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a U.S. global hawk drone

Putin’s Gotta be Pissed by Now

Each day the U.S. seems to throw more support, more money, more arms, and more intelligence behind the Ukrainians. How long before Putin strikes back?
cyberattack warning

Should you Worry About Cyberattacks?

With threats from Russia growing daily, should you be worried about cyberattacks threatening our systems and infrastructure?
Wheat Kernels

Is Russia Bombing Grain Silos to Make Food Crisis Worse?

Russia appears to be purposely attacking and destroying grain elevators, silos, and food production facilities in Ukraine.
An artist's rendering of what an apocalyptic war might look like.

Russia Doubles Down in Ukraine

NATO and Russia are walking a tightrope as each tries to achieve its goals without inviting a full-scale war between them.
Prepper News Update

Amid Talk of World War III, Diplomacy is Losing Steam

Putin reportedly has lost interest in a diplomatic resolution to the war in Ukraine and won't relent until he has some kind of victory.
Prepper News Update

Large Fires Break Out at Russian Oil Depots

Multiple fires were burning in Bryansk, Russia, as fuel supplies depots caught on fire Monday. This could represent an escalation of the war in Ukraine.
Firefighters fight a large structure fire.

How Many Coincidences does it Take to Become too Many?

At what point are there so many coincidences it doesn't pass the smell test? What are they covering up and not telling us?
Russian ICBM test launch

New Russian Missile will Make Enemies ‘Think Twice’, says Putin

Russia tested its newest ICBM today, a missile it claims cannot be intercepted.
Grad multiple rocket launches

What’s the Next Phase of the Ukraine War?

Here's our take on what's next in the Ukraine war, how long will it last, and what does it all mean for preppers.
Wheat Kernels

Squeezing a Few More Items into my Prepper Pantry

Worried about the threat of nuclear war, food shortages, inflation and an expanding war, I find it hard not to add to my food preps.