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Why The Coming Food Shortage will be Worse than we Expect

The coming food crisis is going to be worse than people expect. Here are warning signs to look for and things you can do to protect yourself.
Close up of wheat ready to be harvested.

World’s Second Largest Wheat Producer Halts Exports

India just joined the growing number of countries implementing some kind of food protectionism. Isn't it time you stored some grains for your family?
a tanker truck

Will Diesel Rationing Happen on the East Coast?

As diesel stocks drop to their lowest level in decades, potential shortages could lead to rationing of diesel fuel on the East Coast.
An 18-wheeler

Diesel is Suddenly our Achilles Heel

Without diesel fuel, trucks, ships, trains, tractors, and heavy equipment all fall silent. As a shortage looms, commerce may grind to a halt.
Grocery store shelf picked clean. Photo by Isaiah Villar on Unsplash.

Historic Fertilizer Crunch Threatens Food Security

As the fertilizer shortage strikes, farmers across the world expect their yields to drop, making the coming food shortage even worse.
Potatoes in a garden

It’s Time to Raise Some of your Own Food

Raising some of your own food can help you add valuable calories to your diet and and save money, but you need to start now.
A field of wheat being harvested

FBI Warns of Targeted Cyber Attacks On Food Plants

The FBI warned that cyber attacks on attack could potentially "significantly disrupt" not only our food supply but the economy.
Firefighters fight a large structure fire.

How Many Coincidences does it Take to Become too Many?

At what point are there so many coincidences it doesn't pass the smell test? What are they covering up and not telling us?
Cargo ships in and around Shanghai

Think of the Pandemic as a Warm Up

China's lockdown of Shanghai and much of the surrounding area is having a detrimental affect on the supply chain as goods are not being produced or shipped.
A forlorn shopping cart, representing food shortages.

Corn Exceeds $8 A Bushel For First Time In Decade

Concerns about the coming food shortage caused corn futures to close at their highest level in a decade.