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How Often do you Stop and Think, “Wow, that’s Expensive”

Sometimes when I say that out loud at a store, it leads to a conversation with a stranger equally outraged at the rising prices.
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Diesel is Suddenly our Achilles Heel

Without diesel fuel, trucks, ships, trains, tractors, and heavy equipment all fall silent. As a shortage looms, commerce may grind to a halt.
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Making Tough Choices and Sacrifices as Inflation Soars

As inflation rises, you are going to have to make some sacrifices. Decide now what you can give up and what you cannot live without so you can prepare.
Cargo ships in and around Shanghai

Think of the Pandemic as a Warm Up

China's lockdown of Shanghai and much of the surrounding area is having a detrimental affect on the supply chain as goods are not being produced or shipped.
Inflation is going to take a bite out of your wallet

Inflation’s Bite just Got More Painful

War and famine tend to go together. Now we can add economic collapse as the IMF says the Russian invasion will negatively affect 86 percent of the globe.
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Germans to See Food Costs Soar up to 50 Percent

Food prices are shooting upwards in German grocery stores. How long before it reaches the rest of Europe and the U.S.?
Nothing heats like wood!

How to Beat High Heat Costs and Fuel Shortages

Thanks to Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, it's going to be even more expensive to heat your house next year. Act now to keep your costs down.
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Will Inflation and Demand Destruction Destroy our Economy?

Inflation, stagflation, and hyperinflation can lead to demand destruction, recession and depression. Are you ready for years of economic woe?
Inflation is soaring. Image based on an image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Inflation Right in Front of Our Eyes

Prices are rising so fast that I can see the difference from one shopping trip to the next. How long before we seen them jump day to day?
A picture of gasoline selling for $4.19

How High is Your Personal Rate of Inflation?

You can see inflation on the sign at the gas station. You can feel it when you shop for groceries. Chances are, everything you buy is going up.