Is the Sh*t Hitting the Fan Yet?

Sometimes when the news is bad and it seems like every elected official is violating their oath to uphold the Constitution, you have to wonder how close the poop is to the impeller.

My mind is somewhat boggled. So much stuff is happening at once and very little of it is good. I have to ask myself, how far away is our SHTF moment?

When you have a parabolic curve, it climbs slowly, but before you know it is shooting straight up. I can’t help but wonder if we are at that inflection point. I hate to be an alarmist, but some days it seems like we must be approaching it.

There are protests in countries all over the world, including the U.S., France, Iran, Cuba, Guatemala, Tunisia, Australia, and South Africa. I expect they will get worse as shortages increase, prices rise, and we go into more lockdowns. In the U.S., I expect we will see protests as the end of the rent moratorium results in upwards of 12 million people unable to pay their past-due rent and now subject to eviction.

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Protests and Riots Erupt as Looting Spreads

These latest riots are worst than last year. They are far more violent than the protests in Cuba. Tensions are high.

Tell me what country this sounds like:

After a lack of response from the defunded police, protesters riot and smash small shops, hitting grocery stores and malls. Rioters stopped trucks on highways, stole their cargo. Grocery stores emptied fast as word of shortages spread. Bread is selling at four to five times its normal price, if you can find it, and there are lines at the few gas stations that still have fuel.

All this is taking place in South Africa, but if you thought it sounded like the U.S., no one could fault you. The parallels to last years “mostly peaceful” protests are eerily similar. They are far worse in South Africa than they were in Portland. Rioting covered a much larger area and left dozens dead.

This is the type of protest that can change regimes. ZeroHedge reports that South Africa is on the verge of civil war and says “What happens next in a country that is collapsing remains unknown.” We may not know, but we can safely say it won’t be good.

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How to Handle the loss of Police, Fire and EMS Service in an Economic Collapse

Shortages are bad, but we can stockpile goods and resort to barter. what will you do if the thin blue line disappears and there is no police, fire, EMS or sanitation?

This is part two of our how to handle an economic collapse series. Don’t miss yesterday’s part on how to handle shortages and outages caused by an economic collapse.

I wrote yesterday about how to handle shortages of food, gasoline and other goods. Today, we’ll look at how to handle slowdowns or a lack of services such as police, fire, EMS, and trash hauling and disposal, other potential signs of an economic collapse.

A deterioration of service locally, in a specific city or municipality, might be because of financial mismanagement, a lack of tax income, or other financial problems in that specific state or city. Under-funded pension systems that suck up municipal income, a loss of the tax base because of individuals d business have left the area, or corruption and mismanagement could all contribute to this on a local level. If we see cops and firefighter refusing to go to work because they haven’t been paid in multiple jurisdictions across the country, then this is one sign of a bigger problem.

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Prepare for More Riots in Minneapolis and Elsewhere

Tensions are high in Minneapolis and other cities as the prosecution of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd goes to the jury.

Closing statements at the Derek Chauvin trial concluded Monday, and the outcome is in the hands of the jury. No one knows whether they will reach a verdict in hours or days, but take the possibility of civil unrest into account when planning your week.

Some predict that Chauvin will be found not guilty of second or third degree murder in the death of George Floyd because Floyd’s heart disease and use of Fentanyl contributed to the death. While a manslaughter conviction is possible, it or a “not guilty” verdict might cause anger and civil unrest, culminating in destructive riots and looting.

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November 2: Europe Continues to See COVID-19 Cases Surge

Nine countries now are now reporting more than 1 million cases of coronavirus, with the United Kingdom the newest addition to that list.  While the U.S. remains ahead of India by more than 1 million cases 9.2 to 8.2 million), European countries are surging up the list as you can see in the table below, which compares this week’s case count to the numbers a week ago:

COVID-data from week ending 11/2/20
Countries with the most COVID-19 cases, as of Monday, 11/2/20. Data from Johns Hopkins.

In the past week, Spain moved up the list one spot, surpassing Argentina, while the UK climbed past Mexico and Peru.  It appears the virus is receding in South American while it booms in the northern hemisphere.  Italy climbed one spot while Germany is up three, surpassing Chile, Iraq and Bangladesh.  The Ukraine also moved up while Belgium and Poland joined the list of countries with the most cases for the first time, knocking off Turkey and the Philippines.

While the rate of growth slowed by 3 percent in France and the UK, it grew in Italy (from 27 to 35 percent) and Germany (20 to 25 percent).

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October 20: How to Avoid Election Day Violence

Election Day is a chance to exercise your civic responsibilities, but this year it may result in civil unrest.

