The Pickled Prepper

We spent close to two years searching for our perfect prepper property. Follow along on our journey as we discovered what we wanted, how to conduct the best search, how to work with Realtors, resolving unexpected problems, and what happens after we made an offer.

Our Property Search


Our Prepper Property Search – Part 1

You can live in your house and bug out to your retreat, or you live at your retreat. We’re working towards the latter.
A farm in a valley

10 Tips for Buying Prepper Properties

We've seen 40 properties in multiple states, and its been a learning experience! Here are our top 10 property search tips for preppers seeking their forever home.
Driveway leading to a house you cannot see

A Prepper Journey

There are lots of reasons to find your “perfect prepper property,” including food independence, privacy, and survival.
A country home

Get Your Retreat or Country Home While You Still Can

The coronavirus is going to change our lives. One of the results is that more and more people will be working from home. That means they can work from anywhere.
A house listing on

Restarting Our Property Search

After months of looking online instead of in-person, we're heading out to look at prepper properties this weekend.
Mountain View

Prepper Diary June 8 – We Make an Offer

Our search for the perfect prepper property that is both our retreat and our permanent residence takes a big step closer.
Rock wall with missing grout.

Property Search: Our Home Inspection

Getting a home inspection done on any house you are buying (unless it is a tear down) is a critical step in the buying process. Depending on the results, you may be able to renegotiate the sale or even back out.
A steep uphill dirt road

We Explore Our Future Prepper Property

We walk the property, which is down a private road and halfway up a mountain.
The view from our deck

Prepper Diary July 26: We Close on our Prepper Property

After two years of searching, we finally spend our first night in our new property. There's work to be done, like eradicating the mice that call it home.
A view of the Appalachian Mountains from Tennessee. Photo by Joshua williams on Unsplash

August 3: Our First Step Towards Moving

We kicked off our move by renting a U-Haul and loading it with food and ammo. Dragging it up, over and around the mountains was a chore.

August 8 Diary and Update: Firewood Follies

This weekend, we focused on how to obtain firewood at our new prepper property. We need the wood to heat the house and keep our electric bill low.
A mountain view

August 26: Our Prepper Property Upgrades

We make a work trip to our Prepper Property to improve the kitchen, install new lighting, build shelving and move some more gear.
Samples of carpet color

August 27 Diary – Our Move Grows A Step Closer

We are getting closer to moving to our perfect prepper home by upgrading it and making cosmetic improvements to our existing home prior to selling it.
A house in the mountains. Photo by Rohan Gangopadhyay on Unsplash

September 7 Prepper Diary: We Celebrate Labor Day with Chores and...

We take an extra long weekend getaway to do chores at our prepper property, but we take time for some fun as well.
storage foods in buckets

Prepper Diary October 2: How to Build Your Food Storage Over...

We have buckets of long-term storage food. We have cans of dehydrated food. But we didn't build up this supply overnight. Live the prepper life and you can build up your supplies as well.
A work bench with tools

Prepper Diary October 6: It’s Been a Week of Chores

Never a dull day at Pete's Place as we've got chores to do and repairs to make as we get ready to move to our prepper property.
Covered wagon

Prepper Diary November 1: Bugging Out and on Being Charitable

Our old house is for sale so we're bugging out to the mountains. Moving has encouraged us to downsize and minimize.

Prepper Diary November 5: Our House Sells Quickly

It took months of cleaning, painting, repairing, and getting new carpet in the basement, but our house sold within days of listing.
A log cabin under construction.

Looks Like More Preppers are Moving to our Mountain

Apparently we are not the only folks who think this is a good area for prepping. Far from the cities and off the beaten track, it is attracting other preppers
a large fire

Crazy Real Estate Market Caused by People Fleeing Cities

After a recent renaissance in which cities where THE place to be, people are now fleeing large, urban areas and are desperate to buy rural property.
Crime Scene

We Know we Made the Right Decision when we Left the...

We've owned our Prepper Property for more than a year and lived in it full time for about six months. Talk about getting out while the getting was good!
We opted to live halfway up a mountain, far from the nearest city. Photo by skingery314 from Pixabay

Lesson Learned from One Year of Rural Living

One year in, we would move from the city to the mountains again. If you are looking to go rural, maybe you can benefit from our experiences.
A cabin or retreat in the mountains

Looking Back One Year After Buying Our Prepper Property

After living with our house hunting decision for a year, we look back on what we have learned and would do differently.
Average annual perciptation

It May be Time to Move

If you live in Southern California or in any of the states that draw water from the Colorado River, you might want to move before it is too late.
A house in the mountains

How to Start a Retreat from Scratch

Read the story of a family that bought raw land and built their own retreat, including the many steps they took.
A map showing potential fallout after a nuclear attack.

New Thoughts on What to Look for when Buying a Prepper...

The world has changed since we bought our prepper property. Here's what I'd look for today I didn't consider back then.
General Store Sign

The Importance of Fitting in at Your New Place

When you move to your retreat, you are leaving behind your local networks. It's important to fit in and try to build a new one.