Inflation, War, COVID-19, and Other Dangers Lie Ahead

Our hopes of getting back to the pre-COVID normal seem pretty dismal, but there have always been reasons to prepare.

We addressed inflation as recently as two days ago, but in their article “The perfect storm making everything you need more expensive” CNN sums up their reasons for rising prices thusly:

“Companies are furiously trying to restock inventories following last year’s global recession, straining supply chains already reeling from the pandemic to breaking point. A shortage of shipping containers and bottlenecks at ports have made matters worse and increased the cost of moving products around the world. Throw in accidents, cyberattacks, extreme weather and the huge disruption caused by the desperate hunt for cleaner sources of energy, and you have a perfect storm.”

No mention of the money supply’s explosive growth, but CNN admits that the pursuit of green energy is a contributing factor. While the word “inflation” does not appear until the sixth paragraph, they admit that “inflation is back and it’s widespread.”

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Two Actions Today Moved the World a Step Closer to War

It’s all well and good to prepare for natural disasters and an economic collapse, but war is a constant in our history. Don’t neglect to prepare for it.

Two things moved the world closed to war today as two well-known hot spots heated up.

First, an Iranian missile hit an Israeli-owned ship in the Arabian sea.  This could exacerbate tensions between Iran and Israel and lead to a response from Israel, which is known for its punishing response to attacks. Whether Israel strikes back directly at Iran or one of the terrorist groups it sponsors remains to be seen. At the very least, I would expect Israeli air strikes on ammo dumps or missile launch sites.

The danger here is that the two countries could get embroiled in open warfare that might involve the entire region and impact oils supplies, suck in world powers like the U.S. or Russia, or even lead to the use of nuclear devices.

Second, Taiwan publicly discussed its program of designing and building land-based long-range missiles capable of striking mainland China. They said one system is currently in production (and one assumes being deployed) and three more are in development.

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August 28: Future Threats You Should Prepare for Now

As bad as hurricanes and forest fires are, there are plenty of far more serious potential disaster to prep for.

Over the past couple of days, our daily report has focused on the disaster of the moment: Hurricane Laura, forest fires, riots and looting, and COVID-19.

Today, let’s look at the threats we may face in the future:


War is probably the biggest global threat right now.  China could attack Taiwan, or war could break out between the U.S. and China. Possibly due to an accident or mistake.  Likewise, it could be war between China and India.  It could be war with India and Pakistan.  It could be a new outbreak of war in the Middle East with Iran vs Israel or even Iran versus Saudi Arabia, especially after the arms embargo expires and Chinese and Russian weapons pour into Iran.  If North Korea suffers a change in leadership, Kim Jong Un’s  successor could strike out as a show of strength.  Let’s not forget that Russia is always ready to take advantage of an opportunity to bring part of the Soviet Union (like Balrus) back under its wings.

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This is what Happens when America is Perceived as Weak

When our foes think the United States is distracted by internal problems, they tend to act out and rattle their sabers looking for an opportunity.

Russian bombers fly towards Alaska and we scramble fighter planes in response. A few days later, American B52 bombers fly in the Sea of Okhtosk, a place surrounded on three sides by Russian lands and where no American planes have flown before, forcing Russians to scramble their fighters.

Also in the Pacific, Chinese bombers flew towards Taiwan, forcing them to scramble fighters.  This is thought to be a reaction to the degrading relationship between the U.S. and China.

Actual hostilities broke out along the Chinese and India border, and while conversations have been held to reduce the chance of further conflict, the Indian media reports that Indian soldiers have been given permission to open fire on their Chinese counterparts if invade Indian territory.  This resulted in a vocal response from China, ratcheting up tensions further.  Meanwhile India is in negotiations to buy 30 or more fighter aircraft from the Russians, apparently seeking to beef up their capabilities should their problem with China escalate.

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Global Hot Spots and Bad Economic News Spark Concerns

War drums boom, coronavirus outbreaks bloom, and food shortages loom. There’s plenty of things for a prepper to worry about.

It’s a busy world out there, full of conflict, threats, disease, poverty, hunger, and anger.  Let’s not forget anger.  Here are a few things that are in the news today, and similar reports can be found every day:

In other words, lots of reasons to prep.  Our top two concerns are China and COVID-19.

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