The Pickled Prepper

Picking the Right Tool for the Job

It's a good idea to uses your tools and preps in the real world before you need them. You might have picked the wrong tool for the job.

Putin’s Gotta be Pissed by Now

Each day the U.S. seems to throw more support, more money, more arms, and more intelligence behind the Ukrainians. How long before Putin strikes back?

Russia Doubles Down in Ukraine

NATO and Russia are walking a tightrope as each tries to achieve its goals without inviting a full-scale war between them.

What to Do if Nuclear War Breaks Out

What to Do if Nuclear War Breaks Out The world is probably closer to the use of nuclear arms in an aggressive manner today than...

Protecting Yourself from Fallout

What is Fallout Simply put, fallout is radioactive dust created when a nuclear explosion throws dust and dirt (made radioactive by the bomb) miles into...

Nuclear War: Planning and Preparing for the Worst

Nuclear War: Planning and Preparing for the Worst As you can see, coming through a nuclear emergency unscathed is unlikely to be accomplished by simple...

How Often do you Stop and Think, “Wow, that’s Expensive”

Sometimes when I say that out loud at a store, it leads to a conversation with a stranger equally outraged at the rising prices.

Diesel is Suddenly our Achilles Heel

Without diesel fuel, trucks, ships, trains, tractors, and heavy equipment all fall silent. As a shortage looms, commerce may grind to a halt.

Making Tough Choices and Sacrifices as Inflation Soars

As inflation rises, you are going to have to make some sacrifices. Decide now what you can give up and what you cannot live without so you can prepare.

Is the Next Shoe to Fall a Chinese Collapse?

As the lockdown in China continues and may spread to Beijing, we have to consider the repercussions for U.S. retailers and manufacturers.

Have we Reached the Point of No Return?

Is an economic collapse in our immediate future? War? Starvation? Annihilation? Can we stop it or have we reached the point of no return?

Important Objectives for Preppers

We break survival objectives down into five steps to get us through the event, the aftermath and to the recovery.

How to Find Your Survival Retreat

Having a retreat is one of the ultimate prepper dreams, but you don't have to buy one, you just need to identify a place that will welcome you.

Looking Back One Year After Buying Our Prepper Property

After living with our house hunting decision for a year, we look back on what we have learned and would do differently.

Lesson Learned from One Year of Rural Living

One year in, we would move from the city to the mountains again. If you are looking to go rural, maybe you can benefit from our experiences.