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A big pot of stew.

The Pluses and Minuses of Feeding People After the SHTF

You have lots of food stored up, but can you afford to feed others after the SHTF? What about the health and welfare of your family?
My latest project, an AR-15 style pistol

I Built an AR Pistol this Weekend

Every prepper should know how to build an AR-15 or similar gun. It's easy if you have the right tools and a little know-how.
A small part can make a big difference.

For want of a Hose Clamp

Nothing like running out of water when you have a house full of people. Because we have spare parts on hand, we got back up and running quickly.
Have you planned how you are going to dispose of your trash after the SHTF?

How Long Before your City Looks like a Homeless Encampment?

Do you have a plan for how you are going to dispose of your trash and sewage after the SHTF and utilities no longer work?
Trains in the switching yard

A Realistic Look at the Effects of a Rail Strike

After four of the twelve unions representing various freight railroad workers vote against the deal, we look at what a strike means to you and me.
New contents for our caches

Stocking the Hidden Prepper Caches

I purchased some additional prepping supplies to add calories and trauma first aid items to our caches. We'll be hiding them soon.
The days of the dime store are long gone.

The Five and Dime is now the $5 and $10

In my lifetime, the dime store became the dollar store and now it might as well be the $5 and $10 store. Thanks, inflation.
Ammo box

Should I Buy Food or Ammo?

Should you spend your prepper dollars on food or ammo? Read this to see what I did with my $250.
Chevy pickup truck in the snow

Planning for Winter and Other Small Challenges

With winter just around the corner, this is the time to winterize your vehicle and make sure your car emergency kit will help keep you warm and well fed.
An old hurricane lantern

Three Questions to Evaluate your Level of Preparedness

How well are you prepared if the SHTF? These three questions will help you evaluate your preparedness and plan for the future.