The Pickled Prepper
Mad Max lived in desperate times. Are we heading down the same road?

Are we Living in a Mad Max World?

Are we heading down the road to a Mad Max scenario? If so, what does that mean and how can we prepare for it?
A multitool and a fly fishing rod and reel

Should Preppers Carry a Multi-Tool?

Lots of people carry multi-tools, but are preppers better off with something else, or should they not leave home without it?
A canoe is an excellent post-SHTF survival vehicle and tool.

Weight Loss During a Wilderness Survival Trial

We analyze a five-day wilderness excursion and uses it to discuss the demands and pitfalls of bugging out to the wilderness.
Grocery shopper in an aisle

Are You seeing Food Shortages and Empty Shelves Again?

Are India's rice export restrictions and threats to Ukrainian shipping causing panic buying and another food shortage?
Road sign says trouble ahead

The U.S. is Downgraded Beyond its Credit Rating

The downgraded credit rating and tough economic times are a symptom of a bigger problem. As we head into election season, expect things to get worse.
Driver at the wheel

The Value of Unpredictability and Having Alternatives

There is comfort in the same-old, same-old, but being predictable can also be dangerous. Add some unpredictability into your life and your commute.
Glock 48 magazines

Upgrading the Glock 48 for Concealed Carry

The Glock 48 is a nice gun, but it holds only 10 rounds and has a not-so-good trigger. Pete addresses both these issues.
A packed refrigerator

Living Without Refrigeration: Annoyance or Disaster?

Our refrigerator died during the hottest week of the year. and took more than a week to repair. Here's how we handled it.
A waterfall filling a drinking glass

Look to Long-Term Water Needs at Your Retreat

When buying a retreat or a prepper property, think not only of today, but what we may face years or decades from now.
Pallets of rice at Sam's Club

India Bans Rice Exports As Global Grain Shortage Looms

India has banned rice exports, sending shock waves through the global marketplace and threatening higher food prices.