Cold Temperatures Bring Ice in All the Wrong Places

There’s more to being a prepper than storing food; to be truly self-sufficient, you have to be able to fix things yourself.

I walked up and down our mountain three times today. According to my phone, that was more than 14,000 steps and 54 flights of stairs.

That’s how long it took to get our gravity-fed water system thawed out and working again.

Last year, we upgraded our water system after it froze a few times, and we made it through the rest of that year without it freezing again. We were not so lucky this year. I guess those repeated nights of super-cold temperatures did it in. We had hoped the snow would insulate the pipe, and it may have, but it also insulated it from the sunshine that might have thawed things out during the day.

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When they say “Empty Shelves,” they mean “Food Shortages”

“Empty shelves” is a trending topic, but why don’t they just come out and say we have a food shortage? Stock up or risk going hungry.

Everywhere I look, there are news articles, YouTube videos, Twitter posts, and Reddit threads about empty store shelves. It’s not just in one city or in one part of the country, it’s the Northeast, the South, the West Coast–all across the country. Even NPR covered the shortage.

Liberals want to blame climate change, but the food shortages are not just because of bad weather. It’s because of a worker shortage, at all levels of the supply chain, from truck drivers to warehouse workers to store employees. Some of it is due to COVID-19, but some of it is because of the great resignation and people refusing to work for low pay.

From photos I have seen online, fresh vegetables, lunch meat, frozen foods, chicken, beef and baking supplies seem to be hit the hardest.

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Liberals and their “Rules for Thee but not for Me” Mentality

It amuses me when the unintended consequences of liberal policies result in problems that affect… liberals.

The liberals in Hollywood are all in favor of gun control and defunding the police until rich people in Beverly Hills become crime victims. Frightened, they rush out to buy the very guns they don’t want you to own. Then they find out California has a 10-day waiting period. Oh, and that waiting period doesn’t begin until after you get your FBI NICS approval. To bad; so sad.

Likewise, liberal politicians in Chicago and Philadelphia who are staunch supporters of gun control get carjacked. Stranger yet, the Illinois House Speaker’s husband fired shots at their carjackers, although he missed. This raises two questions: First, is anyone surprised that the BLM-supporting, defund-the-police politician wants her husband to have a gun for self-defense, but won’t allow her constituents to exercise the same rights? Second, wouldn’t firing at carjackers who are running away and no longer a threat be considered a crime? It would if you or I did it.

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I’m The Problem with America

The socialists in our government hate people like me. We represent everything they hate about America’s past and everything they want to change in its future

If you ask the folks in Washington, I’m the problem with America. I may live in the middle of nowhere, not bothering anyone, on my 20 acres of mountain, but that doesn’t get me off the hook.

You see, I’m a middle-aged white male, therefore I must be overflowing with white privilege and be inherently racist. I own guns and body armor, so I must be violent. Add those two up and their conclusion is that I must be a violent racist, even though nothing could be further from the truth.

I own a few pieces of camouflage clothing and I’m a prepper, leading them to conclude I’m probably in a militia. But not just any militia. Because they’ve already classified me as a white racist, that makes it a white supremacist militia. So what if one family in our prepper group was black? The leftists will call them Uncle Toms, because while they won’t tolerate name-calling from me, it’s fine when they do it. The left hates many people, but they hate no one as much as they hate minorities who refuse to stay in their pigeonholes.

This is how the leftists think, and because they are programming the algorithm, their computers look at the available data and put me on their list as a violent, racist, male, white supremacist.

I’m betting some of my readers are in the same situation. I guess you’re part of the problem, too.

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“Nothing can Breed Violence Like Scarcity”

When empty shelves go from being an occasional problem to a constant one, expect violence and crime to break out. It’s going to get ugly.

Do you recognize that quote? Niobe said it in Matrix Resurrections. The instant it came out of her mouth, it struck me as so very true that I rewound the movie, listed to it again, and wrote it down.

“Nothing can breed violence like scarcity.” That’s what we have to look forward to as empty shelves become more frequent and as food scarcity grows.

Every year, we see violence at Black Friday sales when the best deals for the coolest items sell out. People fight over a $40 kid’s toy or small appliance. They snatch items out of other people’s hands. Other folks get into a scuffle over their place in line, waiting for the doors to open.

Think what they will do when they are fighting over the last few cans of chicken noodle soup or loaf of bread. If they will push, shove, pull hair and throw punches over a doll, think what will happen when it’s over a meal for a hungry kid. I’m thinking the knives and guns will come out, right there in the store aisles. Or maybe they’ll let you go through checkout and pay for the items and then rob you as you push the cart to the car.

Not me. When the shelves go empty for what looks to be that last time, I’ll be at home enjoying the food from my prepper pantry and guarding the approach.


We’re going to see shortages of food and energy all over the world in the coming year. Countries with lower standards of living, where people already spend half their income on food, will see it first. Then it will spread to more wealthy countries.

There will be two kinds of violence: First, it will be anger at the regime, and the citizens will protest and go on strike. Work will grind to a halt, busses will not run, and the streets will teem with angry mobs. Government buildings may be stormed and burned. That may lead to some changes that make people feel better, but it’s unlikely to result in more food on the table or lower gas prices at the tank not unless the government comes up with some money for subsidies.

The second kind of violence comes later, and its citizen vs citizen. When protests and petrol bombs fail to put food on the table, people are going to loot privately owned stores. They are going to kidnap rich people or their children and hold them hostage to raise money for food. As the rule of law falls apart, gangs will form on a neighborhood basis. Each gang will protect a neighborhood from outsiders who want to rob and pillage. They will set up checkpoints and search your car, charging you a fee or taking what they find if you are not from their neighborhood. The police may chance them away from time to time, but only so they can set up their own roadblocks and extort money and food from people.


