The Pickled Prepper
A bank vault

Did we Just Hear the Starting Gun for a Bank Run?

The banking sector just took a hit Thursday, losing tens of billions of dollars, and it could be the start in a race to the bottom.
politician who's nose is growing

Liars, Damn Liars, and Politicians

I don’t know if all politicians lie, or if all people in positions of power lie, but it sure seems that like all governments lie.
A selection of one-ounce coins issued by government mints from around the world.

Silver, the Dollar and Interest Rates

The price of silver dropped today, representing an opportunity for preppers and speculators to pick up the white metal. But is it a good option for preppers?
The Supreme Court

The Second Amendment Keeps Winning in Court

If you hear any wailing and gnashing of teeth, just ignore it. That’s just the anti-gunners freaking out as the tide of court rulings turns against them.
Heavy snow on mountains

The Unprepared Often Fall Victim to Normalcy Bias

Some Californians thought, “We’ve had snow storms before and it’s always been fine. Therefore, it will be fine this time.” But it wasn't.
A man juggles while all about him a city burns.

Keeping Multiple Balls in the Air

When there are many things that could go wrong, it can be hard to know what to prepare for. We've got some advice on how to juggle your preps.
A man in a as mask and protective suit,

Do Preppers Need Gas Masks?

With train wrecks, chemical releases, and the looming threat of nuclear war, should you consider getting a gas mask?
A house in the mountains. Photo by Rohan Gangopadhyay on Unsplash

Time to Step Away From it All

Where we live, we can’t get a pizza delivered. Door Dash doesn’t come here. We can’t even join Walmart+. Are the trade offs worth it?
Image of a Fox news video showing the "controlled burn" in East Palestine, Ohio

Is the Government to Blame for the East Palestine Environmental Disaster?

In my opinion, the true environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, is not the chemical spill , but the decision to “blow up” the chemicals.
The aftermath of a nuclear blast wave

How to Prepare as the Nuclear Threat Level Rises

You may be well prepared, but are you prepared for a nuclear war? Here are specific things you can do to help protect yourself from a nuclear attack.