Protests and Riots Erupt as Looting Spreads

These latest riots are worst than last year. They are far more violent than the protests in Cuba. Tensions are high.

Tell me what country this sounds like:

After a lack of response from the defunded police, protesters riot and smash small shops, hitting grocery stores and malls. Rioters stopped trucks on highways, stole their cargo. Grocery stores emptied fast as word of shortages spread. Bread is selling at four to five times its normal price, if you can find it, and there are lines at the few gas stations that still have fuel.

All this is taking place in South Africa, but if you thought it sounded like the U.S., no one could fault you. The parallels to last years “mostly peaceful” protests are eerily similar. They are far worse in South Africa than they were in Portland. Rioting covered a much larger area and left dozens dead.

This is the type of protest that can change regimes. ZeroHedge reports that South Africa is on the verge of civil war and says “What happens next in a country that is collapsing remains unknown.” We may not know, but we can safely say it won’t be good.

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Is it Just me? Or is the World Falling Apart?

Danger zones, hot spots, and red flags seem to litter the global map. When things go wrong, they seem to go wrong everywhere, all at once.

Some days, the world just looks like it is falling apart. This is one of those days, and it’s hard not to be pessimistic.

Here are a few things going on in the world that make me feel this way:


According to data released today, consumer prices rose 5.4 percent from a year ago, the biggest leap in 13 years. We’ve covered the dangers of inflation and how to protect yourself here, here and here, so I won’t go into too much detail today, other than to tell you the rate of increase is speeding up and to remind you that every dollar in your pocket buys 5.4 percent less than it did a year ago.

Upward pricing pressure is not relaxing. Drought in the West is expected to result in more food price inflation and shortages of coffee because of a low harvest in Brazil will cause coffee prices to rise.

Protests in Cuba

Cubans are protesting against their government, the lack of food, medicine, and high prices. They want liberty and freedom. The Cuban government showed how little of each they have as it took down the Internet to prevent protestors from posting photos to social media or live streaming the event.

Here in the U.S., Senator Ted Cruz and Miami Mayer Francis Suarez, both sons of Cuban immigrants, railed against the communist nation and socialism, which has been embraced by many on the left.

Suarez added that socialism provides people a “false promise” and in practice means the government takes away peoples’ property and freedoms. 

“[It] has failed not just in Cuba but in the history of humanity—this is an ideology that promises to create equality. The only equality it has delivered is equal misery for all of its citizens in every country that it’s been tried….The truth of the matter is, it’s never worked and never going to.”

The socialists in Congress and on Twitter were largely silent in the face of more first-hand evidence that socialism does not benefit the poor and downtrodden, it just creates more of them.  I expect this Cuba story will stick around the news cycle for some time.

Watch our Video of the Day from the Wall Street Journal for more.

Wild fires Sweep Western U.S.

After months of drought and weeks of three digit temperatures, Mother Nature added insult to injury as lightning strikes have caused wide-ranging wild fires in not just Arizona, California and Oregon, but also into Idaho and Montana, home of many preppers. There are 67 wildfires reported across 10 Western states. Some of these fires cover consumed hundreds of square miles. Here’s some more bad news: There’s more fire season ahead, and there is no end in sight for the drought.

Haiti Slides Further Down the Drain

The recent assassination of its president has thrown Haiti even deeper into anarchy. Haiti is already a failed state where gangs hold as much sway as the government. Fifty percent of the population cannot find enough food to eat. This attack undermines what little stability they had. Expect things to get even worse before they get better.

Afghanistan is Going to Hell, and we Helped Send it There

I’m in favor of peace, but I can’t help thinking maybe we should have left 10,000 troops in Afghanistan just to keep the Taliban from taking over the country, and hung on to Bagram air base. I think it is especially ironic that the Biden administration pulled out in the dad of night over the Independence Day weekend. While we were out celebrating, millions of Afghanis raised under the protection offered by American and other NATO troops were fleeing the country. Now the air base is being looted and the Taliban is acquiring much equipment that cost U.S. taxpayer’s millions, if not billions.

The Taliban is rolling over Afghani troops and claims to control 85 percent of the country. I’ve heard they control a third and are fighting for another third. Whatever the numbers are, that’s not good news for people who do not want to live under their barbaric system.

COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in Almost Every State

You knew this one had to be in there, and we warned you. The Daily Mail reports that cases of the coronavirus are on the rise in 43 states plus Washington, D.C. The New York Times reports cases have risen 94 percent over the past 14 days. Deaths continue to decline, but we know they are a lagging indicator. We may be at the beginning of that next wave. My questions are: What percentage of positive cases are being hospitalized and dying in this new wave; how many cases are in the young who are asymptomatic; and are we at the stage where we can treat this like the flu.

My daughter is getting married in October. Some of her guests have already RSVP’d that they will attend as long as there isn’t another COVID-19 outbreak. That just shows it is on people’s minds. Hopefully it is on your radar screen and you are prepped and ready for rising COVID cases, new closures, and more shortages.

There’s More…

You’ll note that I have left out the rapid spike in murder and violent crime, China’s recent threats to Japan, problems with Iran, riots in South Africa, the OPEC crisis, the illegal aliens pouring over our borders, the backlog of containers off both Chinese and U.S. ports, the shortage of truck drivers, the rising unemployment rate, the millions of people who do not want to work, and I could go on.

I’ve written several posts this week about how to survive an economic collapse and a failed state. Most of that applies to a societal collapse as well. I can’t help but think the entire world is going downhill. I just can’t tell if we’re leading the charge or being dragged along. Either way, I am not counting on a soft landing.

How to Handle the loss of Police, Fire and EMS Service in an Economic Collapse

Shortages are bad, but we can stockpile goods and resort to barter. what will you do if the thin blue line disappears and there is no police, fire, EMS or sanitation?

This is part two of our how to handle an economic collapse series. Don’t miss yesterday’s part on how to handle shortages and outages caused by an economic collapse.

I wrote yesterday about how to handle shortages of food, gasoline and other goods. Today, we’ll look at how to handle slowdowns or a lack of services such as police, fire, EMS, and trash hauling and disposal, other potential signs of an economic collapse.

A deterioration of service locally, in a specific city or municipality, might be because of financial mismanagement, a lack of tax income, or other financial problems in that specific state or city. Under-funded pension systems that suck up municipal income, a loss of the tax base because of individuals d business have left the area, or corruption and mismanagement could all contribute to this on a local level. If we see cops and firefighter refusing to go to work because they haven’t been paid in multiple jurisdictions across the country, then this is one sign of a bigger problem.

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Prepare for More Riots in Minneapolis and Elsewhere

Tensions are high in Minneapolis and other cities as the prosecution of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd goes to the jury.

Closing statements at the Derek Chauvin trial concluded Monday, and the outcome is in the hands of the jury. No one knows whether they will reach a verdict in hours or days, but take the possibility of civil unrest into account when planning your week.

Some predict that Chauvin will be found not guilty of second or third degree murder in the death of George Floyd because Floyd’s heart disease and use of Fentanyl contributed to the death. While a manslaughter conviction is possible, it or a “not guilty” verdict might cause anger and civil unrest, culminating in destructive riots and looting.

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Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money: WallStreetBets Shows us how to Fight CW2

Are we witnessing the first shots fire in anger of CW2? Will it be fought with money and words, instead of guns?

When historians in the year 2072 look back and the Second Civil War (CW2) in America, they may well consider the implosion of GameStop Shorts orchestrated by the Reddit sub WallStreetBets the first killing blow struck by regular guys fighting back against the elites.  The January 6 invasion of the Capitol was just a warning shot across the bow.  Taking down the shorts is the first true shot fired in anger.

There has been much written about GameStop, the trading platform Robinhood, the hedge fund Melvin Capital and the roll of Citadel, so I am not going to repeat it.  Instead, I will refer you to this article by Andy Serwer and Max Zahn that ran last week. 

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Prepper Diary January 9: Its Much Calmer Here on the Homestead than Out in the Real World

According to the media, we’re going to hell in a hand basket, but things are quiet here on the homestead as we enjoy our self-imposed quarantine.

Gun sales are up again, this time in reaction to the storming of the capitol.  I have to admit, I am a little surprised at this reaction.  Where were these people when they were rioting, looting and setting fire to businesses in Minneapolis?  How come they didn’t buy guns when the protesters attacked the Federal buildings in Portland night after night?

