A Prepper’s Property Search

Driveway leading to a house you cannot see

We spent close to two years searching for our perfect prepper property. Follow along on our journey as we discovered what we wanted, how to conduct the best search, how to work with Realtors, problems and how to resolve them, and what happens after we made an offer.

Our Prepper Property Search – Part 1

10 Tips for Buying Prepper Properties – Part 2

Our Prepper Journey – Part 3

Restarting Our Property Search – Part 4

We Make an Offer – Part 5

Get Your Retreat Property or Country Home While you Still Can – Part 6

Our Home Inspection – Part 7

We Explore our Future Prepper Property – Part 8

Prepping Diary July 5: Packing our Ammo – Part 9

Prepper Diary July 13: Our Property Search Draws to a Close – Part 10

Prepper Diary July 26: We Close on our Prepper Property – Part 11

The following posts are about our progress moving into and improving our property

August 3: Our First Step Towards Moving

August 8 Update: Firewood Follies

Photo credit: Dreamstime