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A view of the Appalachian Mountains from Tennessee. Photo by Joshua williams on Unsplash

Shh… Don’t Tell Anyone

The Appalachians, and West Virginia specifically, are attracting an influx of folks dissatisfied with their current location.
General Store Sign

The Importance of Fitting in at Your New Place

When you move to your retreat, you are leaving behind your local networks. It's important to fit in and try to build a new one.
San Francisco

What you can Learn from Large Companies

Retailers, financial companies, and other members of the Fortune 500 are leaving cities with high crime rates. Maybe you should, too.
A waterfall filling a drinking glass

Look to Long-Term Water Needs at Your Retreat

When buying a retreat or a prepper property, think not only of today, but what we may face years or decades from now.
A map showing potential fallout after a nuclear attack.

New Thoughts on What to Look for when Buying a Prepper...

The world has changed since we bought our prepper property. Here's what I'd look for today I didn't consider back then.
A house in the mountains

How to Start a Retreat from Scratch

Read the story of a family that bought raw land and built their own retreat, including the many steps they took.
An early edition of Strategic Relocation

Strategic Relocation–Do it Now

How long are you going to wait before make the strategic decision to relocate somewhere safer, less crowded, and better suited for survival.
A woodland cottage

Thoughts on Dealing with Unprepared Neighbors

How should we treat the owners of nearby vacation homes or undeveloped property on our mountain if they show up after the SHTF?
A hot tub in a remote setting

Preppers Don’t Need Hot Tubs

Why do so many prepper properties advertised online feature hot tubs? They won't do you much good after the SHTF.
snowy mountain cabin

The Single Biggest Reason to Move to the Country

When the SHTF, you want miles, mountains, bridges, and other obstacles between you and the Golden Horde pouring out of the cities.