The Pickled Prepper

My Pursuit of .22LR Ammo Over the Years

I was going to order 500 CCI subsonic .22 rounds, but the cost of shipping was so high it increased my total cost by...

The Bad Economic News Will Continue Until Morale Improves

As the debt spiral drags us under, it will be increasingly difficult to avoid inflation, a recession, stagflation or even hyperinflation.

Three Steps You can Take to Mitigate Inflation

While the government tells us inflation is falling, our wallets know that isn't true. Here are three ways to counter inflations effects.

The R-word is Beginning to Look Inescapable

We won’t know if the fourth quarter is officially a recession until months afterwards, but we’ll feel in our wallets, on the jobs front, and in housing prices.

How to Face the Three Threats

A dystopian future caused by war, political strife, and economic collapse might await us. How can we prepare to survive that?

When Layers Lie on the Stand for All to See

I thought you have to be smart to get through law school, but some of the lawyer's we've seen on the stand this past week make me question that assumption.

Poverty is the Parent of Revolution, Crime and War

What happens when you have a weak economy, a weak president and strong enemies? It isn't good.

Is World War Three Just Months Away?

A recent meme holds that World War Three is going to start in three or four months. Is it? And if so, what can you do to protect yourself?

War Draws Closer and Nuke Threats Rises

The threat of nuclear war appears to be growing beyond mere saber rattling as NATO joins Russia in potentially deploying more nukes.

What to Do if Nuclear War Breaks Out

What to Do if Nuclear War Breaks Out The world is probably closer to the use of nuclear arms in an aggressive manner today than...

Protecting Yourself from Fallout

What is Fallout Simply put, fallout is radioactive dust created when a nuclear explosion throws dust and dirt (made radioactive by the bomb) miles into...

Nuclear War: Planning and Preparing for the Worst

Nuclear War: Planning and Preparing for the Worst As you can see, coming through a nuclear emergency unscathed is unlikely to be accomplished by simple...

Shh… Don’t Tell Anyone

The Appalachians, and West Virginia specifically, are attracting an influx of folks dissatisfied with their current location.

The Importance of Fitting in at Your New Place

When you move to your retreat, you are leaving behind your local networks. It's important to fit in and try to build a new one.

What you can Learn from Large Companies

Retailers, financial companies, and other members of the Fortune 500 are leaving cities with high crime rates. Maybe you should, too.