Prepping Definitions and Abbreviations

Collapsitarians: People who believe that a collapse is necessary to reset the world and put it on a better course. If they expect to survive the collapse, they are probably preppers.

Collapsologists: People preparing for a gradual collapse caused by climate change or other evolving problems rather than an apocalyptic event that triggers a massive breakdown. Collapsatology is based on the theory that the theory that society as we know it could break down.

Prepper: One who conscientiously and intentionally practices prepping.

Prepping: The act of making preparations, storing food and supplies, and obtaining gear and skills intended to help one survive a natural or man-made disaster or emergency.

Preps: Individual components of prepping.  “I picked up a 5-gallon can of kerosene, some garden seeds, and a few other preps today.”

SHTF: An abbreviation for when the Sh*t Hits the Fan. Generally used to describe a bad situation possibly of short duration, but generally used by preppers to describe the time when the world as we know if fell apart. “After the SHTF, we’ll want to carry a rifle at all times.”

Survival: The act of living through a natural or man-made disaster or emergency.

Survivalist: Someone who actively prepared to survive and thrive under adverse conditions, including a natural or man-made disaster or emergency. 

Survive and Thrive: Not only living though a natural or man-made disaster or emergency, but arriving on the other side relatively unscathed and in better shape (physical, emotion, financial, etc.) than the average survivor. This should be your goal!

TEOTWAWKI: An abbreviation for The End Of The World As We Know It.  Pronounced Tee-oh-Twaw-kee. Used by preppers and survivalists to describe a time after a specific disaster but before when things have not returned to normal. Usually implies a very serious societal disruption.

WROL: This acronym stands for “without rule of law,” meaning an unruly, chaotic situation where there is no law enforcement or even adherence to moral and ethical behavior.  In a world WROL, you may come across evil people who act any way they please, knowing that there are no legal penalties.  In a WROL situation, the law of the jungle may apply and the strongest, meanest bastard out there may be in charge. To survive in a WROL situation, you may have to do things you would never consider today.