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A screen grab from the video released by the Ukrainian military showing a helicopter shot down by a missile.

Drawing Clonclusions From Russia’s Poor Performance in Ukraine

The lack of success Russia's army had in Ukraine raises numerous questions about their equipment, tactics, and long-term chance of success.
Russian military rocket launcher and trucks destroyed in Ukraine

Putin is Losing the Propaganda War as the Ground War Bogs...

It's getting harder and harder for Russia to pretend its winning in Ukraine. They have succeeded in turning the rest of the world against them.
An explosion in Ukraine during Russian attack.

Russia Launches Attack, Demands Ukrainian Troops Surrender

As I write this late on Wednesday night, Twitter I showing videos of explosions in Ukraine, and the news media is reporting on convoys...
Customer using an ATM

Canada and Ukraine are Both Fighting for Freedom in Different Ways

Tyrany is threatened by freedom, so it should be no surprise tyranical leaders in Canada and Russia are turning to violence to quell the move towards freedom.
The FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile.

The Ukraine Situation Grows More Complex

They will attack Wednesday. No, they are withdrawing. Or are they? It's all smoke, mirrors and disinformation in today's moden warfare.
An 18-wheeler

Why Truck Drivers are the New Freedom Fighters

Ottawa is far more upset about non-violent truckers than Portland was about Antifa rioters attacking the police and taking over part of their city. Hmm.
A man fires a gun at an indoor gun range

Liberals Suddenly Want to Own Guns

People who have no interest in guns generally make poor gun owners who don't know how to use or properly store their weapons.
Crime Scene

Liberals and their “Rules for Thee but not for Me” Mentality

It amuses me when the unintended consequences of liberal policies result in problems that affect... liberals.
White male with a 1911 pistol

I’m The Problem with America

The socialists in our government hate people like me. We represent everything they hate about America's past and everything they want to change in its future
President Biden as seen in this photo released by the White House

We Need a Strong President

Is a country only as strong as its leader? If that;s the case, no wonder we've been sliding downhill since Clinton was elected.