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Prepper News Update

Texas Faces Record High Temps into Next Week

The drought in Texas is turning into a heatwave this weekend with temperatures in the high 90s and even reaching 100 expected in some parts.
Five frames of bees

Checking on my Bees; My Beekeeping Reputation Depends on their Survival

With my beekeeping reputation on the line, I was hoping for at least two of my three hives to make it through the winter.
The Lorob Bees oxalic acid vaporizer

Rain, More Rain, Snow, and Gassing my Bees

We got warm weather, but there was no sun, just rain and more rain. As soon as it clears up and warms up, we're going to kill some varroa mites.
A cold, snowy city street.

Temperatures Plummet as Artic Blasts Heads South to Texas

Another storm with an artic blast is coming. This time, it;s heading to the Midwest and as far south as Texas.
Out water pipe runs up the left of this old logging road.

Bitter Cold Headed Our Way

Cold temperatures are sweeping the U.S. with frost warnings in Florida and blizzard warnings in the Northeast. We're looking at sub-zero temperatures.
Our dog in the snow

A Warm and Sunny 16 Degrees

After a couple days of blowing snow and sub zero temperatures, a sunny day was a welcome respite. The days are getting longer, too.
at a cost under $6.50, this headlamp was a bargain.

Winter Storm, High Winds Arrive with a Vengeance

Its been on the news for days before it finally manifested, the winter had such high winds I consider it to have been a blizzard. And it's not over yet.
man in gas mask

Quick Updates and Some Thoughts on Burning Issues

Am I the only one who feel like multiple issues are coming to a head? They say Joe Biden has had a bad week, but he could be leading the country into an even worse time.
A mountain snowstorm

Viral Storm Ignored in Face of a Serious Snow Storm

This area is getting whacked by Omicron, but people are busy preparing for a major snowstorm threatening to hit our mountain community.
A cold, snowy city street.

Super Cold Temps Hit U.S.; How to Stay Warm

As temperatures plunge in New England, there are fears that there might not be enough power generation to meet demand.