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The Fifth circuit Court of Appeals just granted an injunction in the pistol brace rule, but only for some people.

Big Last Minute Wins in the Pistol Brace Lawsuits

It's been a bad week in court for government agencies and a good week for those of us opposed to the ATF's pistol brace rule.
My latest project, an AR-15 style pistol

One Week Left for Pistol Brace Deadline

The grace period for compliance with the ATF's pistol brace rule goes into effect in a week, ready or no. Here are Pete's plans.
There's such a thing as too much safety.

Safety is Just an Excuse

The government is constantly looking for new ways to tell you what you can and cannot do. Safety regulations are being used to control you. Fight back.
Image of a Fox news video showing the "controlled burn" in East Palestine, Ohio

Is the Government to Blame for the East Palestine Environmental Disaster?

In my opinion, the true environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, is not the chemical spill , but the decision to “blow up” the chemicals.
The Supreme Court

New Supreme Court Decisions to Reign In Government Agencies

Recent decisions by Supreme Court send a warning shot over the bow of Federal agencies and help limit government overreach.
politician who's nose is growing

The Government is Lying to Us

The government and politicians lie to us, the media amplifies it, and social media endorses it. Don't be fooled. Question everything.
$100 bills

When Your Money is Not Your Money

Your money in the bank may not be as safe as you think. It's not robbers you have to worry about, it's the government and courts.
Shooter in ghilliesuit with a suppressed rifle.

If they Want Enemies, they will get Enemies

Sometimes, when you go around designating people your enemies, you may actually create an enemy where none existed.
Barb wire surrounding a prison camp.

COVID Drives Governments to Totalitarian Edge

As COVID-19 bounces back, governments double down on restrictions even though they have proved insufficient in the past.
Eroding trust. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

It’s Getting so you can’t Trust our Institutions

Trust is one of those things that keeps our society running smoothly, yet it is disappearing as we lose faith in our politicians and institutions.