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Produce in a grocery store.

A Mile-long Line for Free Food

While we've been worrying about food shortages, the real problem for many has been a shortage of money to buy food.
A man transplanting a plant in the garden

Make this the Year You Garden

With the way the world looks today, there has never been a better time to plant a garden. If the SHTF, you will value every calorie you produce.
Dried goods for your prepper pantry. Photo by Aaron Doucett on Unsplash.

Food “Expiration Dates” are not Expiration Dates

As we have said all along, "best by" dates on food packaging are recommendations and not a sign you should throw them out.
Several varieties of rice are back in stock at Sam's Club, with prices from $11 to $17 per 25-pound bag.

Except for Eggs, Sam’s Club Shelves are Full

Is the threat of cooking oil and grain shortages caused by the war in Ukraine behind us. or yet to come? Because shelves were full.
An array of spices. Photo by Marion Botella on Unsplash.

Don’t forget to Spice up your Prepper Pantry

If you have buckets of rice and bean and other staples in your prepping supplies, make sure you are storing spices to add some flavor.
A can of Keystone canned beef.

Things are Running Hot and Cold

Not only is the weather heating up, so is my life as everything gets busy at once. Still, I found a little time to prep.
Bird flu is driving up the cost of eggs again.

Egg Shortage Spreads to Costco and Sam’s Club

Even club stores that often have several pallets of eggs in their coolers are being affected by the egg shortage.
Grocery shopper in an aisle

How Long will Grocery Shopping Remain Safe?

With growing organized retail theft and rising crime, grocery shopping may become unsafe sooner than you think.
A big pot of stew.

The Pluses and Minuses of Feeding People After the SHTF

You have lots of food stored up, but can you afford to feed others after the SHTF? What about the health and welfare of your family?
The days of the dime store are long gone.

The Five and Dime is now the $5 and $10

In my lifetime, the dime store became the dollar store and now it might as well be the $5 and $10 store. Thanks, inflation.