Time to Double Down on Prepping

Look around. When things take a turn for the worse, it’s time to double down on prepping and planning for the worst case scenario.

I can’t help but think that the Biden Administration is pushing us closer and closer to the edge of ruin.  His latest idea of double capital gains taxes on the rich (who do most of the investing) will likely cause a significant drop in the stock market as people liquidate positions this year to avoid paying double taxes next year.  On top of that, he’s weak on the international stages and his foreign policy will potentially embroil us in another war before his term in office is over.  Then there’s the mess he’s making of our society by embracing socialism, and going where no president since FDR has gone to force his policies upon the American People against their will.

I had hoped Joe Biden would be “more of the same,” meaning just like every other mealy-mouthed Democrat and a good many of the Republicans who over promise and under deliver. Instead of being a president who accomplishes little or nothing, he’s caving into the far left and pandering to the Socialists.  He seems to fully support demonetizing the police, punishing people who create jobs, and turning what’s left of our free market into a highly-regulated, government-controlled market doomed to failure.

I’m starting to worry about our future.  Over-taxation is one of the top precursors to revolution, and aggressive socialism usually leads to economic collapse, eventually.  Both of these outcomes lead to a collapse of the government and our complex system.  That spells trouble for the country and its population.  You think we have social unrest now?  Wait until things fall apart and there is no veneer of civilization holding people back.  Blood will flow in the streets.

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The Foolishness of Attempts to Ban So-Called Ghost Guns

Attempting to ban or regulate Ghost Guns is a useless motion gun grabbers are going through. Criminals will get guns no matter what, just like the got alcohol in the 1920s and drugs in the 1990s.

On Friday, the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATFE or just ATF) met with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and multiple gun manufacturers to discuss ghost guns. (EDIT: See our note at the end of the article.)

For those of you wondering how a gun comes back from the dead to become a ghost, let me disabuse you of that notion. The term “Ghost Gun” refers to a gun without a serial number, usually made at someone’s home. These days, many ghost guns are made using something called an “80 percent receiver.” In other words, a hunk of metal that looks like a gun part is sold to a hobbyist who uses either a mill or a drill press to finish the hunk of metal into the receiver for a gun

Once the metal is milled, drilled out, or filed into a finished receiver (not an easy task), the home builder must acquire and fit all the other parts to the gun, like a barrel, trigger, stock, etc. Because there are lots of manufacturers selling repair and replacement parts for popular firearm platforms—like the AR-15, the Glock 17/19, and the 1911—home builders can source the other parts and turn their fished receiver into a gun. Because these guns don’t have serial numbers, they are called “ghost guns.” 

While 80 percent receivers appear to be the gun grabber’s biggest concern, anyone with a decent 3D printer can also make a ghost gun. There are also molds into which you make a plastic receiver in just hours.

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A Thump in the Night and I Grab my Shockwave

What do you reach for when you hear a loud noise in the middle of the night? The phone? Your rifle? I reached for my Mossberg Shockwave because it was handy.

Well after midnight last night, while I was in the basement working on yesterday’s blog post, I heard a noise outside that I did not recognize. Was it a car door closing? Someone driving up the driveway? I was not sure, but it came from that side of the house. This was not the cat or another noise I recognized; this was something unusual.

I tucked my Glock into my waistband, not even bothering with the holster or a spare mag. I grabbed the Mossberg Shockwave with the 1,000 lumen TL Racker and stuck my head and arm through the single-point sling. Not hearing any further noise, I took the time to jam my feet into a pair of shoes.

It was pitch black outside. No sign of light. That means the motion-detection lights on the house had not gone on, which I took as a good sign. There were also no headlights, and while you can drive without them, it is so darn dark out on a stormy night, that doing so risks running off the road or off the driveway, both of which have sharp drop-offs.

I cracked the door, noticing that there were no engine noises. I let the gun lead me out the door, pointed it down the driveway, and hit the pressure sensitive-switch. The 1,000 lumen LED lit up the driveway all the way down to the sharp turn.

