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Inflation Report

Foreclosures are not unusual in a recession.

The Bad Economic News Will Continue Until Morale Improves

As the debt spiral drags us under, it will be increasingly difficult to avoid inflation, a recession, stagflation or even hyperinflation.
Inflation leaves the wallet empty

Three Steps You can Take to Mitigate Inflation

While the government tells us inflation is falling, our wallets know that isn't true. Here are three ways to counter inflations effects.
bad news

The R-word is Beginning to Look Inescapable

We won’t know if the fourth quarter is officially a recession until months afterwards, but we’ll feel in our wallets, on the jobs front, and in housing prices.
Teamsters strike signage

Unions Gain Bargaining Power as Strike Threats Drive Up Pay

Unions are have The pendulum has swung towards the unions which have had success negotiating significantly higher pay for members.
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Inflation, Recession and the Dollar

Given the current plight of our economy, it looks like we may be leanign away from recession and back to more inflation.
Inflation is soaring. Image based on an image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Inflation Gauge Shoots Upward, Again

The Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation gauge rose last month at its fastest pace since June.
There's a recession on the horizon and it looks ugly.

Higher Interest Rates To Crush the Economy

Just as you can’t take speed for years without suffering side effects, you can’t artificially amp up the economy and expect it not to crash.
Rioters burn a van in France

Hyperinflation and Global Societal Collapse

As the government under reports inflation, a respected hedge fund warns of hyperinflation, civil unrest, and global society collapse.
Sam's Club packed to the rafters

Feeling Inflation’s Bite and Realizing we’re Spoiled

The big question in 2023 is not going to be “Will there be food on the shelves,” but may be “Can people afford the food on the shelves?”
Sign saying inflation ahead. Image from BigStock.

Inflation: The Worst is Yet to Come

As gas prices start back up, it's clear the Biden Band-Aid didn't cure the problem and things are going to get worse before they get better.
A woman grocery shopping.

Saving Money as Inflation Pushes Up Food Costs

Five ways we are trying to control our food costs. Food inflation hit 11.4 percent in Augusts, is highest point since 1979.
Gas storage tanks in Switzerland

Is Hyperinflation Going to Destroy Europe?

As the price of energy in Europe skyrockets, it will drive hyperinflation in many industries that are dependent on natural gas.
Sign saying inflation ahead. Image from BigStock.

How to Live with High Inflation

Is it too late to prepare for inflation? Maybe, maybe not,but you can still learn how to live with it.
A $5 bill

Every Little Thing Now Costs $5

Inflation has gotten so bad that $5 is quickly becoming the cost for the least expensive items. We're going to need a $500 bill soon.
Personal inflation report

Don’t Expect Big Consumer Brands to Lower Prices Soon

Coca-cola, Unilever and Kimberly-Clark are just a few of the companies who say they will be raising prices again soon.
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Inflation Continues to Soar

After making large, sudden price increases, companies appear to be making smaller price increases more frequently.
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That Crash you Heard was the Housing Market

The 30-year mortgage exceeded 6 percent earlier this week, more than double last year’s rate. And its going to get worse.
t-shirts in a retail store

Deflation and Inflation at the Same Time

Can we really have inflation and deflation at the same time? Yes, especially when in a recession. Look for deals and snap them up.
Decimated cat food shelves at Walmart

Gas, Grain and Cat Food

We are seeing some positive news as gas prices steady and grain prices drop. Does this mean the crisis is behind us?
a tanker truck

Trucking During Inflation and High Diesel Prices

If the high cost of diesel is keeping trucks off the road, I could not tell on a recent road trip. Truck traffic remains high.
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Life as we know it Grinds to a Halt

The supply chain is a vast interconnected system. When one component fails, everything can grind to a halt.
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The Economy is Careening out of Control

The problem this country face is that the people who are supposed to be in charge of the economy don’t know what they are doing..
Barbershop offering haircuts for 10 cents.

Five Inflation Lessons we can Learn from Inflation the 1970s

The U.S. suffered through a decade of rising inflation and stagflation more than 40 years ago. What can we learn from those bad times?
A woman grocery shopping.

How Often do you Stop and Think, “Wow, that’s Expensive”

Sometimes when I say that out loud at a store, it leads to a conversation with a stranger equally outraged at the rising prices.
An 18-wheeler

Diesel is Suddenly our Achilles Heel

Without diesel fuel, trucks, ships, trains, tractors, and heavy equipment all fall silent. As a shortage looms, commerce may grind to a halt.
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Making Tough Choices and Sacrifices as Inflation Soars

As inflation rises, you are going to have to make some sacrifices. Decide now what you can give up and what you cannot live without so you can prepare.
Cargo ships in and around Shanghai

Think of the Pandemic as a Warm Up

China's lockdown of Shanghai and much of the surrounding area is having a detrimental affect on the supply chain as goods are not being produced or shipped.