The Pickled Prepper
A waterfall filling a drinking glass

Look to Long-Term Water Needs at Your Retreat

When buying a retreat or a prepper property, think not only of today, but what we may face years or decades from now.
Pallets of rice at Sam's Club

India Bans Rice Exports As Global Grain Shortage Looms

India has banned rice exports, sending shock waves through the global marketplace and threatening higher food prices.
A battery charger

General Stores are Great for Preppers

Being a well rounded prepper means more than food, water and shelter. Many of those additional items are available at our local general store.
Slices of canned ham in the frying pan.

What’s Better for Preppers: Canned Ham or Spam?

Which is better for preppers? Canned ham or Spam? Or are they so similar there is little or no difference? Pete evaluates both.
Canned chicken was priced right at Costco.

Stocking Up while on the Road

Pete does some stocking up while on a road trip and reports things in the real world look good, but people seem to be wound tight.
The spam on the right actually has more calories than the Omeals 32-meal pack on the left. Don't let sales claims fool you.

Don’t get Ripped off by Crazy Prepper Food “Deals”

You need to be an educated consumer to avoid getting ripped off when shopping for prepper food. Pouches of food are usually the worst buy.
A young man using a folding saw

Do you Need Bushcrafting Skills to Survive?

Bushcrafting and wilderness survival skills are useful, but is surviving in the wilderness really your best option after the SHTF?
The Supreme Court Justices who just concluded their term and are now on recess.

Thank the Founders for the Courts

Thanks to a divided Congress, the courts are one of the few checks on the abuse of executive powers and government overreach.
A soup kitchen during the great depression

Lessons from the Great Depression

The Great Depression was a bad time for the country. It changed the face of America. We can learn some lessons from it to better prepare ourselves for the future.
A Glock pistol and its loaded magazine.

My New Carry Gun

Pete takes the plunge and goes with a 9mm and a pistol-mounted optic, proving that old preppers can learn new tricks.