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Product Review: The UTG Flip Up Front and Rear Sights

My next set of back up iron sights arrived in the mail, so I evaluated them and compared them to the A.R.M.S. sights.

Today’s review of the UTG MNT-955 flip-up rear sight and the MNT-755 flip-up front sight will not only be a review of those sights but will also include a comparison with the A.R.M.S. 71L front and rear back up iron sights (BUIS) reviewed last week.

As you may recall, my aim in acquiring new BUIS is to outfit all the ARs in my possession that have only red dot optics or other scopes with a set of back-up iron sights for emergency use should the primary battery-powered optic fail.


The UTG sights I ordered from an eBay seller arrived quickly and neatly. The packaging was high quality and the sights inside were made from aircraft aluminum with matte black anodization. Both sights spring up with a push of your finger or thumb and lock into place. To lower the sight, you must press a small spring-loaded plunger, or button. This is intended to prevent accidental closure of the device.

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Product Review: The A.R.M.S. Model 71L Back-Up Iron Sights

After deciding he needs back-up iron sights on his guns, Pete tests the A.R.M.S. 71L polymer BUIS sights on his AR pistol.

I just installed a set of A.R.M.S. model 71L flip-up sights on an AR pistol that had no iron sights, just a red dot. I bought these because they were a good brand name with a price point which was not as high as Magpul sights, but was higher than cheap no-name crap from China that no self-respecting shooter would put on their airsoft gun.

These are not my first flip-up sights. I have flip up/fold down back up iron sights (BUIS) from Magpul (polymer), GG&G (metal), Yankee Hill Machine (metal) and a rear sight from ARMS (metal), their model 40L. The model 71L has some similarities to the 40L, but the 71L sights are polymer while the 40L are all metal. The 71Ls are easier to deploy than many of the metal sights, including the A.R.M.S. 40L.

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Warm Weather Brings Family, Gardening, and Target Practice

When the fall warms up, we call it Indian Summer. What’s it called when we get a preview of spring? I call it time to get a jump on outside projects.

We just spend the better part of a week with my daughter, her fiancé, and our new granddaughter. It was the first time we met the baby, and the first time they had been to our new house. My future son-in-law helped a great deal with the fence post installation. Being young and strong is a big help, of course, but having a strong work ethic is just as important.

It’s been more than 25 years since I last spent any significant time around a baby. I am amazed at how much stuff you “need” today to have for your baby. It’s clear consumerism gone crazy, spurred on by supposed experts and Instagram moms marketing the latest “must have” products. For example, today there is something called “tummy time” where you stick your baby on their belly and let them squirm to strengthen their neck muscles. But to do it correctly, you apparently need special tummy time pads. In the old days, we just stuck them on the floor, carpeted or not. If they bonked their little heads, well, that would teach them to keep their head up.

I have to admit that the Keurig-like device that dispenses warm water to mix with formula is pretty neat. And the new bottles that have some interior mechanism designed to prevent babies from sucking in air seems to minimize burping. Toys controlled by apps on your phone seems a bit much to me. Must we computerize everything?

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The Best Way Preppers Should Spend their Stimulus Check

As Congress creeps closer to yet another stimulus bill, Preppers may be in for a windfall. Here are our suggestions on how to spend it.

Yesterday, I suggested you use the coming (temporary) period of exuberance and excitement after the COVID-19 nightmare draws to a close to prep. Below are some suggestions in greater detail, but because we’ve talked about food and water before, we’re going to start with the bigger preps and work backwards:

Get Out of the Cities

I think the biggest priority for any serious prepper should be to move out of an urban or suburban location and to a rural one. I’m not talking “vacation country” where people go to spend two weeks a year, but hardcore country where just about everyone owns a chainsaw, a rifle and pickup truck.

Your stimulus check won’t buy your new property, but it can cover the travel and other expenses related to a property search.

