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This was Tuesday's harvest as our garden hits its stride.

Vegetables, Critters and Bees on the Homestead

The garden is flourishing, the bees are piling up the honey, and an assortment of young critters is trying to make our homestead their home.
A house in the mountains

The Prepper Economy is Thriving

About 7 percent of U.S. households now identify as preppers, but are they prepping themselves or letting someone else do it for them?
A protester starts a fire

Rising Debt Forces Higher Taxes, Cuts to Social Programs

All around the world, people are protesting in the streets because of rising prices and cuts to services. Here are warning signs to watch out for.
A scene from the Malmedy massacre committed by German troops during WWII.

Is World War Three Just Months Away?

A recent meme holds that World War Three is going to start in three or four months. Is it? And if so, what can you do to protect yourself?
Two 8-ounce bottles of freshly harvested honey sitting on top of a box of two-dozen one-pound jars.

The Spring Honey Harvest is Complete

We finished extracting, filtering and bottling honey. Now we need to add labels and deliver it to our local retailers and customers.
If the war in Ukraine grows to involve NATO, expect it to move from a ground war to an air war.

Why the Lack of Artillery Shells is a Non-Issue

The ground war in Ukraine is using up the world's supply of artillery shells at a tremendous rate, but Pete says we won't need them as much in the next war.
Rioters in Washington DC. Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unspash.

Are you Ready for November?

The upcoming election carries with it the risk of civil unrest, riots, and may be taken advantage of by our enemies. Make sure you are prepared.
When the SHTF and people decide to bug out, you can count on there being plenty of traffic, night or day.

Planning and Packing for Bugging Out

Have you planned what to bring when you bug out? Do you have a list, and directions? Here's what Pete suggests people pack.
This was a state of the art pistol in the late 1990s and featured an early (and large) red dot. Pete got it out of the safe for the first time in years.

No Lawyers, Just Guns and Honey

What's Pete been doing? Shooting guns, cleaning guns, and keeping bees. Both shooting and beekeeping are good hobbies for preppers to adopt.
When purchasing four at one time, AirTags are about $20 each.

I Hid Apple AirTags in my Equipment

The pros and cons of hiding Apple AirTag in your equipment. They are cheap and give you peace of mind, but their capabilities are limited.