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A pick up truck on the road

A Travel Survival Pack or Get Home Kit

When you are out of town, you have to carry your survival supplies with you. Are you equipped to walk home after a disaster?
A man transplanting a plant in the garden

Make this the Year You Garden

With the way the world looks today, there has never been a better time to plant a garden. If the SHTF, you will value every calorie you produce.
A house in the mountains. Photo by Rohan Gangopadhyay on Unsplash

Time to Step Away From it All

Where we live, we can’t get a pizza delivered. Door Dash doesn’t come here. We can’t even join Walmart+. Are the trade offs worth it?
Woman in a gas mask in a destroyed building.

Why a Collapse is More Likely than a Nuclear War

What are you more likely to survive, a nuclear war or a collapse? Pete things a collapse is more likely but one could cause the other.
Woman walks across a snowy field

Nuclear Winter and Survival Rates

In an all-out nuclear war, scientists expect temperatures to plunge at least 16 degrees in the first year. The number of survivors may surprise you.
A survivor in an urban environment

The Biggest Threats Preppers will Face After the SHTF

Regardless of what causes TEOTWAWKI, there will be a number of things in a post-SHTF world you will have to survive. Are you prepared to do so?
Man with gas mask and gun in a wasteland

Some People can’t Wait for the End of the World

What kind of prepper are you? Are you looking forward to the end of the world? Do you see it as a challenge or a threat?
An old hurricane lantern

Three Questions to Evaluate your Level of Preparedness

How well are you prepared if the SHTF? These three questions will help you evaluate your preparedness and plan for the future.
A hidden forest cabin

The Forgotten Prep; Beyond Food and Water

Preppers concentrate on food and water so much they sometimes neglect their prepper shelter. Are you ready to survive live without utilities?
Honey from the spring and summer

How to add Calories to your Long Term Storage Plan

Storing food is critical to survival, but raising your own food can provide critical calories and help extend the life of your food storage.