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A dystopian future might await us.

How to Face the Three Threats

A dystopian future caused by war, political strife, and economic collapse might await us. How can we prepare to survive that?
Burning car

France Burns as Violent Riots and Looting Continue

In what has been described as France's "George Floyd moment," riots erupt across the country after police kill a 17-year-old of Algerian descent.
Rioters enjoy the flames of arson. Photo by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash.

Protest Demonstrates Leftist Idiocy

It’s amazing what leftists will riot about.  For example: A person drew a gun and shot a state police officer, severely injuring him.  Other officers...
Prepper News Update

French Strike Pits Workers vs. Government as Inflation Bites

More than 100,000 protesters marched in cities across France yesterday as unions and workers made clear their feelings about high inflation.
A protester holds a sign that says "no farmer - no food - no future."

Will the War on Fertilizer Lead to Revolution?

To start a revolution, the government has to take away hope, and put people in a position where they have little or nothing to lose. We're getting there.
A protest in Europe

Europe will be our Harbinger of Doom

Monitor what's going on overseas to look for warning signs. Europe is likely to slide into a collapse before the U.S.
A pro-choice protest in Washington.

Overturning Roe v. Wade Leads to Protest and More

The leaked Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade is already generating protests and civil unrest. Are you prepared for worse?
looting a Walgreens Pharmacy, Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash.

“Nothing can Breed Violence Like Scarcity”

When empty shelves go from being an occasional problem to a constant one, expect violence and crime to break out. It's going to get ugly.
Riots in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: Watching a Society Fall Apart in Real Time

It started with protests over the high cost of fuel. Now there are running gun battles in the street and the Kazakhstan government is bringing in Russian troops.
the day after a riot

Will Inflation Result in Riots in the U.S.?

The rising costs of food and fuel seem to ignite protests and riots that can topple a government. What are the chances that will happen here?