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The dog needs to be walked even in the rain, but some chores must be delayed due to bad weather.

Spring Rains Slow Homestead Projects

Just when it transitioned from cold weather to warm, the rains started, drowning out many of our homesteading chores.
High temperatures threaten both the power grid and the coastline.

Summer Heatwave Threatens Electric Grid, Coastal Cities

High temperatures threaten the power grid in Texas and the Midwest while warm ocean temperatures likely mean a strong 2024 hurricane season.
The national Weather Services predicts a hooter-than-normal summer for much of the U.S.

The Heat is On for Much of the U.S.

The national Weather Services predicts a hooter-than-normal summer for much of the U.S.
A neighbor who is clearing some land brought us these logs of future firewood.

Congratulations! You Made it Halfway through Winter

We're halfway through winter, but anything can happen weather wise, especially in February. Don't let warm weather get your hopes up
A chicken dares to come out of the coop despite the snow.

Cold and Hazardous Conditions on the Homestead

Despite bone-chilling cold, dangerous driveways and roads, and days of snow, we successfully survived the blast of winter weather.
In the snow, everything looks black and white.

The Arctic Blast Arrives

Snow and bitter cold make homestead chores more difficult, but the chickens seem to tolerate it OK as long as they get food and water.
A mountain snowstorm

Prepping for the Big Chill

Are you prepped for a polar vortex and all the challenges it can bring? Your best bet is to stay home and ensure you have a backup heat source.
Our dog in the snow

Winter Weather Strikes, With More Expected on Friday

A winter storm swept up the East Coast, bringing everything from flooding to tornadoes to blizzard-like conditions. Another storm is expected Friday.
Map of weather anomalies

Winter is Back in Our Neck of the Woods

Pete is "lucky" enough to live in the one section of the country where the winter temps are normal or close to it. Looks like a cold January.
A cold, snowy city street.

Harsh Weather Coming to Eastern U.S.

Heavy rain will start in the South and turn to snow as it heads north over the next few days. Be prepared.