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Chevy pickup truck in the snow

The Challenges of Bugging out in Winter

Your bugout plans may be perfect nine months of the year, but have you ever considered what a winter storm will do to them? Time to inter-proof your plans.
Packing a suitcase prior to bugging out

Should you Bug Out if we go to War?

if the war spread beyond Israel and Gaza to involved Iran and the U.S., will you bug out or hunker down. Pete shares some plans.
A canoe is an excellent post-SHTF survival vehicle and tool.

Weight Loss During a Wilderness Survival Trial

We analyze a five-day wilderness excursion and uses it to discuss the demands and pitfalls of bugging out to the wilderness.
survival cache

Three Die Trying to Survive in the Wilderness

The recent death of three who tried to make a go of it in the Colorado wilderness raises questions about plans to bug out and live in the wild.
packets of drink mixes

Beyond Water – Survival Beverages for Bugging Out

Preppers concentrate so much on water, but sometimes there is value in going beyond water or even enhancing it.
Hurricane Ian as seen from Space before it hits Florida.

This is what Happens when you Rely on the Government

Fingers are being pointed at Florida officials who some say waited to long to evacuate Lee County, but people need to take responsibility for themselves.
snowy mountain cabin

The Single Biggest Reason to Move to the Country

When the SHTF, you want miles, mountains, bridges, and other obstacles between you and the Golden Horde pouring out of the cities.
A hidden forest cabin

The Forgotten Prep; Beyond Food and Water

Preppers concentrate on food and water so much they sometimes neglect their prepper shelter. Are you ready to survive live without utilities?
A cabin or retreat in the mountains

How to Find Your Survival Retreat

Having a retreat is one of the ultimate prepper dreams, but you don't have to buy one, you just need to identify a place that will welcome you.
Traffic heading out of a city

Signs it may be Time to Bugout

We all know that its important to be amoung the first to bug out or escape, but how do you make that decision? We look at some signs its time to bug out.