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If the war in Ukraine grows to involve NATO, expect it to move from a ground war to an air war.

Why the Lack of Artillery Shells is a Non-Issue

The ground war in Ukraine is using up the world's supply of artillery shells at a tremendous rate, but Pete says we won't need them as much in the next war.
A ground war in Europe will be brutal if it expands beyond Ukraine.

Is World War III Growing Closer in Europe?

Is Europe be carving a path toward war or simply preparing for the worst while hoping for the best? Because the worst could be pretty bad.
A building in Ukraine destroyed in the war with Russia.

Two Years in and the War in Ukraine is Escalating

Have you noticed that the war is Ukraine is getting more attention, and not for good reasons? Things may be getting worse.
A city destroyed in war

War and Conflict Seem to be our Natural State

War destroys, but it also creates. Conflict drives innovation. But that doesn't mean is is easy; there is a price to be paid.
An artist's rendering of what an apocalyptic war might look like.

New Wars, Old Wars and Threats of Even More Wars

There are big wars and small wars, local wars and broad wars, existing wars and future wars, and we need to prep for them all.
Soldiers from the British Expeditionary Force fire at low flying German aircraft during the Dunkirk evacuation in June of 1940.

Now we Know What 1940 Felt Like

As preppers, we hope for the best, no war, and prepare for the worst, World War III. This must be what it felt like before the U.S. entered WWII.
A tank lost in the Ukrainian War

Ukraine War Grows Fiercer, More Likely to Spread

The Ukrainian War seems to have started small and grown over time. This latest counteroffensive by Ukraine may be the ultimate battle, or war could spread.
This is a DoD photo of a patriot missiles system based in Turkey ten years ago. While we don't have photos of the Patriot battery in Ukraine, it shook look similar.

Patriot System in Ukraine Shoots Down Russian Hypersonic Missiles

The U.S. Patriot missile system in Ukraine not only survived its first trial by fire, it passed with flying colors and made the Russians look bad.
An explosion in Ukraine during Russian attack.

A New Offensive in Ukraine Panics Preppers

Are we being told the truth about the war in Ukraine or are we being lied to? Is the banking crisis real or is it under control? All you can do is prep.
A man juggles while all about him a city burns.

Keeping Multiple Balls in the Air

When there are many things that could go wrong, it can be hard to know what to prepare for. We've got some advice on how to juggle your preps.