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How to Avoid Chicken Feed Problems

Are your chickens laying normally this winter? Some are blaming a lack of eggs on Tractor Supply. Here's what to do if your egg production is down.
The U.S. Air Force has the right idea.

Prepare for War, Hate and Violence

A general just told the 50,000 troops under him to get some target practice, train harder, and get their legal affairs in order. That's good advice!
Electrical power lines

Power Outage Leaves 220 Million in the Dark

Over 90 percent of Pakistan lost power earlier this weak, causing multiple problems as phones, internet, trains and even water systems also failed.
A German Leopard 2 tank

Ukraine to Get More Tanks, Angering Russia

Germany approved the export of Leopard 2 tanks to Russia, which resulted in some heated rhetoric. But don't let it get you worked up.
A MAC-10 with a silencer

The Problem isn’t Bad Guns, it’s Bad People

Mass shooting aren't caused by guns. They are caused by people. To stop them, society needs to do a better job of raising well-adjusted people.
A woman not sure who she can trust.

Trust is Non-Existent as our Institutions Fail us

We can't trust social media, the legacy media, the FBI or our elected leaders. We can't even trust "the science." Who can you trust?
Stock market chart

What You can do if this is the Year of the...

Many are predicting a stock market collapse, a housing collapse, maybe the death of the petrodollar. What can you do to prepare?
A Ukrainian building destroyed by Russian attacks.

Ukraine War Poised to Escalate

It appears Russia is working its way towards launching another major offensive, possibly attacking Ukraine from two or three directions at once.
Man with gas mask and gun in a wasteland

Some People can’t Wait for the End of the World

What kind of prepper are you? Are you looking forward to the end of the world? Do you see it as a challenge or a threat?
Several varieties of rice are back in stock at Sam's Club, with prices from $11 to $17 per 25-pound bag.

Except for Eggs, Sam’s Club Shelves are Full

Is the threat of cooking oil and grain shortages caused by the war in Ukraine behind us. or yet to come? Because shelves were full.
An armed citizen shoots an armed robber.

Tacos and Armed Robbery: Is the Shooter a Hero?

Pete weighs in on the Houston taqueria shooting in which an armed diner shot an armed robber in the back eight times and then one in the head.
An array of spices. Photo by Marion Botella on Unsplash.

Don’t forget to Spice up your Prepper Pantry

If you have buckets of rice and bean and other staples in your prepping supplies, make sure you are storing spices to add some flavor.
pistol brace

Revised Pistol Brace Regulation Means we Face a Choice

The ATF's new regulations on pistol braces have upset many people. But it leaves owners in a quandary. Should we comply, and if so, how?
Chickens pecking at some scratch in their chicken run.

Bird Flu, Egg Prices and the Future

With the price of eggs and other staples soaring in the grocery store, consider raising your own food before you miss your chance.
Lawyers discussing documents.

Crime, Punishment, and Classified Documents

Both Trump and Biden mishandled secret documents, but how the cases are being handled is another example of what is wrong with the country.
A can of Keystone canned beef.

Things are Running Hot and Cold

Not only is the weather heating up, so is my life as everything gets busy at once. Still, I found a little time to prep.
My favorite sherpa-lined hoody

Singing the Praises of this Sherpa-Lined Hoodie

This sherpa-lined hoodie makes a great piece of all-around outerwear. It provides a surprising amount of warmth for less than $20.
The needle in the red means the electric fence isn't working.

My Bees and Electric Fence are Costing me Money

Homesteading takes investment of time ad money. Sometimes it is planned; other times it catches you by surprise.
Infected lungs show up white on CAT scans.

Is History Repeating Itself?

Am I experiencing a time warp, or does it seem like 2020 and the outbreak of COVID-19 is repeating itself? Get prepped for the next virus from China.
A homestead girl with goats

Take the Plunge! How to Get Out of the Cities While...

What's stopping you form moving to your prepper property? Are you afraid to leave the city? Worried about how you will make a living?
The capitol in Washington

The Politics of Selfishness and Corruption

All the fighting and debate in Congress is about money and power, both of which are caused by selfishness and contribute to corruption.
A train derailment

The Dirty War Behind the Lines

Train derailments. Fires. Explosions. Are they accidents or sabotage? Are the U.S. and Russia fighting a secret war behind enemy lines?
Two armed men in camouflage in the woods.

If you want Peace, Prepare for War

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, How prepared are you to defend yourself and your retreat from an attack?
Top preps from 2022

My Best Preps for 2022 and Plans for 2023

Reviewing our 2022 prepping accomplishments and looking ahead to what we plan to do in 2023.

Happy New Year; Things are Going to Get Worse

While so many look at the new year as a chance to start afresh, to wipe the slate clean, that may not be the case in 2023.
Frames pulled from beehives this summer but never harvested are use to feed the bees in the winter.

After the Blizzard, a Comparative Heatwave

The blizzard behind us, the warm temperatures provide relief for people and livestock and a chance to do homestead chores.
Celebrating an achievement

It’s not Supposed to be Easy

Is an obstacle holding you back? Are you facing adversity? Toughen up, buttercup, and use these attributes to overcome that obstacle.
Snow covered cars

The United States of the Unprepared

The vast majority of Americans are unprepared, making them easy victims for natural or man-made disasters. Will they learn from this recent blizzard?
COVID-19 healthcare worker

End of Zero-COVID Policy Creates Infection Explosion in China

After China's government abandoned their Zero-COVID policy, the infections have rapidly spread across the country. What does that mean for the rest of the world?
Snowy road image by Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay.

How we Survived the Christmas Weekend Blizzard

Temperatures here hit -4 with a windchill of -30. Then the power went out for 14 hours. Thankfully, we were prepared.
Manger scene

Merry Christmas

A short Christmas story, and best wishes from Pete to you and yours.