The Pickled Prepper
Ruger 10/22 Takedown model with a Magpul backpacker stock.

The Takedown Ruger 10/22 for Survival

Pete reviews the Ruger Takedown 10/22 as a survival rifle and finds it fills a niche in his vehicle's Get Home Kit.
My favorite sherpa-lined hoody

Singing the Praises of this Sherpa-Lined Hoodie

This sherpa-lined hoodie makes a great piece of all-around outerwear. It provides a surprising amount of warmth for less than $20.
dented can

Review of Sam’s Club Shipping for Preppers

We tested online ordering and shipping from Sam's Club to see it would be good for a last minute stock up in an emergency.
Highly rated flashlight

Product Review: $15.99 Tractor Supply Flashlight Surprises

Cheap doesn't always mean crappy. Our testing of this light shows that it is an excellent buy with excellent 18650 batteries.
A modem pack in various stages of disassembly to recover the 18650 batteries inside.

Buying Cheap Used/Recovered 18650 Batteries for My Survival Stash

What is best for the prepper: Brand new 18650 batteries for $10 each or recovering used or surplus batteries for a fraction of that price?
An AR15 carbine. Photo by STNGR Industries on Unsplash.

40 Million Americans are Ready to Take up Arms

Americans are more ready than ever to pick up their arms and fight for their rights. The gun grabber would do well to remember this.
The OPSol Mini-Clip

We Test Aguila Minishells and OPSol Mini-clip in the Mossberg Shockwave

At our last day, we tested a trifecta: The Mossberg Shockwave, outfitted with the OPSol Mini-Clip, shooting the Aguila Minishells.
The Central Pneumatic 2-in-1 Air Nailer/Stapler from Harbor Freight

Product Review: The Central Pneumatic 2-in-1 Air Nailer/Stapler

I could have bought a $120 Makita but I picked up this $30 pneumatic bar nailer/stapler at Harbor Freight Instead. Here's how it performed.
A dark night in the country. Photo by Gary Meulemans on Unsplash.

A Thump in the Night and I Grab my Shockwave

What do you reach for when you hear a loud noise in the middle of the night? The phone? Your rifle? I reached for my Mossberg Shockwave because it was handy.
UTG flip-up iron sights in their packaging.

Product Review: The UTG Flip Up Front and Rear Sights

My next set of back up iron sights arrived in the mail, so I evaluated them and compared them to the A.R.M.S. sights.