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A man juggles while all about him a city burns.

Keeping Multiple Balls in the Air

When there are many things that could go wrong, it can be hard to know what to prepare for. We've got some advice on how to juggle your preps.

Mysterious Floating Objects – What do they Mean?

Spy balloons are invading our airspace! Wait, what does that really mean? Is it a threat, a distraction, or just another step toward war?
A destroyed tank in the Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

Can you Hear them Panicking?

There's panic in Kyiv, Eastern Europe and even Washington as it looks like Russia is gearing up for a long war. Expect things in Ukraine to get worse.
A German Leopard 2 tank

Ukraine to Get More Tanks, Angering Russia

Germany approved the export of Leopard 2 tanks to Russia, which resulted in some heated rhetoric. But don't let it get you worked up.
A Ukrainian building destroyed by Russian attacks.

Ukraine War Poised to Escalate

It appears Russia is working its way towards launching another major offensive, possibly attacking Ukraine from two or three directions at once.
bombed out buildings and a destroyed armor vehicle from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine this Winter will Give us a Glimpse of a Post-Apocalyptic...

this winter in much of Ukraine will give preppers who pay attention a preview of what happens after a collapse.
Damaged Russian Bomber

Ukrainian Drones Strike Russian Nuclear Airbase

Ukrainian drones reportedly struck Russian bombers on the ground at air field well inside Russia and thought to be out of Ukrainian reach.
The Dnieper River in Ukraine seen in better times.

The Kherson Withdrawal – What’s it Mean?

The Russians surprised the world by announcing their withdrawal from Kherson on the right side of the Dnieper River. But Why?
A radiation sign in a field

Russian Threats to Kherson Dam

There are many rumors about the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Plant. Will it be blown up? if so, by whom? Will Russia resort to nukes?
Two tanks under a cloudy sky

Is Russia Winning or Losing in Ukraine?

Whose propaganda should you believe? Is Ukraine winning or just inflicting minor wounds on Russia? What happens next?