The Pickled Prepper
A neighbor who is clearing some land brought us these logs of future firewood.

Congratulations! You Made it Halfway through Winter

We're halfway through winter, but anything can happen weather wise, especially in February. Don't let warm weather get your hopes up
A city destroyed in war

War and Conflict Seem to be our Natural State

War destroys, but it also creates. Conflict drives innovation. But that doesn't mean is is easy; there is a price to be paid.
A soldier prone but observant.

When and How to SLLS

Do you know what a SLLS break is? Do you ever practice them? What about at night or in an urban environment?
The flag of Argentina.

What we can Learn from an Anarcho-Capitalist

Javier Milei is trying rebuild Argentina's economy from the ground up, but he may have to destroy it first. Can we learn form their experience?
canned meat on sale at Sam's Club in January 2024

A Good Time to Stock Up at Sam’s Club

It's been a few months since our last trip to Sam's, so we were pleased to find items on sale. Perhaps prices are pulling back slightly.
Protect yourself and your data with end-to-end encryption.

Living with a Central Bank Digital Currency

A central bank digital currency will signal the end of privacy and likely our impending financial collapse. There are still some steps you can take.
A city under attack.

What do the Europeans Know that We Don’t?

There have been lots or warning from European leaders about impending war. What do they know that we don't, and should we listen to them?
Solar panels on a roof

Taking our First Steps Towards Serious Solar Power

Pete has a professional solar power installer from a local company out to evaluate the property and discuss solar power options.
A mountain snowstorm

Prepping for the Big Chill

Are you prepped for a polar vortex and all the challenges it can bring? Your best bet is to stay home and ensure you have a backup heat source.
An artist's rendering of what an apocalyptic war might look like.

New Wars, Old Wars and Threats of Even More Wars

There are big wars and small wars, local wars and broad wars, existing wars and future wars, and we need to prep for them all.