The Pickled Prepper

How to Avoid Chicken Feed Problems

Are your chickens laying normally this winter? Some are blaming a lack of eggs on Tractor Supply. Here's what to do if your egg production is down.

Higher Interest Rates To Crush the Economy

Just as you can’t take speed for years without suffering side effects, you can’t artificially amp up the economy and expect it not to crash.

Hyperinflation and Global Societal Collapse

As the government under reports inflation, a respected hedge fund warns of hyperinflation, civil unrest, and global society collapse.

Feeling Inflation’s Bite and Realizing we’re Spoiled

The big question in 2023 is not going to be “Will there be food on the shelves,” but may be “Can people afford the food on the shelves?”

What You can do if this is the Year of the Economic Collapse

Many are predicting a stock market collapse, a housing collapse, maybe the death of the petrodollar. What can you do to prepare?

How Long Before your City Looks like a Homeless Encampment?

Do you have a plan for how you are going to dispose of your trash and sewage after the SHTF and utilities no longer work?

Three Questions to Evaluate your Level of Preparedness

How well are you prepared if the SHTF? These three questions will help you evaluate your preparedness and plan for the future.

Ukraine to Get More Tanks, Angering Russia

Germany approved the export of Leopard 2 tanks to Russia, which resulted in some heated rhetoric. But don't let it get you worked up.

US to Station Nuclear-Capable B-52s in Australia

In what is seen as a response to China's belligerence in the China Sea and threats to invade Taiwan, the U.S. is sending B-52 bombers to Australia

What to Do if Nuclear War Breaks Out

What to Do if Nuclear War Breaks Out The world is probably closer to the use of nuclear arms in an aggressive manner today than...

Protecting Yourself from Fallout

What is Fallout Simply put, fallout is radioactive dust created when a nuclear explosion throws dust and dirt (made radioactive by the bomb) miles into...

Nuclear War: Planning and Preparing for the Worst

Nuclear War: Planning and Preparing for the Worst As you can see, coming through a nuclear emergency unscathed is unlikely to be accomplished by simple...

How to Start a Retreat from Scratch

Read the story of a family that bought raw land and built their own retreat, including the many steps they took.

Strategic Relocation–Do it Now

How long are you going to wait before make the strategic decision to relocate somewhere safer, less crowded, and better suited for survival.

Thoughts on Dealing with Unprepared Neighbors

How should we treat the owners of nearby vacation homes or undeveloped property on our mountain if they show up after the SHTF?