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When Did American Become a Third World Country?

As the country draws ever closer to socialism, there is one thing keeping us from falling into the quagmire of socialism: Privately owned firearms.

  • Rolling power outages
  • Seeming endless riots and protests
  • The media acts like mouthpieces for the government
  • The rich get richer while the poor get poorer
  • People who complain or speak out lose their platform to do so
  • Government spokespeople threaten reporters
  • There are shortages and long wait lists to obtain goods
  • Government gun confiscation and bans
  • Large numbers of people wait in food lines
  • High unemployment and massive deficits
  • Politicians want to lock up people they disagree with

At any other time, I’d say the above are signs you are living in a third world socialist country. Today, it’s just life in these United States.

I find that frightening.

In just these last few decades, this country has slid so far down the slope towards socialism that it is hard to think we will not soon be a third world socialist country heading to the inevitable collapse. We could be the Venezuela of the Northern Hemisphere. Or maybe we will wall off California and a few major cities and let them become the East Germany of the United States. (And if you don’t know what that means, get a world history book written before the year 2000 and look it up.) 

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Why You Should Inspect Your Guns Regularly

If you are trapped indoors due to ice or snow, take some time to inspect, clean and oil your firearms.

At least once a year, I like to go through my firearms, inspect them, test the springs, check that any batteries still work, and clean and lubricate them.  I often do this during football season because during a three-hour football game, there is plenty of time to clean a rifle or two.

This is especially important for guns that are not in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.  For example, if you keep a gun in your car, you may want to inspect and lube it twice a year: Once in the spring and again in the fall to make sure nothing has rusted.  If you hide a gun somewhere unusual, like in the breakfast cereal box where Copperhead kept her gun in Kill Bill Vol. 1, it pays to check on it from time to time, not only to make sure it is still there, but to make sure it still functions.

Guns that are carried regularly should be check monthly.  At the very least, this should include blowing pocket lint, dust, and other debris out of the gun and holster.  I am sometime shocked by the crap that accumulates in a pocket holster.

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Prepper Diary February 3: Snowbound, Like the Rest of the Northeast

While half the country is snowed in with record amounts of snowfall, someone is buying up all the ammo and driving prices up.

We are snowbound, so it’s been a quiet few days.  I’ve done chores around the house and brought in firewood a few times, but except for the occasional gust of wind, it’s pretty silent out there.  I guess most of the North East and parts of the Mid-Atlantic are in the same situation.

I saw tiny footprints in the snow heading out from under our front porch.  Tiny as in chipmunk sized.  Not sure why some little creature ventured out and back; maybe he needed some firewood too. He was headed that direction.

We have not had any mice in the house for months, but I did catch five in the garage not long ago.  That must have eliminated them because the traps have been empty ever since and the cat no longer shows a strong desire to sneak through the garage door. 

Lead and Brass, the New Precious Metals

Spot Silver seems to have dropped back down to the trading range it was in before the Reddit silver short stories hit the news.  I am sure some people made money and others lost it.  Looks like the wind left those sails pretty quickly. Gold and Silver will probably continue to head upwards as people seek to get out of a dropping dollar and avoid the impact of inflation.

Brass and Lead (ammunition, that is) continue to head upwards.  I saw a brick (500) rounds of Remington 40 grain Thunderbolt .22LR for sale for $185.  This is just shockingly high!  I dug through my old cache of ammo and I found a brick of 500 thunderbolts that I bought in October of 1998—no doubt in the run up to Y2K—for the grand price of $10.99.  So back then basic .22LR was 2.2 cents per round and it is 37 cents each today.  Unfortunately, that price is consistent with the price I wrote about a few days ago. So much for cheap plinking.

Checking some online sources, I saw some 5.56 selling for $1.50 to $2 per round.  That’s far higher than the $1.20 per round I reported on the 29th. Of course, so many sellers are out of stock that the folks who have it can just keep raising prices.

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