The Pickled Prepper
A ladder leading into a bunker

The Bunker Mentality of the Rich and Famous

Lots of wealthy folks have bunkers, but does that make them any better off than you or I when it comes to surviving a catastrophe?
A pile of gold like this can be worth thousands of dollars.

Cashing in on some Old Jewelry

That old jewelry you don't wear and have tucked away in a drawer or cabinet can be worth thousands of dollars.
Sunrise in space

Are you Scared Yet? Psyop or Psy-Flop?

Is there really a super-secret Russian space weapon, or is this an Administration plan to distract us from Biden's age and mental decline?
These old mercury times have about $1.60 worth of silver in each one. You should be able to buy junk silver staring at 18 times face value.

Silver Price Plunges 3.5 Percent on Tuesday

Silver went from $22.90 to about $22 per ounce during the first two hours of trading on the New York spot market. That’s about 3.5 percent.
Cache options

Time to Check my EDC Pack and Gear Bags

On the next rainy day, why not inventory your EDC bag, but out bag, survival pack and other equipment? Pete found a few surprises in his.
Stock trading charts

Should you be in the Stock Market? A Prepper’s Perspective

Investing in the stock market is a tough call when you see the danger signs flashing all around you. So should you, or shouldn't you?
You think your bills are high now? Just wait for inflation to kick back in.

What Happens to Debt after the SHTF?

We explore what happens do your debt when the financial system collapses, the government defaults, or we have a SHTF event?
Printed stock certificates are rarely issued any more.

What Happens to Intangible Assets when the SHTF?

If the grid goes down, the cloud disappears, and the SHTF, what happens to your money, investments and debts?
A neighbor who is clearing some land brought us these logs of future firewood.

Congratulations! You Made it Halfway through Winter

We're halfway through winter, but anything can happen weather wise, especially in February. Don't let warm weather get your hopes up
A city destroyed in war

War and Conflict Seem to be our Natural State

War destroys, but it also creates. Conflict drives innovation. But that doesn't mean is is easy; there is a price to be paid.