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An assortment of guns

Mental Illness and Mass Shootings

Why are so many school shooters and other mass shooters in a crisis or suffering from mental illness?
The Supreme Court

The Second Amendment Keeps Winning in Court

If you hear any wailing and gnashing of teeth, just ignore it. That’s just the anti-gunners freaking out as the tide of court rulings turns against them.
Testing your equipment is important to find problems.

Why Testing your Preps is Important

Whenever you add new equipment to your survival stash, it’s important to test it out, eliminate any bugs, and ensure you are familiar with it.
New stabilizing braces

Get Ready To be Declared a Felon on June 1

One simple step will keep the new ATF pistol brace rule from making you a felon. You have until June 1 to take it.
A MAC-10 with a silencer

The Problem isn’t Bad Guns, it’s Bad People

Mass shooting aren't caused by guns. They are caused by people. To stop them, society needs to do a better job of raising well-adjusted people.
An armed citizen shoots an armed robber.

Tacos and Armed Robbery: Is the Shooter a Hero?

Pete weighs in on the Houston taqueria shooting in which an armed diner shot an armed robber in the back eight times and then one in the head.
pistol brace

Revised Pistol Brace Regulation Means we Face a Choice

The ATF's new regulations on pistol braces have upset many people. But it leaves owners in a quandary. Should we comply, and if so, how?
Two armed men in camouflage in the woods.

If you want Peace, Prepare for War

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, How prepared are you to defend yourself and your retreat from an attack?
A HIMAR, or High Mobility Artillery Rocket System

Are you Ready for War? Its Coming

We seem to be entering a period in which countries are preparing for war, building up their armies and buying munitions. Are you prepared for
Stacks of ammo cans

Running out of Ammunition

The Russians are running low on missiles. The Ukrainians are running out of artillery shells. Will you run out of rifle ammo after the SHTF?