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A cold, snowy city street.

Super Cold Temps Hit U.S.; How to Stay Warm

As temperatures plunge in New England, there are fears that there might not be enough power generation to meet demand.

Prepper News Update, October 14

Power Bills Predicted to Jump up to 54 Percent this Winter The first major snowstorm hit the Rocky Mountains north into Montana, leaving from a...
A fire burning inside our Fisher Stove

How Will You Stay Warm in a Winter Power Failure?

A gasoline shortage means you can't drive, but a natural gas shortage means people might freeze to death. Do you have a back up heat source?
A London street covered in snow.

Britain Fears another “Winter of Discontent.” Will it Strike Here?

Inflation, gas shortages, and supply chain disruptions make British fear the 1970s are returning. Will this be our winter of discontent as well?
fog rolls up the valley

Prepper Diary March 17: We get a Cold Snap for St...

Despite the recent warm weather, we find that winter is not over as temperatures turn colder and fog heralds the arrival of rain and snow.
Ice hangs from a pipe

Texas Freeze Damage Assessment Continues: Time to do Your Own

As the amount of damage done to lives, livelihoods, houses, business and agriculture continue to climb in Texas, you may want to re-assess your preps.
Windmills generating electricity. Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash.

Lessons Preppers Can Learn from the Texas Big Freeze

Every disaster should be analyzed to determine what we as preppers can do to survive. Here are some initial thoughts regarding the Texas power outages.
An oil pump at sunset. Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash.

Bitter Cold Temps, Power Outages, Gas Shortages and How to Prepare...

Thanks to regulators and green energy policy, we can no longer supply enough power to meet peak demand for electricity and natural gas.
Pipe cutter

Moving Water Doesn’t Freeze, Except in Our Pipes

We are forced to make more repairs and improvements on our gravity-fed spring water thanks to freezing temperatures.
The wiring for our Buck Stove insert blower.

Prepper Diary February 7: As More Snow is Forecast, we have...

Stuff never breaks when its convenient. That's why a good prepper can improvise and McGyver his way back into business when something fails on the homstead.