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Chevy pickup truck in the snow

Planning for Winter and Other Small Challenges

With winter just around the corner, this is the time to winterize your vehicle and make sure your car emergency kit will help keep you warm and well fed.
A wet, gloomy day

Hurricane Nicole Brings the Rain

A rainy day gives a much-needed rest from outdoor activities, helps the drought, and heralds the beginning of winter
Tropical Storm Coming to Florida

Tropical Storm to Hit East Coast This Week Upgraded to Hurricane

Computer models predict this future tropical storm is coming to Florida this week before heading up the East Coast bringing rain and flash floods.
A gray day with dead, brown plants

Heading into the Gray Days of Winter

The pretty autumn leaves have given way to dead, brown oak leaves and gray skies as the fun days of fall give way to the gray days of winter
A black bear

There’s a Bear Out There

Bears and warmer weather return to the homestead. Hopefully we'll see the last of the bears once it turns cold again and stays cold.
A women's hands clenching a blanket.

Keeping Warm in a Cold House

As energy costs rise and natural gas grows scarce in Europe, people need to find new ways to keep warm at home.
Hurricane Ian as seen from Space before it hits Florida.

Lessons from Hurricane Ian, Before it Hits

Hurricane Ian is bearing down on the West Coast of Florida, an area ill prepared for it. Even before it hits, we can learn from it.
Hurricane evacuation route signage

Hurricane Ian Heads for Florida

Florida has declared a state of emergency as Tropical Storm Ian, soon to become a major hurricane, bears down on it.
NOAA Flash Flooding Risk Map for 9-9-22

Floods from Tropical Storm Kay to Hit California, Possibly Nevada

Hurricane Kay is heading to Southern California. Flooding from hurricanes can be very dangerous and often causes more loss of life than high winds.
After a snow storm

Start your Fall and Winter Preps Now

The best time to prepare for fall and winter weather is before it sets in. This is the ideal time to get your autumn chores done.