The COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Stranger

COVID-19 healthcare worker
COVID-19 healthcare worker in mask

According to the Biden administration, the COVID-19 pandemic is bouncing back and 100 million people could be infected in the next wave, which is expected to start this fall.

Notice they didn’t say 100 million people would get sick, just that they would be infected. I expect many of these supposed 100 million people won’t even know they are infected.

How many times have you read the news accounts of a politician, media pundit, or celebrity getting COVID and saying “I’m symptom free, feeling great, and looking forward to going back to work in a few days?”

So why are we so worried about a virus that no longer causes symptoms in most cases? I don’t know if the virus has gotten weaker or we’ve all built up immunity, but this does not appear to be the same disease we faced two years ago.

But if you need a week off, just tell your boss you used the home test and tested positive.

Personal Experience

Two weeks ago, we were supposed to get together with my friend Karl and his wife, who were passing through the state in their RV. A day or two before, they called and said they had to change their plans. Why? Because Karl tested positive for COVID-19. A few days later, his wife came down with it. This surprised us because no one we knew had gotten COVID for months.

Neither of them are vaccinated, both of them are close to 60, and neither of them sought any treatment. They completely recovered within 48 hours and have since rescheduled their RV trip.

So is this mild virus the terrible illness we are all supposed to be worried about? This is the variation that has China locking down hundreds of millions of people? Is this what is going to shut down meat processing plants again and force air travelers to wear masks?

To the best of my knowledge, neither my wife nor I ever had COVID-19. I attribute that to living in an isolated area and having a quiet social life. Given Karl’s experience, I may well have had it and just didn’t know. I was only tested once because the doctor wouldn’t let me have an office visit without a test.

Vaccine Questions

I’ve noticed that a number of people in the public eye have been infected more than once. All of them, it seems, are vaccinated and boosted to the max. Hmm.

We’re also seeing more reports from a variety of global sources of problems potentially related to the vaccine in pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant, young children, male athletes, and people under 40.

I would not surprise me at all if in 12 or 15 years the vaccine is universally recognized a huge medical mistake and a calamity for humanity. We’ll probably see a future Congress vote to rescind the liability protection give to companies involved in their production, and the whole thing will be tied up in court for 20 years. It will be like a combination of thalidomide and the tobacco settlement, and the lawyers will make more money than the victims.

This assumes, of course, that Russian nukes or a lack of food haven’t done us all in by then. Or maybe we’ll all be living in the matrix like Neo and Trinity by that time, and any problems with our real bodies won’t matter any longer.


  1. Hahah. I don’t think any of us are going to be around after the reset. Certainly we are all very undesirable to “them”

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