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10 Spam Recipes for Preppers

Price of Spam Could Increase as Hormel Workers Strike

Workers at the largest Hormel plant are set to strike if the company doesn't cut them in on some of the profits the company made in the past 12 months
These young raccoons observed our late-night dog walk from a tree and we observed them back.

It has Been a Wild Week on the Homestead

Our local wildlife becomes more visible as winter approaches and they are trying to pack on the pounds. Also some unrelated comments about inflation.
storage foods in buckets

How Would you Spend Two Grand on Prepping?

If you had $2,000 to spend on prepping, what would you buy and why? Pete outlines some options and gives his recommendation.
Sealed jars of pasta with oxygen abosorbers.

Quick and Inexpensive Additions to our Prepper Pantry

I've had enough of paying $3 to $10 for canned meat and turned to this inexpensive solution for my prepper pantry. Its about $25 cents per serving.
A canoe is an excellent post-SHTF survival vehicle and tool.

Weight Loss During a Wilderness Survival Trial

We analyze a five-day wilderness excursion and uses it to discuss the demands and pitfalls of bugging out to the wilderness.
Grocery shopper in an aisle

Are You seeing Food Shortages and Empty Shelves Again?

Are India's rice export restrictions and threats to Ukrainian shipping causing panic buying and another food shortage?
A packed refrigerator

Living Without Refrigeration: Annoyance or Disaster?

Our refrigerator died during the hottest week of the year. and took more than a week to repair. Here's how we handled it.
Sam Thayer’s Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Eastern and Central North America

Book Review: Sam Thayer’s Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants

If you plan to forage for food after the SHTF, you need this book. An excellent resource for the prepper, homesteaded or bush crafter who wants to live off the land.
Pallets of rice at Sam's Club

India Bans Rice Exports As Global Grain Shortage Looms

India has banned rice exports, sending shock waves through the global marketplace and threatening higher food prices.
Slices of canned ham in the frying pan.

What’s Better for Preppers: Canned Ham or Spam?

Which is better for preppers? Canned ham or Spam? Or are they so similar there is little or no difference? Pete evaluates both.