This is what Happens when you Rely on the Government

Hurricane Ian as seen from Space before it hits Florida.
Hurricane Ian as seen from Space before it hit Florida. Photo courtesy of NASA.

An article analyzing when Lee Country officials in Florida ordered an evacuation seems to lay the blame on them for many of the deaths caused by Hurricane Ian when it came assure, bringing a huge storm surge with it.

What the article misses is that people need to be responsible for themselves. Reliance on the government should be your last resort. Self-reliance should be your first resort. If you live in a low-lying area that frequently floods and a hurricane is baring down on you, why would you wait for local officials to tell you to evacuate? Get in the car and leave. No car? Then call someone to come get you. Even taking an Uber 20 miles inland could have saved people’s lives.

When it doubt, get out. Better to evacuate too early than too late. And don’t rely on the government who make decisions on a county-wide or state-wide basis. Take responsibility for yourself. Make decisions based on your situation and on information you gather.

Published 10/14/2022. Read the full article.