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Infected lungs show up white on CAT scans.

Is History Repeating Itself?

Am I experiencing a time warp, or does it seem like 2020 and the outbreak of COVID-19 is repeating itself? Get prepped for the next virus from China.
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Xi Jinping Warns Putin not to use Nukes

China's President Xi Jinping pushed for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia and agreed that using nuclear weapons "would be crossing a line."
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War Here, War There, War Everywhere?

The war in Ukraine is not the only war. Others are brewing while some are simmering. Some could involve nukes or lead to WWIII. Are you prepped for that?
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China Moves Factories to War Footing

China is taking steps to ready their military, their factories, and their populace for war.
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Things that Make you Go “Hmm”

Did we call China’s bluff, or are they just working up to a response? Its just one of many problems we are facing as a country.
USS Ronald Reagan and USS Abraham Lincoln in the Philippine Sea in June.

How to Prepare for War with China

War is terrible. It is costly, both in lives and treasure. But war can bring out the best in Americans. It can bring us together. But at what cost?
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Five Possible Chinese Military Responses if Pelosi Visits Taiwan

This could result in huge economic and commercial disruptions as the relationship between the U.S. and China could go from tense to warlike.
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We can all Blame Nancy and Joe if China Attacks

An appropriate response to Chinese threats to shoot down Pelosi's plane would be to say we would treat that as a declaration of war.
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More News, Much of it Bad

There comes a time when they can't hide the bad news, but when it hits the mainstream media, it often too late to prepare.
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Is the Next Shoe to Fall a Chinese Collapse?

As the lockdown in China continues and may spread to Beijing, we have to consider the repercussions for U.S. retailers and manufacturers.