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An example of septic tanks installed and waiting to be buried. The green lids should be at or near grade level to facilitate inspection, pumping and maintenance.

What Preppers Need to Know About Septic Systems

In most cases, your septic system will continue to work after a grid-down experience, but not aways, and not necessarily for long.
A waterfall filling a drinking glass

Look to Long-Term Water Needs at Your Retreat

When buying a retreat or a prepper property, think not only of today, but what we may face years or decades from now.
The trackhoe that buried our water pipe.

How to Keep your Water Pipes from Freezing

A once-in-a-generation storm is bring bitterly cold temperatures to 37 states over the next few days. Do you know how to keep your pipes from freezing?
A small part can make a big difference.

For want of a Hose Clamp

Nothing like running out of water when you have a house full of people. Because we have spare parts on hand, we got back up and running quickly.
Bottled water as far as the eye can see.

Bottled Water isn’t the Answer to Water Problems

Many of the United State's municipal water suppliers are in bad shape. Consider taking steps to become less dependent on your water utility.
black pipe in my pick up bed

Inflation on the Homestead

Inflation affects everything we buy for the homestead, but shopping around can pay off. Food and dining out are getting shockingly expensive.
Water sprays out of our pipe

A Big Step Towards Winterizing our Water System

We take steps towards burying the water pipe from our spring to the house. This should hep prevent freezing and ensure we have water in any conditions.
Bottled water as far as the eye can see.

What will you Drink at the End of the World?

Water is critical to survival. After the SHTF, where will you get your water, how will your transport it and what are your plans for purification?
A stream on our property

Water Water Everywhere, but is it Safe to Drink?

When disaster strikes, will you be "water wealthy" or will you have to work to carry, purify and store every gulp of water?
A frost free water hydrant commonly used on farms and homesteads.

Water is Life, Not Just a Good Idea

An Australian prepper shares his thoughts about water sources and water systems for preppers and off-grid homesteaders.