The Pickled Prepper
Canned food is one component of your food storage program.

Building Your Food Storage in Three Easy Steps

Pete discusses how to build your food storage program, what to buy, what to avoid, and how much food is enough.
Using a suppressor in the field can help hide your location from opposing forces.

BATF Form 4 Times Greatly Reduced

The wait time for Pete's new suppressors is one third of what it was several years ago, making this a great time to buy one.
Bar and chain oil are just one of may items someone counting on using small engines after the collapse should keep on hand.

Ten More Unusual but Useful Preps

Once you've address food, water, and shelter, your prepping isn't done. Here are ten preps you may need but won't find on many "top preps" lists.
$100 bills sitting on a pile of cash.

Try Acting like you are “Unbanked”

Cash may not be as convenient as paying by card or app, but it is more anonymous and can help you protect your privacy. Preppers should consider it.
An AI-generated image of what a looted grocery store might look like several days after a grid-down event.

Can you Survive the Hungry Hordes in a Grid-Down Event?

When people grow hungry, the start to get desperate, and when there is no rule of law, they can be a threat. Are you prepared for mass starvation?
An example of septic tanks installed and waiting to be buried. The green lids should be at or near grade level to facilitate inspection, pumping and maintenance.

What Preppers Need to Know About Septic Systems

In most cases, your septic system will continue to work after a grid-down experience, but not aways, and not necessarily for long.
One shelf of canned goods in Pete's Prepper Pantry.

Canned Goods Versus MREs for Bugging In or Out

Canned foods and MREs can all be part of your preps, but they good for different things. We look a why you should probably store both.
An AI generated image of hippies, the generation that sought to change the world for the better and ruined it instead.

The Future that Wasn’t So Bright

When I was a kid, the future of this country seemed so bright. We were world leaders, winners, and special. Today. not so much.
Some AI artwork, not a real missile.

Israel Strikes Back in Response to Iranian Attack

As I write this around 10:30 p.m. (Eastern) on 4/18, there is breaking news that Israel is attacking Iran and Syria. It is too...
Israeli solders have to be on the lookout for trouble.

Five Steps to All-Out War in the Middle East

Only two of he five steps that will lead to an all-out war int he Middle East remain to be taken. The world holds its breath after Iran's attack on Israel.