In urban centers around the country, voters are worrying about the possibility of Election Day violence or protests and Riots in the days and weeks following.  In general, the greatest concern appears to be that if President Trump wins re-election, the left and their violent cohorts like Antifa and BLM will riot in the streets even more than they do now.

A best case scenario is that there is an overwhelming victory on Election Day that cannot be overturned by uncounted mail-in ballots and the losing side acknowledges this and concedes.  This might still result in unrest, as Trump’s election in 2016 resulted in protests, but a clear mandate might mitigate a widespread response.  (Note we said “might.”)

If one party wins with the Electoral College but not the popular vote, this could set the stage for anger and violence, as many of those who attended liberal public schools have no idea why the Electoral College exists.

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September 10: Police Chiefs Should do this Instead of Resigning

While we understand why a police chief might resign in protest, we suggest they uphold the law and push back against liberal mayors.

I have no doubt that it is tough to be a police chief.  Your Mayor and city council don’t want you to actually enforce the laws.  They vote to take away your ability to use tear gas and rubber bullets, which endangers your officers.  You have to sit there and watch the city that you are sworn to protect burn when every fiber of your being scream to get your men out there and make some arrests.  But when you do make arrests, you have to see the criminals be let out of jail by prosecutors who have let politics rather than laws decide their cases.

I don’t blame you for wanting to resign, but I say hold tough, make the fire you.  Most police chiefs are hired for four or five year terms. They have a contract. Don’t give them an easy way out by resigning.

Instead, do your job and let your officers do theirs.  Arrest the criminals.  If they don’t allow to use tear gas, then use pepper spray.  If they don’t let you use rubber bullets, than issue paintball guns.  Allow your officers on riot duty to use their batons on fleshy body parts, like thighs and arms.  Leave a bruise the rioter will remember. It may be the only penalty the suffer

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September 1: The Math is Easy, No Consequences Means More Riots

Until district attorneys and prosecutors start holding rioters responsible and making them face some serious consequences, riots will just continue.

It seems that some mayors, governors, and district attorneys – and possibly some voters — need to remember psychology 101 or child psych to figure how to deal with rioters. 

Let me give you an example from child psychology:

You are going shopping and you take you four year old.  Before you go, you tell your child, “If you are good while we are shopping, we will stop at McDonalds on the way home so you can get a happy meal and play.” This is a positive way to establish the kind of behavior you expect.  “So you want to go to McDonalds?  Yes, then you just have to be good the whole time we are shopping, even if you get tired.  Can you do that?”

Then, as you drive to the shopping center, you point out the  McDonalds and you say, “Remember, if you are good today, we’re going to stop by on the way home.”  This reinforcement is necessary because little kids have short memories.

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August 29: Hurricanes, Riots and Guns, Oh My!

Hurricane Laura is bringing heavy rain to the Mid Atlantic sates while protesters are bringing spray paint, fireworks and violence to cities across the country.

The death toll for Hurricane Laura has climbed to 14 in the U.S. and more than 800,000 people are without power.  Remnants of the storm headed north into Arkansas before heading east today, bringing heavy rains and wind across the Mid-Atlantic states and parts of the South. 

The 12th named storm of the year, Laura came ashore earlier than any other L-named storm in history.  Future storms are still possible and could target vulnerable sections of the Gulf or East Coast. Prep now, before it is too late.

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August 27: Hurricane Laura Thunders Ashore

Hurricanes, riots, looting, shootings, a rising crime rate and failing cities make this an excellent time to embrace prepping.

Hurricane Laura roared ashore in the middle of the night, hitting Lake Charles, La., and the surrounding area.  Early reports are that there is extensive damage to buildings, including commercial buildings in the downtown area.  Winds and storm surge were so high that calls for rescue by those who refused to evacuate have had to go unanswered.

While folks in Louisiana and Texas braced for a natural disaster, man-made problems erupted across the country. Rioting and looting broke out again in Minneapolis after an armed suspect sought by police committed suicide.  Security cameras recorded him shooting himself but this incident still provided all the excuse locals needed to attack Target CVS, Walgreens, Foot Locker, a liquor store, apparel stores, and multiple restaurants.

Seems like some folks are just looking for an excuse to loot.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Convention speakers are using the violent protests, rising crime rates and defund the police movement to drive home their point that Democrats are soft on crime socialists who have no problem destroying businesses and want to release criminals from jail.  The riots may have been intended to create chaos and weaken the president but as things get out of hand the pendulum is swinging the other direction. 

COVID-19 By the Numbers

The U.S. reported 44,934 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours as well as an additional 1,193 deaths. Global cases have surpassed 24.27 million while deaths were up over 7,000.