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The Dnieper River in Ukraine seen in better times.

The Kherson Withdrawal – What’s it Mean?

The Russians surprised the world by announcing their withdrawal from Kherson on the right side of the Dnieper River. But Why?
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Xi Jinping Warns Putin not to use Nukes

China's President Xi Jinping pushed for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia and agreed that using nuclear weapons "would be crossing a line."
A radiation sign in a field

Russian Threats to Kherson Dam

There are many rumors about the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Plant. Will it be blown up? if so, by whom? Will Russia resort to nukes?
Two tanks under a cloudy sky

Is Russia Winning or Losing in Ukraine?

Whose propaganda should you believe? Is Ukraine winning or just inflicting minor wounds on Russia? What happens next?
An explosion in Ukraine during Russian attack.

Russia Strikes Back In Revenge for Bridge Explosion

Russia attack military and civilian targets with a missile barrage after Ukrainians accused of blowing up bridge to Crimea.
USMC light armored vehicle

War Here, War There, War Everywhere?

The war in Ukraine is not the only war. Others are brewing while some are simmering. Some could involve nukes or lead to WWIII. Are you prepped for that?
A Russian missile

Is Putin Losing the War, or is it Just Wishful Thinking?

The mainstream media would have you believe Russia is losing the war, but now they have doubled down and are again threatening to use nukes.
Russian ICBM test launch

Putin Threatens to use Nukes, Activates Reserves

It looks like Russia isn't going to take the recent gains made by Ukraine lying down. Expect the war to lengthen and grow worse.
An explosion in Ukraine during Russian attack.

That Fell Apart Quickly

Although it telegraphed its counter attack, the speed at which Ukraine has cut through Russian lines and gained ground is still a surprise.
Russian military rocket launcher and trucks destroyed in Ukraine

The Ukrainian War Is Six Months Old

It feels like we are back in the 1970s with inflation, an energy crisis, the cold war and a bumbling, incompetent president.