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When I was a kid, I thought my future would involve space trave; and any aliens we dealt with would be from other star systems, not South and Central American

The Future that Withered on the Vine

When I was a boy, the future looked bright. Now that I am living in that future, it's pretty disappointing. I blame the politicians.
An AI generated image of hippies, the generation that sought to change the world for the better and ruined it instead.

The Future that Wasn’t So Bright

When I was a kid, the future of this country seemed so bright. We were world leaders, winners, and special. Today. not so much.
Is the FBI using AI to parse data search for clues?

Is the FBI Monitoring you Online Behavior?

The government is using lists of people who watch YouTube videos to track down criminals. What would your viewing history tell them?
My latest project, an AR-15 style pistol

A Personal Pistol Brace Update

I hid my pistol arm braces so well, now that they are legal to use again, I can't find two out of the three.
pistol brace

Rethinking my use of Arm Braces on Pistols

According to experts, it is now completely legal to dig your arm braces out of whatever hole you hid them in and put them on your pistols again.
Honey Badger AR pistol

Courts Hand Gun Owners Two Big Wins

Two court cases handed down last week set the ATF back on their heels and gave gun owners a big win in the battle against government overreach
Gaza at war

The Gaza Invasion Begins, the Manipulation Continues

As Israel attacks Gaza, expect the rhetoric to grow worse, the distractions to increase, and the news manipulation to grow worse.
COVID-19 is back.

Inside the Coming COVID Crackdown

The government is trying to bring back the fear of COVID, leveraging it to gain control of the populace. Don't let them.
The Supreme Court Justices who just concluded their term and are now on recess.

Thank the Founders for the Courts

Thanks to a divided Congress, the courts are one of the few checks on the abuse of executive powers and government overreach.
The Fifth circuit Court of Appeals just granted an injunction in the pistol brace rule, but only for some people.

Big Last Minute Wins in the Pistol Brace Lawsuits

It's been a bad week in court for government agencies and a good week for those of us opposed to the ATF's pistol brace rule.