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A big pot of stew.

The Pluses and Minuses of Feeding People After the SHTF

You have lots of food stored up, but can you afford to feed others after the SHTF? What about the health and welfare of your family?
The days of the dime store are long gone.

The Five and Dime is now the $5 and $10

In my lifetime, the dime store became the dollar store and now it might as well be the $5 and $10 store. Thanks, inflation.
Ammo box

Should I Buy Food or Ammo?

Should you spend your prepper dollars on food or ammo? Read this to see what I did with my $250.
Barge traffic on the Mississippi

Supply Chain Threats Suddenly Appear

War, drought and politics once again threaten our food, energy and the supply chain, no doubt leading to more inflation.
Sam's Club packed to the rafters

Feeling Inflation’s Bite and Realizing we’re Spoiled

The big question in 2023 is not going to be “Will there be food on the shelves,” but may be “Can people afford the food on the shelves?”
Prepper pantry

‘Best Before’ Labels scrutinized – Preppers were Right All Along

More proof that "best if used by" dates on shelf stable and canned foods mean little or nothing. Don't throw out those foods!
Dirty baffles from a partially disassembled Banish 30 suppressor

Cold Weather, More Suppressor Fun, and Augason Farms

After the cold weather sets in, Pete tackles the surprisingly difficult job of cleaning his suppressor and does some online shopping.
A field of wheat being harvested

Disappointing U.S. Harvest Hurts Food Supply

Hot dry weather in the Midwest and drought in the West hurt U.S. crop yields. Combined with the war in Ukraine, food will be tight.
A woman grocery shopping.

Saving Money as Inflation Pushes Up Food Costs

Five ways we are trying to control our food costs. Food inflation hit 11.4 percent in Augusts, is highest point since 1979.
A bowl of rice

India To Tax Wheat Exports

As floods hit rice production in India and Pakistan, and drought cuts production in the U.S., India raises taxes on rice exports.