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Prepare to Live in a Hybrid World – Part Two

Steps to take to prepare for the slow slide as our country sinks into third world of blackouts, food shortages, and a collapsing currency.
An island in a darken sea.

How to Become the Island of Stability in a Sea of...

Us against them, emotional thinking, and the inability of many to live and let live is contributing to the decay of society. Here's how to survive.
The White House

Can America Survive 32 more Months of This?

One third of the way into Joe Biden's term as president, and you have to wonder if the country can survive the economic pain he is bringing.
A man surrounded by destroyed buildings.

Important Objectives for Preppers

We break survival objectives down into five steps to get us through the event, the aftermath and to the recovery.
bombed out buildings and a destroyed armor vehicle from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This Could be the Beginning of the End

The unforeseen consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine could be catastrophic. This is what we have been preparing for, we just didn't know it.
an artists rendering of buildings after being hit by a nuclear blast wave

Russia, Putin, and the Nuclear Quandary

There's more to the question of whether Putin will use nuclear weapons. We must also consider where and what kind beucase it will affect our odds of survival.
A hidden forest cabin

The Ugly Truth About Prepping

It's one thing to prep for a hurricane, an earthquake, or high inflation. Preparing for a potentially cataclysmic disaster takes it to another level.
SHTF Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.

Important Information on Surviving a Nuclear Attack

In response to sanctions, Russia has threatened the use of nuclear weapons and moved its nuclear forces to a high state of readiness. That’s...
An outhouse

Planning for Life After the SHTF – Part 2

Prepeprs focus on food, water and shelter, but do you have your sewage needs covered? Do you know where your firewood will come from post-SHTF?
Hunter with shotgun

Planning for Life After the SHTF – Part 1

It's good to stockpile and prep, but it is also imporant to plan and think things out. When the SHTF, the time for toughtful decisions has passed.