Problems in Russia are Escalating

Prepper News Update
Prepper News Update

You probably won’t have seen this on the front page of your newspaper or its website, but Russia refused to renew the deal that lets merchant ships loaded with grain pass through the Black Sea unharmed. As a result, grain prices rose and parts of the world that rely on grain from Ukraine face possible shortages once again.

The deal was originally negotiated by Turkey. It may be that Russia is upset at Turkey’s recent decision to let Sweden join NATO. Putin may see Turkey, one of his key allies, turning towards the west and this is how he chooses to display his displeasure.

The media also seemed to have ignored the latest explosion on the bridge that connects Russia to Crimea, which may have been carried out by Ukrainian ocean-going drones, which are little more than remote control boats laden with explosives. Early images on Russian social media make the destruction look worse than last time.

Fires, explosions and accidents also continue to hit infrastructure in Russia, including a recent explosion at a nuclear fuel processing plant. No way to tell if these are accidents, drone attacks, cyber attacks, sabotage, or physical attacks by underground revolutionaries.

None of this is good news if you are pushing for peace. All of it is bad news for preppers fearing the worst.

Published 7/17/23. Read full article.