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Many restaurants remain closed or must serve only on ourdoor patios. Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Coronavirus Report July 7: Economic Problems Persist

Rising coronavirus cases are causing states to reverse reopening, causing more long-term economic damage.
Illustration of coronavirus and a woman in a mask. Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Coronavirus Report July 2: Two Big Numbers

Unemployment drops as the economy recovers, but at what cost?
crowded venue

Coronavirus Report June 17: Stay Out of Crowds

Churches, bars, meat packing plants and other places where people congregate are responsible for recent COVID-19 clusters.
New York times Map of COVID-19 growth

Coronavirus Report June 12: Reversing Reopenings?

As the North East recovers and the coronavirus retreats, the South is seeing a burst of growth.
peanut butter at Sam's Club

Prepper Diary June 11: Shortages Continue

We do some shipping to take advantage of the gap between the first wave of coronavirus and possible second wave, but there are still shortages.
Hotel bed Photo by Febrian Zakaria on Unsplash

Prepper Diary June 9: Post Lockdown Travel

Traveling across several states shows that social distancing and mask wearing really varies by location. The further you get from cities, the less they worry about COVID-19.
Map of US showing deaths

May 27 Coronavirus Report: The Two Faces of The Coronavirus

The coronavirus has hit hard in some states, killing tens of thousands, while in most states deaths still number in the hundreds. We must address it locally, not nationally.
Coins spill from a jar. Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

The Economic Repercussions of Coronavirus

The initial surge of reopening excitement feels good, but the economic repercussions of the coronavirus are going to be tough to shake off.
People at the beach

May 25 Coronavirus Report: Memorial Day

People are taking advantage of the three-day weekend to leave quarantine behind, with little concern for social distancing.
A couple and their dogs enjoying the back yard. Photo by KaLisa Veer on Unsplash.

How to Prep for the Second Wave of COVID-19

Getting a pet and improving your back yard are two ways to prepare for a possible second wave of COVID-19.