The Pickled Prepper
Hurricane evacuation route signage

Hurricane Ian Heads for Florida

Florida has declared a state of emergency as Tropical Storm Ian, soon to become a major hurricane, bears down on it.
A Russian missile

Is Putin Losing the War, or is it Just Wishful Thinking?

The mainstream media would have you believe Russia is losing the war, but now they have doubled down and are again threatening to use nukes.
The Statue of Liberty

Will War in Europe Bring Refugees to the U.S.?

The United States has accepted millions of immigrants and refugees from Europe over the centuries. Will we need to do so again?
Bloody hand print on a white wall

Never Think it Can’t Happen Here

If you think it can't happen here, you need to open your eyes and study your history. Bad things can and do happen in "good" countries.
bottle of prescription medicine.

Diseases to Fear After the SHTF, Part 2

After the SHTF, antibiotics will be scarce and OTC meds will run out. Are you prepared to diagnose and treat common illnesses and deadly diseases?
Mary Mallon, known as "Typhoid Mary"

Diseases to Fear After the SHTF, Part 1

Typhoid Fever and Cholera are just some of many diseases that could see a resurgence when modern medicine disappears after the SHTF.
A hot tub in a remote setting

Preppers Don’t Need Hot Tubs

Why do so many prepper properties advertised online feature hot tubs? They won't do you much good after the SHTF.
chicksn on their roost

Will Raising Chickens Make you Self-Sufficient?

Will chickens make you self-sufficient? No, but chickens are a step towards reducing your dependency on big food.
Trains in the switching yard

Things NOT to Worry About

If you worry about the state of the world, consider prepping. Being prepared can reduce worry and give you a feeling of control.
Different Euro notes

Is this what a European Collapse Will Look Like?

This winter will see Europe and the EU stressed like never before. What kind of problems will the energy crisis and high inflation create?