?

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Make a Choice, Face the Consequences

People make bad decisions all the time. Some have minor consequences, others may lead to death. The government can’t save them all, nor should they.

I am amused to note that at about the same time President Biden was announcing his new vaccine mandates, the number of cases as tracked by the New York Times had started to fall. Hospitalizations are also flat. By the time OSHA gets around to writing their emergency regulation, this COVID-19 wave may be behind us. Ironic, isn’t it?

Freedom of Choice

Someone said to me today, “People without the vaccine are 11 times more likely to die.”

My answer was to shrug and say: “It’s their choice.”

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New Mandates a Giant Step Forward in Government Overreach

Maybe he did it to change the narrative away from the Afghanistan withdrawal, but Biden’s new vaccine mandates are another example of executive overreach.

I was planning to write about my electric fence and the difficulty of driving an 8-foot ground rod into rocky soil, but that exciting topic is postponed because of my need to comment on the new vaccine mandates which cover all federal employees and contractors, healthcare workers, and many others.

As I have said before, I am not taking a position on whether the vaccine is good or bad. I give my readers credit for having enough sense to make up their own minds. However, I consider mandates forcing people to get vaccinated to be a huge example of government overreach, especially when they are done by executive orders rather than being passed by the legislative branch.

It’s Official

With today’s announcement, President Biden officially confirmed that he is tougher on Americans without vaccines than he is on the Taliban. Not only do they get out of jail, but the Taliban gets free automatic weapons and cool military vehicles. The unvaccinated lose their ability to make a living and may lose their seats to the big game.

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How Peace, Love, and Flower Children Ruined the Country

This country is sliding down the drain and the race on to see if we experience an economic or social collapse first. I blame the hippies.

Somewhere along the way, this country got screwed up. I’m pretty sure it started when the flower children, the hippies of the 1960s, got old enough to be in charge.

The Presidents leading up to and including the first President George Bush had lived through the Great Depression and fought and won a World War. They were not soft. They had the fortitude to do what was right, not what was easy. This approach has since been abandoned by politicians and far too many people.

The Baby Boomers, the children of the Greatest Generation, were the first generation of Americans to be spoiled. That coddling is why they have screwed things up for the past 30 years. They didn’t learn from the Great Depression. They didn’t volunteer to fight for their country (they had to be drafted to fight in Vietnam.) Many of them stopped going to church and rebelled against the Christian-Judeo values of their parents. They became the flower children of the 1960s and went off to form communes and celebrate free love.

That’s when the country got soft. That’s when the rule of law started to bend and weaken, and with it, the country itself.

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It is Difficult to Watch it all Implode

I never thought I’d say this, but I feel sorry for Joe Biden. He is failing in front of our eyes, and dragging the country down with him.

As the whole Afghanistan withdrawal disaster unfolds, it is becoming clearer and clearer that he is not only in over his head, but that his advisors are in over their heads as well. I think we all knew that Joe was past his prime and little more than a figurehead, but now we know he is a figurehead for a bunch of nincompoops (I’m being polite here—substitute a harsher word if you wish). We, and the rest of the world, are having the privilege of seeing on live TV a presidential administration collapse as Biden and his staff fail their trial by fire.

Hey Biden advisors: Your participation trophies are no good here. We need a winning strategy and you guys are proving to be losers. Learning on the job is not acceptable. You have not only offended and alienated more of the country than voted for you, plus every veteran who fought or died over there, but you’ve offended our closest allies. Worse yet, you have given our enemies a glimpse of how bad things are in the White House. You can’t even yell “Ignore the man behind the curtain!” because there is no man behind the curtain. There is just an empty chair.

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Just say No and COVID Mandates Will Backfire

We need to resist the mandates and unjust laws en mass because they can’t arrest us all; there will be no one left to do their work.

People are sick and tired of adhering to unreasonable, unexplainable COVID-19 rules and regulations, the insistence of mask mandates, vaccine requirements, and restrictions on their travel. In France, they are protesting in the streets. In Australia, they are being arrested and fined for leaving their homes. Here in the U.S., the Federal government is pressuring companies to require their employees to be vaccinated and school boards are forcing children to wear masks.

Restaurants in places like New York are also fed up with requirements that reduce their customer base and make them the bad guys. They just want to serve food, not police public adherence to medical mandates.

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The Catastrophe in Afghanistan is Now Complete

Things fell apart in Afghanistan so quickly we had to evacuate Americans via helicopter, giving President Biden a “Saigon moment” and the U.S. a huge black eye.

The haphazard withdrawal of American troops and the utter collapse of the Afghan government is making President Joe Biden a laughingstock, the foolish jester on the global stage, and is hurting the country’s standing. China has already joked that the transition of power in Afghanistan is smoother than that of the U.S. presidential election.

The U.S. intelligence agencies aren’t looking very good either. For example, after saying Kabul could fall in 90 days, it took less than a week. Even the defense establishment looks bad for not understanding their enemy, the Afghan army they reportedly trained, and the will of the country they all but occupied.

Unfortunately, this is about more than optics and looking bad. Millions of dollars in captured American equipment are now in the Taliban’s hands, from M4s to Hummers to helicopters. Millions of girls and women who grew up in Afghanistan under U.S. protection that were able to go to school and have something approaching equal rights are being raped and forced into slavery and sexual servitude. A generation of American warriors spent years of their lives in Afghanistan, and for what? All that blood and treasure wasted. We didn’t even hang on to a couple of air bases. 

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Hiring More Police Officers is Neither Easy Nor Quick

As a result of the defund the police movement and last year’s riots and protests, there are fewer police and more murders and serious crime. That’s not a coincidence.

A judge in Hennepin County on Friday ordered Minneapolis to hire more police officers, a decision detailed in this article in the Epoch Times.  They are supposed to have about 55 more active officers by June 2022 than they have today.

I doubt the judge realizes what a very difficult task this is. I do, but only because I’ve worked with law enforcement and seen 15 to 20 academies in different agencies, including large sheriff departments, state police agencies, departments serving large cities, and academies run by community colleges.

Let’s examine why this is an enormous task, and what this means for the future of the country.

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