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Food Crisis to last Three Years

A U.S. official predicts the current food crisis will be a "multiyear" problem.
A field of wheat being harvested

Record Diesel Prices are Crushing Farmers

The crushing reality of record diesel fuel prices is pushing farmers to the brink and may affect food availability.
Pigs are a low-cost source of protein.

Largest Pork Company in the US Shuts Down California Plant

Fewer pigs, a low-cost source of protein, will be butchered once Smithfield shuts down their California processing plant to due high costs.
A frost free water hydrant commonly used on farms and homesteads.

California Orders Thousands of Farmers and Cities to Stop Pumping Water

California regulators ordered thousands of large users of water to stop using water from the Sacramento and San Joquin rivers and watershed.
A distraught man in Ukraine.

These Troubled Times are Here to Stay

If history is a guide, high inflation and energy crises are difficult to address and may affect us for years to come. There is no easy cure,
Inflation is soaring. Image based on an image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Looming Price-Hikes On Food Set To Hit Americans Even Harder

Although rising food prices are already hitting Americans in their wallets, the worst is yet to come as more food inflation is expected.
The odd egg was laid by a different breed of hen.

Concerns Over Egg Shortages Grow

Although we have not heard as much about bird flu over the past week or two, egg shortages persist and prices are rising.
There was plenty of flour at our Sam'e Club in late May of 2022.

Is my Food Stockpile Complete Yet?

We looked for signs of the food shortage at Sam's Club but found only signs of intermittent supply chain disruptions.
An empty rice display at Sam's CLub

Warning Sign: Foods Out of Stock items at Sam’s Club

Only 56 percent of the items on my Sam’s Club grocery list were in stock at my local store. The food shortage is about to become real.
money getting vacuumed up

How I Plan to Manage High Inflation and Rising Costs

Tactics and techniques to deal with inflation, maximize your dwindling money, and how to get the most for the least.