Seems to me that the cavalier attitude of prosecutors who let liberal protestors off with a slap on the hand, and the pundits and talking heads on the news media who saw little or nothing wrong with the anti-police protests of the summer are suddenly seeing the opposite side of that coin.  Yes, when you allow one group to misbehave, you have to expect others will follow in their footsteps.

Too all those running out and buying guns now, good luck finding ammo.

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What You Should Do now that the Georgia Election Results Are In

The actions on January 6 will have long-reaching, unintended consequences. We discuss what you can expect and how to prepare for what is to come.

When we were looking for our prepper property, we set a goal of moving before Election Day.  We missed it by about five weeks, but am I darn sure happy that I moved before inauguration day. I’m also glad I do not live or work in Washington, DC.

In yesterday’s book review, I talked about the lead character being slow to catch on and recognize the problems they were facing.  I wrote, “You’d think a military vet would be able to see the writing on the wall and make better, faster decisions.”

I recommend that you look at the world around you and ask yourself if January 6, 2021 was a day that should have motivated you to act.  If you don’t, you may one day look back on it and think to yourself, “That’s when the first domino fell.  If only I had acted then instead of doing nothing.”

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November 2: Europe Continues to See COVID-19 Cases Surge

Nine countries now are now reporting more than 1 million cases of coronavirus, with the United Kingdom the newest addition to that list.  While the U.S. remains ahead of India by more than 1 million cases 9.2 to 8.2 million), European countries are surging up the list as you can see in the table below, which compares this week’s case count to the numbers a week ago:

COVID-data from week ending 11/2/20
Countries with the most COVID-19 cases, as of Monday, 11/2/20. Data from Johns Hopkins.

In the past week, Spain moved up the list one spot, surpassing Argentina, while the UK climbed past Mexico and Peru.  It appears the virus is receding in South American while it booms in the northern hemisphere.  Italy climbed one spot while Germany is up three, surpassing Chile, Iraq and Bangladesh.  The Ukraine also moved up while Belgium and Poland joined the list of countries with the most cases for the first time, knocking off Turkey and the Philippines.

While the rate of growth slowed by 3 percent in France and the UK, it grew in Italy (from 27 to 35 percent) and Germany (20 to 25 percent).

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September 1: The Math is Easy, No Consequences Means More Riots

Until district attorneys and prosecutors start holding rioters responsible and making them face some serious consequences, riots will just continue.

It seems that some mayors, governors, and district attorneys – and possibly some voters — need to remember psychology 101 or child psych to figure how to deal with rioters. 

Let me give you an example from child psychology:

You are going shopping and you take you four year old.  Before you go, you tell your child, “If you are good while we are shopping, we will stop at McDonalds on the way home so you can get a happy meal and play.” This is a positive way to establish the kind of behavior you expect.  “So you want to go to McDonalds?  Yes, then you just have to be good the whole time we are shopping, even if you get tired.  Can you do that?”

Then, as you drive to the shopping center, you point out the  McDonalds and you say, “Remember, if you are good today, we’re going to stop by on the way home.”  This reinforcement is necessary because little kids have short memories.

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August 28: Future Threats You Should Prepare for Now

As bad as hurricanes and forest fires are, there are plenty of far more serious potential disaster to prep for.

Over the past couple of days, our daily report has focused on the disaster of the moment: Hurricane Laura, forest fires, riots and looting, and COVID-19.

Today, let’s look at the threats we may face in the future:


War is probably the biggest global threat right now.  China could attack Taiwan, or war could break out between the U.S. and China. Possibly due to an accident or mistake.  Likewise, it could be war between China and India.  It could be war with India and Pakistan.  It could be a new outbreak of war in the Middle East with Iran vs Israel or even Iran versus Saudi Arabia, especially after the arms embargo expires and Chinese and Russian weapons pour into Iran.  If North Korea suffers a change in leadership, Kim Jong Un’s  successor could strike out as a show of strength.  Let’s not forget that Russia is always ready to take advantage of an opportunity to bring part of the Soviet Union (like Balrus) back under its wings.

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