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The omicron variant is sending COVID cases skyrocketing across the country.

COVID hits Close to Home

The omicron variant is sending COVID cases skyrocketing across the country, including our family members, so we decide to stay close to home.
2-pound bags of four at Sam's Club

Prepper Diary July 22: We Break Quarantine, Again

After avoiding the city for almost a month and going on self-imposed quarantine for more than a week, I venture out and find others are playing it safe, too.
peanut butter at Sam's Club

Prepper Diary June 11: Shortages Continue

We do some shipping to take advantage of the gap between the first wave of coronavirus and possible second wave, but there are still shortages.

Prepper Diary June 4: Inflation Rears its Head

We've done some shopping since our last diary entry, and we've run into inflation and some of the strictest social distancing rules we've seen yet.
empty shelves at Walmart

Quarantine Day 76 – Still Shortages

While Walmart was clean and well managed, there were a surprising number of empty shelves 10 or 11 weeks after the first panic buying.
Welcome back sign in store windwo. Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

Quarantine Day 75: Our Accomplishments

We've had more than two months locked in, so did you use y our time well or waste it?
Salon Reopening Photo by Ewien van Bergeijk - Kwant on Unsplash

Quarantine Day 70: Things are Reopening

Regardless of what the governor or the mayor says the rules are, things are bustling in our home town as business reopen and people hit the streets.
online shopping cart

Quarantine Day 65: We Start Stocking Up Again

As grocery stores and online retailers finally restock some of their canned goods and dry foods, it's a good time to rebuild your long term food storage.
Canned meats on a shelf

Quarantine Day 63: Stocking the Little Extras

I’ve said that one of the biggest lessons the coronavirus pandemic has taught me is that we need to store more junk food and...
sliding glass doors

Quarantine Day 56: A DIY Project Mushrooms

We’re eight weeks into our stay-home period so to console ourselves, and to support a local restaurant, we got take out for only the...