The Gaza Invasion Begins, the Manipulation Continues

It’s Time to Step up your Preps and be Hyper Prepared

Gaza at war
Gaza at war

Three weeks after Hamas crossed “the wall” and massacred some 1,400 Israelis, the Israeli Defense Force is now crossing into Gaza and attacking Hamas. While conflicting stories are leaking out, one thing is clear: It’s going to be an ugly war in which thousands more die.

I wrote before about how the Israelis delayed the assault because the U.S. needed time to build up its defenses, but I believe there is another important reason for the delay: a desire to downplay the war to the U.S. audience.

The tactic is working. A portion of the public is already ignoring the war in Gaza. Some people just don’t care. Others care more about the death of Matthew Perry. (I’ve never seen a celebrity death get so much coverage.) The killing spree in Maine and the search for the perpetrator also knocked the war off the front pages for several days. (And rumor has it they found the killer with two gunshots in his head. Have you ever heard of anyone with two self-inflicted head wounds?)

Manipulation and Distraction

Over the past two presidential elections, we dealt with fake news, bots on Twitter, biased reporting, and Russian collusion dossiers that were fabricated to point a finger. Now they are going beyond fake news and into outright news manipulation. Distractions like mass killers and celebrity deaths are just the tip of the iceberg. Remember, only 10 percent of the iceberg shows on the surface, but it’s the 90 percent you don’t see that will sink you. If you rely on social media and mainstream news, you are not getting the facts.

We have a president who appears confused, lost, and incoherent. Sometimes he mumbles, other times he whispers, and then shouts. He may still be able to read a teleprompter, but he needs a cheat sheet at press conferences and he cannot consistently walk upstairs. He probably belongs in a long-term care facility’s memory unit rather than the situation room or the oval office.

We have a vice president who is much younger but no more capable. Apparently a diversity hire with little or no real-world experience, she is unlikeable and has accomplished nothing in almost three years in that office. She is the person the administration gives projects to when they want the project to die, as we can see with the border and illegal immigration.

The democrats are stuck with a presidential ticket that would be a lost cause in any normal election, so they dusted off the script for Wag the Dog and used it as a starting point. Distract the country with a war and arrest your competitor. If that doesn’t work, add a second war. Fire a few thousand missiles, drop a few hundred bombs, flatten a few cities, threaten the use of nuclear weapons, and hope the voters will forget inflation, open borders, the bungled Afghanistan withdrawal, the side effects of the COVID shots, and your bad energy policies.

Unintended Consequences

What the presidential planners, liars, and manipulators never seem to remember is that actions—even when intended to manipulate and fool people—often have unintended consequences. Those open borders could mean sleeper cells in the U.S. ready to wreak havoc. Those easy-on-crime policies intended to attract urban voters are alienating the urban poor who get preyed upon by the criminals. And those pesky Middle Eastern countries could attack American bases and ships. Then it won’t be for show, it will be for real, and neither Bidenomics nor the woke military can handle that.

The Biden Administration, regardless of who is actually at the helm, may be setting the country up for failure as an unintended consequence of desperately seeking to set the president up for re-election.

That’s why we need to keep prepping. We need to stack it higher and pile it deeper because we have a ruling class that cares more about its power than it does about your survival. When the SHTF, they will be in deep bunkers, surrounded by highly trained military personnel, eating lobster thermidor on sterling silver trays with while we’re hiding under a hasty shelter in the forest scraping the last of the corned beef hash out of a can with a pocket knife.

Be Prepared

It should come as no surprise that a website with the word “prepper” in it encourages you to be prepared, but consider this to be a reminder to move from condition yellow to condition orange. Step it up; be hyper-prepared. That means:

  • Be prepared for sudden action, whether it is defensive action against a mass killer, a terrorist sleeper cell, or a simple carjacker. Don’t get caught off guard.
  • Know what your triggers are and be prepared to leave what you are doing on a moment’s notice to bug out. Update your EDC bag, your bug out pack, your vehicle survival kit, and your plans. Make sure everyone in the family is on board with the plan and knows their role. Have a story to tell your employer if you have to bug out. (Our standard was “So-and-so just entered hospice; I need to live right now.” It works for most jobs and schools.)
  • Have your batteries charged, a few bottles of water, some cash, a full tank of gas, and a couple spare magazines in your vehicle. Whether you are going or staying, be ready.

You need to be ready to protect you and yours; no one else cares about them like you do. Don’t count on the cops, don’t trust the government, and don’t expect anything form the FEMA other than martial law and concentration camps. (Oops, I mean refugee camps.)

Under our premise of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, there is always the possibility you won’t need your plans and your preps, but do you want to count on that? I’m not.