The Pickled Prepper

Testing the State of the Economy while Shopping

My most recent shopping trip shows inflation continues to rise, people are losing their jobs, and supply change problems persist.

How to Live with High Inflation

Is it too late to prepare for inflation? Maybe, maybe not,but you can still learn how to live with it.

Every Little Thing Now Costs $5

Inflation has gotten so bad that $5 is quickly becoming the cost for the least expensive items. We're going to need a $500 bill soon.

Don’t Expect Big Consumer Brands to Lower Prices Soon

Coca-cola, Unilever and Kimberly-Clark are just a few of the companies who say they will be raising prices again soon.

We Are Not the First Civilization to Collapse, But Probably the Last

The United States is not the first civilization in North America to collapse, but we may be the last because we are destroying the future.

Collapse Won’t Just Reset Society, It Will Destroy It

This article predicts a collapse of our modern techno-industrial civilization by 2030, but possibly as soon as the end of this year.

We are on the Downhill Slope of the Fourth Turning

We are approaching the point when average people will no longer sit complacently and let the world collapse around them.

Iran Planning to ‘Build Nuclear Warheads’ and Hit New York

Iran released a short video threatening to rapidly develop nuclear weapons an turn New York into "hellish ruins"

Nuclear War to Trigger an Ice Age, End of Life

If the blast and radiation of a global nuclear war don't kill you, the weather will, according to a new study.

What to Do if Nuclear War Breaks Out

What to Do if Nuclear War Breaks Out The world is probably closer to the use of nuclear arms in an aggressive manner today than...

Protecting Yourself from Fallout

What is Fallout Simply put, fallout is radioactive dust created when a nuclear explosion throws dust and dirt (made radioactive by the bomb) miles into...

Nuclear War: Planning and Preparing for the Worst

Nuclear War: Planning and Preparing for the Worst As you can see, coming through a nuclear emergency unscathed is unlikely to be accomplished by simple...

It May be Time to Move

If you live in Southern California or in any of the states that draw water from the Colorado River, you might want to move before it is too late.

Heatwaves, Drought and Dust Bowls

The western drought has spread into the south, threatening agriculture and the food supply. This may be the time to move to the mountains.

How to Find Your Survival Retreat

Having a retreat is one of the ultimate prepper dreams, but you don't have to buy one, you just need to identify a place that will welcome you.