The Pickled Prepper
A trail in the autumn

Life Goes on and Work Needs to be Done

Regardless of what is happening in the big, bad world around us, life goes on. Don't let the big problems distract you from the important things in life.
Water sprays out of our pipe

A Big Step Towards Winterizing our Water System

We take steps towards burying the water pipe from our spring to the house. This should hep prevent freezing and ensure we have water in any conditions.
Potatoes fresh from the ground

It’s Harvest Time at the Homestead

It's peak harvest time on the homestead, but our raised beds would never be enough to sustain us during an emergency.
Chunk honey in quart jars

Working in the Honey House

Decapping, extracting, filtering and bottling are steps required to take honey from the comb to the bottle.
A box of bees

Trees, Bees, and the Great Outdoors

The harvest continues and the work doesn't end. After a rainy weekend, we get outside to harvest honey, vegetables and do chores.
Chickens pecking at some scratch in their chicken run.

Raising Chickens in Just 10 Minutes per Day

How-to information for newbies plus tips and techniques to make raising chickens and getting fresh eggs quick and easy.
plastic bottle filled with amber honey

Our Early Honey Harvest is in the Bottle

Its early in the second year of raising bees and the hives have already produced more honey than they did last year.
Our cabbage are beginning to grow heads.

Inflation Hits the Homestead, Plus Survival Gardening

Have you ever checked the caloric content of vegetables? Many of them offer just a coupe hundred calories per pound. Give yourself survival options.
Cutting our garage door down to size.

Why I Boarded up my Garage Door

It's been a busy spring, but that didn't stop us from doing a minor renovation to our garage and adding a new door.
Splitting firewood

Taking Advantage of the Sunshine

They say you gotta make hay when the sun shines. Around here, we make firewood, practice beekeeping, and do other outdoor chores.