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Heavy snow

25 Atmospheric Rivers Cause up to $7 Billion in Damage in...

California got hit this winter with excessive snow and rain this winter. It may have cured the drought, but it caused its own share of problems.
A hive full of bees in mid-February

My Bees Make an Early Winter Comeback

Our bees are off to a strong start thanks to warm weather. That could be good or it could be bad, but it definitely requires management.
Snow covered cars

The United States of the Unprepared

The vast majority of Americans are unprepared, making them easy victims for natural or man-made disasters. Will they learn from this recent blizzard?
Niagara falls in the winter.

Blizzard Kills Dozens, Causes Looting in Buffalo

Buffalo got hit harder by the blizzard than any other American city, but people also caused problems.
Snowy road image by Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay.

How we Survived the Christmas Weekend Blizzard

Temperatures here hit -4 with a windchill of -30. Then the power went out for 14 hours. Thankfully, we were prepared.
The trackhoe that buried our water pipe.

How to Keep your Water Pipes from Freezing

A once-in-a-generation storm is bring bitterly cold temperatures to 37 states over the next few days. Do you know how to keep your pipes from freezing?
Pumping oxalic acid into a beehive to kill varroa mites.

Prepper Lessons, Cold Weather, and a Possible Blizzard

We are preparing for winter, the possibility of sub-zero temperatures, and a Christmas Blizzard. Are you prepper for that?
A conibear trap set to kill whatever comes out of this hole.

A Winter Rest and Reset on the Homestead

The cold is giving us a rest as outdoor chores dwindle and we have time to relax and step back from the demands of homesteading.
Chevy pickup truck in the snow

Planning for Winter and Other Small Challenges

With winter just around the corner, this is the time to winterize your vehicle and make sure your car emergency kit will help keep you warm and well fed.
A gray day with dead, brown plants

Heading into the Gray Days of Winter

The pretty autumn leaves have given way to dead, brown oak leaves and gray skies as the fun days of fall give way to the gray days of winter