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Time to Check my EDC Pack and Gear Bags

On the next rainy day, why not inventory your EDC bag, but out bag, survival pack and other equipment? Pete found a few surprises in his.
My latest project, an AR-15 style pistol

A Personal Pistol Brace Update

I hid my pistol arm braces so well, now that they are legal to use again, I can't find two out of the three.
pistol brace

Rethinking my use of Arm Braces on Pistols

According to experts, it is now completely legal to dig your arm braces out of whatever hole you hid them in and put them on your pistols again.
Honey Badger AR pistol

Courts Hand Gun Owners Two Big Wins

Two court cases handed down last week set the ATF back on their heels and gave gun owners a big win in the battle against government overreach
Globe on fire

Random Thoughts on the World Today

ZeroHedge reports that Florida Jews are buying guns because they don’t feel safe. What took them so long? And what about Jews elsewhere? Why...
Danger sign

Dialing Back My Threat Level One Month Later

There are still danger signs, but one month in, it seems like the war between Israel and Hamas is less likely to spread.
Fallen leaves and signs of autumn.

We get Hit with Harsh Winter Weather

Temperatures plunge, sending us from a nice temperate autumn to a bitter cold taste of winter. We beat the cold with our last harvest.
An assortment of guns

Time to Break out the Big Guns

Do you change your concealed carry or EDC loadout based on the threat level? Pete recommends you start carrying heavy, just in case.
A couple old cases of .223 ammo from Pete's ammo locker.

Ammo Shortages? Not Here, Not Yet

Everyone says the 5.56 shortage is coming, and there are reports that most distributors are sold out. Locally, we have ammo available, but for how long?
An autumn scene in the mountains

Heading into Winter on the Homestead and in the World

If we face a war in the Middle East with possible shortages and terrorism, the homestead becomes an increasingly important part of our preps.