The Pickled Prepper
snowy mountain cabin

Our First Serious Snowfall Hits

The clipper system moving across the U.S. earlier this week didn’t bring us our first snow of the year, but it did bring us our first significant accumulation
Tarp on a woodpile

A Cold House and Wet Weather

A damp, wet day will make the air temperature feel colder. A wood fire is an excellent antidote. Of course, that requires dry firewood.
Fallen leaves and signs of autumn.

We get Hit with Harsh Winter Weather

Temperatures plunge, sending us from a nice temperate autumn to a bitter cold taste of winter. We beat the cold with our last harvest.

Is Homesteading the Way to live in an Uncertain Future?

Do you want to live a simpler life with fewer financial demands and more freedom while you are healthier and happier? Try homesteading.
An autumn scene in the mountains

Heading into Winter on the Homestead and in the World

If we face a war in the Middle East with possible shortages and terrorism, the homestead becomes an increasingly important part of our preps.
These 8-week-old Red Star pullets are enjoying their first few days in the coop.

Adding more Egg Layers to the Homestead

After more than two years, our chickens were laying less and less, eggs so we decided it was time to start over with new hens.
A frame of fall honey

Back to the Hives for one Last Honey Harvest

After a big honey harvest in late August, the bees surprised us and kept producing for another month. We got anther 50 pounds.
These young raccoons observed our late-night dog walk from a tree and we observed them back.

It has Been a Wild Week on the Homestead

Our local wildlife becomes more visible as winter approaches and they are trying to pack on the pounds. Also some unrelated comments about inflation.
A trail in the autumn

Things are Slowing Down for the Fall and Winter

The garden is slowing down, the new chickens are laying tiny eggs, the firewood is dry and seasoned. I can' wait for winter.
Butchering a chicken isn't easy for the new homesteader.

Butchering and Processing Chickens on the Homestead

Homesteading lesson on butchering chickens results in some insightful findings for potential future homesteader