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A child in bed with a cold

Have you Gotten Sick Yet this Year?

COVID, the flu, RSV, and the common cold seem to be making the rounds and getting children and adults sick. If its not one thing, it's another.
Coronavirus with spikes

Deadly China Virus Sparks New Fears – Should You Worry?

Is the news about new illnesses in China and other countries something you should worry about, or is it just scaremongering?
A woman blows her nose while sick in bed.

Mysterious Pneumonia Cases Surge in Europe

Another winter, another respiratory illness. If COVID, RSV and the flu were not enough, we now have pneumonia spreading overseas.
Hospital overcrowding is being blamed on COVID cases

Hospital Delays, Overcrowding May Persist for Years

Hospital overcrowding and lengthy wait times are being blamed on the rise of COVID cases, but is that really the cause?
Infected lungs show up white on CAT scans.

Is History Repeating Itself?

Am I experiencing a time warp, or does it seem like 2020 and the outbreak of COVID-19 is repeating itself? Get prepped for the next virus from China.
COVID-19 healthcare worker

End of Zero-COVID Policy Creates Infection Explosion in China

After China's government abandoned their Zero-COVID policy, the infections have rapidly spread across the country. What does that mean for the rest of the world?
Coronavirus is back and causing trouble again. Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

New COVID Variant Hits U.S. Does Anybody Care?

A new, highly contagious version of COVID-19 is on the move and has already been found in the U.S.
hospital hallway

New Viruses Keep Threat of Pandemic Alive

Michael Snyder asks, "Why are there so many unusual outbreaks of disease suddenly happening all over the planet?"
COVID-19 mask wearers on lockdown.

New COVID Wave Builds Plus There’s Monkey Pox

As a new wave of COVID-19 rolls through the U.S. and is expected to worsen. a few cases of Monkey Pox raise fears or another pandemic.
COVID-19 healthcare worker

The COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Stranger

The coronavirus is infecting people but they are not sick. Yet another wave is building and they'll probably start restrictions again this fall.