The Pickled Prepper
Testing your equipment is important to find problems.

Why Testing your Preps is Important

Whenever you add new equipment to your survival stash, it’s important to test it out, eliminate any bugs, and ensure you are familiar with it.
A man in a hard hat builds a cinder block wall.

The Importance of Self-Discipline and Self-Motivation After the SHTF

At the end of the world, survival is going to take more than supplies. You will need to be disciplined and motivated to survive.
Woman in a gas mask in a destroyed building.

Why a Collapse is More Likely than a Nuclear War

What are you more likely to survive, a nuclear war or a collapse? Pete things a collapse is more likely but one could cause the other.
Hydro power has evolved in the last few hundred years.

Is Micro Hydro Power an Option for our House?

We have multiple streams running along and across our property. Are any of them suitable to hydropower, and hows does it compare to solar?
A man in front of a crumbing building in Ukraine

War, the Economy and Prepping

Like the war in Ukraine, things with the economy seem to be sputtering along in fits and starts. What should we believe? What should we do?
Woman walks across a snowy field

Nuclear Winter and Survival Rates

In an all-out nuclear war, scientists expect temperatures to plunge at least 16 degrees in the first year. The number of survivors may surprise you.
A survivor in an urban environment

The Biggest Threats Preppers will Face After the SHTF

Regardless of what causes TEOTWAWKI, there will be a number of things in a post-SHTF world you will have to survive. Are you prepared to do so?

Mysterious Floating Objects – What do they Mean?

Spy balloons are invading our airspace! Wait, what does that really mean? Is it a threat, a distraction, or just another step toward war?
Taking a nap on the couch

Sleeping Through the Apocalypse

Lots of stuff went down today, but I napped through most of it. Hope someone wakes me up for the apocalypse!
U.S. aircraft carriers in the Pacific will be a tempting target if China goes to war with the U.S.

China Looks to be Preparing for War

Is China using the United States's preoccupation with the war in Ukraine to set the stage and ready itself for war in the Pacific?