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War Draws Closer and Nuke Threats Rises

The threat of nuclear war appears to be growing beyond mere saber rattling as NATO joins Russia in potentially deploying more nukes.
If the war in Ukraine grows to involve NATO, expect it to move from a ground war to an air war.

Why the Lack of Artillery Shells is a Non-Issue

The ground war in Ukraine is using up the world's supply of artillery shells at a tremendous rate, but Pete says we won't need them as much in the next war.
Rioters in Washington DC. Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unspash.

Are you Ready for November?

The upcoming election carries with it the risk of civil unrest, riots, and may be taken advantage of by our enemies. Make sure you are prepared.
When the SHTF and people decide to bug out, you can count on there being plenty of traffic, night or day.

Planning and Packing for Bugging Out

Have you planned what to bring when you bug out? Do you have a list, and directions? Here's what Pete suggests people pack.
When purchasing four at one time, AirTags are about $20 each.

I Hid Apple AirTags in my Equipment

The pros and cons of hiding Apple AirTag in your equipment. They are cheap and give you peace of mind, but their capabilities are limited.
This is an image of the Banish 22K V2 from Silencer Central. While I now own the silencer, I don't have a pistol with a threaded barrel. I took the image from their instruction manual which has no copyright notice.

More Gadgets and Gear for Prepping

Suppressors, drone sand Slim Jims. Wait, are Slim Jims a gadget? No, but Pete throws them into this round up post for your dining enjoyment.
The cans of Augason Farms food I ordered arrived undented.

Buying Number 10 Cans on Sale

Pete takes advantage of a sale to add a few more #10 cans to his long term storage. A 50-percent off sale is hard to pass up.
A family enjoying porridge for breakfast.

Why is One of the Best Prepper Meals Ignored?

This may sound like a plain, boring meal, but it kept generations alive for thousands of years. When he SHTF, don't ignore this meal.
Keystone canned meats for sale at Walmart and other stores make great prepper meals.

I Found the Needle in the Haystack

How to incorporate canned meats into your long term food storage program to help you survive the coming bad times.
When the SHTF, do you have what you need to survive close at hand? An EDC day pack can increase your chances of getting home or to a safe location.

What is the Most Important Thing in your EDC?

If you are in a mass-casualty event, caught in a riot, or out of the house when disaster strikes, will your EDC be enough to hlelp you survive?