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Used merchandise at a flea market. Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash.

Is our System Collapsing in Real Time?

Tucker Carlson thinks our system is collapsing in real time. Hard to argue with that. But if the dollar dies, so will the global financial system.
These young raccoons observed our late-night dog walk from a tree and we observed them back.

It has Been a Wild Week on the Homestead

Our local wildlife becomes more visible as winter approaches and they are trying to pack on the pounds. Also some unrelated comments about inflation.
storage foods in buckets

How Would you Spend Two Grand on Prepping?

If you had $2,000 to spend on prepping, what would you buy and why? Pete outlines some options and gives his recommendation.
Manual toothbrushes may be better for preppers than electrics.

Don’t let Perfect be the Enemy of Good Enough

Are you letting your pursuit of the perfect prepper gear, retreat, or plan stop you from achieving results that are good enough?
bad news

The R-word is Beginning to Look Inescapable

We won’t know if the fourth quarter is officially a recession until months afterwards, but we’ll feel in our wallets, on the jobs front, and in housing prices.
S&G Combination Lock

Liberty Safe Company is Sucking up to Tyrants

What you can do to keep your guns and other valuables safe after the revelation that Liberty Safe Company has a backdoor.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the rate of inflation exceeds 100 percent annually.

Are you Prepared for a Partial Collapse WROL?

In the U.S., gangs are looting high-end stores. In Argentina, flash mobs are looting grocery stores. That may be what our future holds.
Sealed jars of pasta with oxygen abosorbers.

Quick and Inexpensive Additions to our Prepper Pantry

I've had enough of paying $3 to $10 for canned meat and turned to this inexpensive solution for my prepper pantry. Its about $25 cents per serving.
honey jars filled after our recent harvest.

The Honey Harvest is In

The honey harvest is behind us. It was fun but sticky work and yielded 200 pounds of two different colors of honey.
The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor may have been the catalyst of the United States to enter WWII, but the war began more than two years prior when Germany invaded Poland.

The Start of the Next World War

Will historian consider February 24, 2022, the start of World War III? Conditions seem ripe for the war in Ukraine to spread.