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The cans of Augason Farms food I ordered arrived undented.

Buying Number 10 Cans on Sale

Pete takes advantage of a sale to add a few more #10 cans to his long term storage. A 50-percent off sale is hard to pass up.
A family enjoying porridge for breakfast.

Why is One of the Best Prepper Meals Ignored?

This may sound like a plain, boring meal, but it kept generations alive for thousands of years. When he SHTF, don't ignore this meal.
5 and 6-gallon pails of rice and beans

Protein Sources for Preppers

The average American gets more than 50 percent of their protein from meat and dairy. Are you prepared for those sources to dry up in a disaster?
Keystone canned meats for sale at Walmart and other stores make great prepper meals.

I Found the Needle in the Haystack

How to incorporate canned meats into your long term food storage program to help you survive the coming bad times.
Canned food is one component of your food storage program.

Building Your Food Storage in Three Easy Steps

Pete discusses how to build your food storage program, what to buy, what to avoid, and how much food is enough.
An AI-generated image of what a looted grocery store might look like several days after a grid-down event.

Can you Survive the Hungry Hordes in a Grid-Down Event?

When people grow hungry, the start to get desperate, and when there is no rule of law, they can be a threat. Are you prepared for mass starvation?
One shelf of canned goods in Pete's Prepper Pantry.

Canned Goods Versus MREs for Bugging In or Out

Canned foods and MREs can all be part of your preps, but they good for different things. We look a why you should probably store both.
Tractors are one of many diesel-powered vehicles that are necessary to produce food on a large scale.

Farmers Win Big in Europe

Protests paid off for farmers across the European Union as the European Commission removed plans to cut agriculture pollution 30 percent.
canned meat on sale at Sam's Club in January 2024

A Good Time to Stock Up at Sam’s Club

It's been a few months since our last trip to Sam's, so we were pleased to find items on sale. Perhaps prices are pulling back slightly.
A bowl of rice

Rice Prices Climb to 15-year High

Rice prices have climbed 50 percent since 2022, reaching highs last seen in 2008, when markets collapsed during the Great Recession.