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Grocery shopper in an aisle

Are You seeing Food Shortages and Empty Shelves Again?

Are India's rice export restrictions and threats to Ukrainian shipping causing panic buying and another food shortage?
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Why there are More Supply Chain Problem in our Future

Whether we see economic warfare or a shooting war with China, you should prepare for it to generate supply chain problems.
Several varieties of rice are back in stock at Sam's Club, with prices from $11 to $17 per 25-pound bag.

Except for Eggs, Sam’s Club Shelves are Full

Is the threat of cooking oil and grain shortages caused by the war in Ukraine behind us. or yet to come? Because shelves were full.
Chickens pecking at some scratch in their chicken run.

Bird Flu, Egg Prices and the Future

With the price of eggs and other staples soaring in the grocery store, consider raising your own food before you miss your chance.
Bird flu is driving up the cost of eggs again.

Egg Shortage Spreads to Costco and Sam’s Club

Even club stores that often have several pallets of eggs in their coolers are being affected by the egg shortage.
A partially empty shelf at Walmart

Walmart Inventory Errors Lead to Out of Stock

I made a trip to Walmart for something the computer said was in stock. Turns out they have some pretty bad inventory problems.
A handful of pills and tablets.

Drug Shortages are Happening More Often and Lasting Longer

The problem seems to be shortages of raw materials and manufacturing problems that lead to plants being shut down.
Barge traffic on the Mississippi

Supply Chain Threats Suddenly Appear

War, drought and politics once again threaten our food, energy and the supply chain, no doubt leading to more inflation.
Sam's Club packed to the rafters

Feeling Inflation’s Bite and Realizing we’re Spoiled

The big question in 2023 is not going to be “Will there be food on the shelves,” but may be “Can people afford the food on the shelves?”
Bird flu is driving up the cost of eggs again.

It’s Back… Bird Flu Returns

In most cases, avian influenza doesn't survive the summer as high temps kill off the virus. That's not the case this year.