The violence in the U.S. will initially be directed at the stores. The problem of looting smash and grab robberies will move from high-end luxury stores to grocery stores and even the dollar store. Ever see a liquor store or a convenience store in a bad neighborhood where there are two locking doors? You can’t open one unless the other is locked, forming an airlock of sorts. I expect that approach to become more common in all sorts of stores in all parts of the country.

That won’t help much at night when they can rob the place by throwing something through the window. As food prices grow and supplies drop, expect to see armed guards popping up and more and more stores. They will be window dressing to make the shopper feel safe, but they may have a deterrent effect.

I expect more sophisticated thieves will target trucks leaving food distribution centers and hijacking loads. The food will then find its way to discount grocery stores and black market stores set up on a mobile basis. A guy will drive up at a crowded corner, pop open the back of his big SUV and start selling something he got off a hijacked truck. We’ll see gangs that traffic in drugs selling baby formula and canned goods because they will already have the infrastructure and manpower.

Food Gulfs

Rising food prices will quickly widen the gulf between the haves and the have nots. Rich people who don’t even look at prices will breed resentment between those who are suddenly eating beans, rice and ramen, and that will make them targets. Right now, criminals in California and following rich people home from expensive restaurants and clubs, judging their value as targets based on the car they are driving or the watch they are wearing. That kind of follow home robbery is going to spread, but you will be targeted by how many grocery bags you pile in your SUV.

Eventually, you’ll be shopping in multi-vehicle convoys with someone riding shotgun in every vehicle. Your only other option will to order your groceries delivered and hope the driver is not robbed on the way there.

As the gap between those who can buy food and those who go hungry widens, expect there to be more anger, which will lead to more violence. This will lead to protests and rioting, which will allow people to get their anger out but probably hurt their chances of getting food.

I don’t see it ending well, because Niobe was right. Nothing can Breed Violence Like Scarcity.

If they Want Enemies, they will get Enemies

Sometimes, when you go around designating people your enemies, you may actually create an enemy where none existed.

Joe Biden, or the puppeteers pulling his strings, seems to think that half the people in this country are domestic terrorists. His Attorney General Merrick Garland appears to feel the same way and is wasting no time pointing federal law enforcement agencies at what he calls domestic terrorists. Of course, that means anyone who disagrees with their policies. Since they get to make the rules, they can paint anyone they want with the domestic terrorist brush.

That’s why liberal protesters are “peaceful protesters” and get let out of jail with a slap on the wrist while conservative protesters are “domestic terrorists,” even when they are unarmed.

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We Should All Spend More Time Alone with Ourselves

The snow has forced us into isolation and limited what we can do. I like it.

My neighbor called and asked if we could spare some eggs. I walked up and gave him a dozen. He was the first person I had seen, other than my wife, since last Friday. We had a pleasant chat, mostly about the snow and the dog, but I wouldn’t be averse to going another week without seeing another living soul.

We remain snowed in. The county has not yet cleared the road. The only downside so far is that we couldn’t have salad with dinner because it wilted. We fed it to the chickens and my wife had Swiss chard instead.

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A Warm and Sunny 16 Degrees

After a couple days of blowing snow and sub zero temperatures, a sunny day was a welcome respite. The days are getting longer, too.

We woke up today to a warm and sunny 16 degrees. It was a vast improvement over two days of snow and high winds. I allowed the chickens to leave their coop, but they were dubious about the idea. One brave soul ventured out and then acted quite upset when she landed in the snow. She retreated to the outside roost, which remains above snow level.

The snow around the coop is 14 to 16 inches deep, but the half-inch hardware cloth that lines the lower two feet of the chicken run acted like a snow fence. Inside the run, the snow on one end is only 6 inches deep. Still, that’s waist high on a chicken. I am glad I have not clipped their wings as they have taken to flying about rather than wading through the snow.

I ended up putting a waterer inside the coop and another in the run so they can access it where-ever they want. We checked on them several times during the day and never saw more than five outside at one time.

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We Need a Strong President

Is a country only as strong as its leader? If that;s the case, no wonder we’ve been sliding downhill since Clinton was elected.

I am amazed at how the country defines itself by its president and is viewed by others through the lens of the man in the oval office.

When we have a brash president, we are considered a brash country that might do anything from canceling a treaty to nuking an enemy. When we have a weak president, we are considered a weak country that can be taken advantage of.

Since Joe Biden was took office a year ago, our armed forces have not become less effective, but we are perceived as weaker because our president goes on TV several times a week and broadcasts his weakness for all the world to see. Joe Biden the candidate stayed in his basement. I cannot help but think the country would be better off if he had stuck with that strategy. Better a recluse than an incompetent or a doddering fool.

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Winter Storm, High Winds Arrive with a Vengeance

Its been on the news for days before it finally manifested, the winter had such high winds I consider it to have been a blizzard. And it’s not over yet.

It was cold all day Sunday. The snow finally arrived, but I can’t tell you if we have 12 or more inches yet. It’s so windy up here we have drifts of snow that are a foot high and we have other spots where the wind has scoured it away. Unlike many heavy snows, it is not piling up on tree limbs because wind is blowing it off. There have been times the snow was blowing sideways.

This morning, I put only my insulated overalls and parka. They kept me warm doing chores. I left the chickens in their coop with the door closed, although I gave them fresh water and plenty of food.

While this may not be a day fit for chickens, it was a great day for the dog, who was outside for at least two hours. She had a ball. She would stick her nose in the drifts and come up with a face covered in snow. The dog ran around but also seemed comfortable just sitting there looking around. I consider this her guard stance. A flock or herd guardian dog by breed and genetics, she sits there, nose up, eyes bright, looking for a threat.

I’m writing this Sunday night and snow is expected to continue into Monday.

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