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the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay .

Expert Warns Iran Could Quickly Produce 12 Nukes

A nuclear weapons inspector warns that Iran could quickly produce up to a dozen nuclear warheads in just a few months.
an artists rendering of buildings after being hit by a nuclear blast wave

What its Like at the Center of a Nuclear Strike

When a nuclear weapon hits, the resulting fireball and high winds bulldoze everything withing three miles and kill people for fifteen miles.
Seoul, South Korea, lies just 24 miles South of the border with North Korea.

Korea Preparing for Nuclear War

As North Korea becomes more aggressive and antagonistic towards South Korea, the possibility of a nuclear attack cannot be ignored.
Time to stockpile gasoline as oil prices will rise.

Thoughts on the Surprise War in Israel

The world has always been a dangerous place, but with the attack is Israel and the war in the Middle East, that danger is now closer to the surface.
Vladimir Putin meets Russian defense officials in 2022. Photo from

Russia Steps Up Nuclear Game with New Drill

Russia kicks off a country-wide drill in which first responders and the populace prepare for nuclear war and its aftermath.
A building in Ukraine destroyed in the war with Russia.

They want you to Ignore the War—Prepare Instead

While the mass media distracts you, the threat of war grows ever closer. Are you prepared for shortages, rationing, martial law and worse?
the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay .

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

A minute-by-minute and day-by-day report on what to do if nuclear missiles are inbound offers some basic info but is just a starting point.
nuclear explosion

Russia Says it will Nuke any Country that Arrests Putin

Russia just threatened to nuke any country that arrests Putin after the International Criminal Court issues a warrant for his arrest.
The aftermath of a nuclear blast wave

How to Prepare as the Nuclear Threat Level Rises

You may be well prepared, but are you prepared for a nuclear war? Here are specific things you can do to help protect yourself from a nuclear attack.
Woman in a gas mask in a destroyed building.

Why a Collapse is More Likely than a Nuclear War

What are you more likely to survive, a nuclear war or a collapse? Pete things a collapse is more likely but one could cause the other.